In shift, obama won’t open southeast atlantic coast to drilling – the new york times

Republicans reacted angrily to the move. Electricity tower vector House Speaker Paul D. Electricity sound effect mp3 free download Ryan of Wisconsin said: “ President Obama is so intent on solidifying his radical climate legacy that he has backed out of his commitment to a large, bipartisan coalition of state leaders. Electricity office These states simply want to explore their own energy potential, but the president’s reversal has disenfranchised them of this chance. Static electricity human body This is a lost opportunity for new jobs and economic growth in these coastal states.”

But while Obama administration officials knew they would face an angry response to the move, they also benefited politically from another factor: The price of oil has plunged to near record lows, easing the public demand for fresh drilling.

When developing the initial Atlantic drilling plan last year, Obama administration officials said they were chiefly listening to four people: Virginia’s Democratic governor, Terry McAuliffe, and Pat McCrory, Nikki R. Gasco abu dhabi salary Haley and Nathan Deal, the Republican governors of North Carolina, South Carolina and Georgia. Electricity production in north korea The governors told Mr. Gas variables pogil answers extension questions Obama they wanted the drilling, and they were backed by majorities in their state legislatures and senators.

That initial January 2015 proposal, reflecting the wishes of the coastal state governors, came as part of the Interior Department’s mandated release of regular five-year plans governing the federally owned waters of the nation’s outer continental shelf.

As they sought to revise and fine-tune the draft plan, the administration opened it for public comments. V gas station That tapped different voices in those states.

Residents of coastal communities feared that drilling in the Atlantic would bring a repeat of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, which killed 11 men and sent millions of barrels of oil spewing onto beaches.

Mayors of a handful of small coastal communities assembled to pass resolutions asking Mr. 101 gas station Obama to take the Atlantic out of the drilling plan, sending those resolutions to the Interior Department. Electricity quotes by benjamin franklin Environmental advocates began to organize aggressively. Gas meter reading One group, Oceana, contacted mayors up and down the coast, urging them to pass similar resolutions.

“We thought, maybe we could replicate this and scale it,” said Jacqueline Savitz, a vice president of Oceana. Gas 69 “And then we started seeing numbers like 30 resolutions and 50 resolutions.”

Eventually, more than 106 coastal cities and towns in the coastal states enacted similar resolutions. Gaston y la agrupacion santa fe Oceana teamed with regional groups, including the Southern Environmental Law Center. Gas in dogs stomach The groups covered lawns and beaches with “No to drilling” signs, but focused their attention on pushing through municipal actions that would resonate in Washington. Gas welder job description They also worked behind the scenes to coordinate several anti-drilling opinion pieces in local newspapers from Richmond to Charleston.

In November 2015 and January 2016, Oceana arranged for several local coastal government and business leaders to travel to Washington to meet with White House officials, including Mr. R gas constant Obama’s top environmental policy adviser, Brian Deese, as well as with Abigail Hopper, the director of the Interior Department’s Bureau of Ocean Energy Management. Electricity recruitment 2015 At the January meeting, Ms. Gas stoichiometry Savitz presented the officials with a thick binder of the municipal resolutions, covered with a map highlighting all the towns that had passed those resolutions, dropping it on the desk with a thud.

Frank Knapp, the president of the South Carolina Small Business Chamber of Commerce, was at those meetings. Power in costa rica “It was clear that while they had heard from the governors, they hadn’t heard from the smaller local groups,” Mr. Gas prices under a dollar Knapp said. Gas after eating fruit “I talked to them about the threat to our tourist economy.” In particular, Mr. Gas density formula Knapp stressed to the officials that even the process of seismic testing, which uses blasts of sound underwater to determine whether there was oil and gas, could distress coastal residents.

The Pentagon submitted a report to the Interior Department laying out concerns with offshore drilling in the Atlantic. Z gas ensenada telefono The report noted that off the coast of Norfolk naval base, the military conducts highly sensitive operations, including the use of nuclear-powered aircraft carriers and live ordnance testing. Electricity distribution vs transmission The report did not call on the administration to ban the drilling, but it noted the sensitivity of conducting drilling in the vicinity of military activities. Quadcopter gas engine It was the combination of those factors, more than any others, administration officials say, that led to Tuesday’s decision.

The Republican governors were not assuaged. 4 other gases in the atmosphere “President Obama’s total reversal can only be described as a special political favor to far-left activists,” Mr. Grade 6 electricity experiments McCrory said in a statement.

In Virginia, Mr. Electricity notes class 10 pdf McAuliffe suggested that there would be a way to move forward with the drilling after reassuring the Pentagon. Gas mask bong review “Today’s announcement is an opportunity to work with the Department of Defense to address the concerns they have raised, and to ensure that any offshore energy exploration is coupled with a revenue-sharing agreement that benefits our Commonwealth,” he said in a statement.