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Please understand that the sins of Israel were no different than our own. We have different names for the sins that we commit, but they are still the same sins that Judah and Israel committed. They sacrificed their children. We commit abortion. They worshiped idols. We place country, entertainment and career before God. 3 main gas laws They oppressed and cheated each other. I can speak from personalexperience that we do exactly the same.

Worse, we are with less excuse than they. Our relationship with God is far more deep and direct, fueled by a close relationship with the Holy Spirit that they did not have. Therefore, our condemnation will be greater. To add even MORE insult to our injury, we have such easy access to the words of God, that it is truly an abomination for us to ignore them. Your Pastor

I’m sure that you ‘get it’, and are reading your Bible, cover to cover. So, I hope that I’m speaking about someone else, when I say this. But, I have little hope that what I said above will make much of an impression upon our brothers and sisters in Christ. They are too full of the world. They are too distracted by the pleasures of this life. They don’t have time or room for God in their lives.

One of the things that I believe is very important when exposing the Luciferian conspiracy that runs through human history, is to separate fact from fiction. This conspiracy will ultimately culminate in fulfilling many of the events spoken of in the Book of Revelation. However, we do ourselves no good if we use dubious documents as supposed evidence to support our exposing of this conspiracy. One such dubious document that is often quoted from is the supposed prediction by Albert Pike of Three World Wars. This scenario was supposedly laid out in an alleged letter written to Giuseppe Mazzini. gas arkansas For all intents and purposes, it appears that at least a large portion of this “supposed’ letter is likely to be fraudulent. In actuality, fact is that it is highly probable that the entire letter is simply a continuation of a hoax begun by Léo Taxil in the 1890’s. f gas regulations ireland It is important that we as Christians, who seek to expose the evils of secret societies such as freemasonry, should only use known facts to support this exposure. We should avoid resorting to using spurious documents of doubtful origin to support our case.

Now, this is NOT a government program. This was initially set up for Google to provide targeted ads so that they can make money. They have also taken this information and fed it into their artificial intelligence research. This AI thing is actually the scariest part of all this – not anything that the government might be doing with this information.

If we accept that energy will get increasingly scarce and costly, and real earned income for the vast majority of households is in structural decline, that means the global economy is in terminal trouble. As this chart shows, energy consumption per capita and GDP (gross domestic product, a measure of growth) are in near-perfect correlation: rising energy consumption per person is the foundation of economic expansion:

Simply put, the extraction of fossil fuel energy and the development of alt energy on a vast scale both require an equally vast expansion of interest-accruing debt, both to fund the actual extraction, processing and transport of energy and the consumers’ purchases of all the energy-intensive goods and services that keep the economy expanding.

The participants are allegedly required to take pictures of their challenges being completed and share them before being directed to end their lives on the 50th day. A search of related hashtags on Instagram shows users posting pictures of scars and cuts or memes that depict suicide, and a similar Twitter search shows users reaching out for curators to lead them through the game.

Whatever and whoever is behind this, it’s sick and evil beyond our normal capacity to comprehend. And, I pray God’s wrath upon these evil people, that they would either repent and seek to undo the harm that they have done… or be consumed and sent to everlasting torment in Hell. And, I pray that in the name of Jesus Christ, my Lord and Savior.

Please don’t be. Trump is just a guy who wanted political power, and got it. He likes winning, and he won. He still likes winning, and he will try to keep doing so. He’s also smart, which means that he will probably succeed – at least, some of the time. gas in california But, he isn’t going to save America. He isn’t going to chart a new course. He isn’t going to make America great again. And, it’s becoming more and more clear that he has been lying to us.

A student sexually assaulted an 11-year-old girl and punched another boy in the face, breaking his glasses. At least six other students have been beaten bloody. The school’s leadership has refused to discipline the child, apparently because of his migrant background, and instead has lashed out at the parents for demanding a safe environment for their children.

Coverage of the Trump-Putin meeting during the G-20 conference this week is being played like a WWF championship bout. Which president is weak or strong? Which one will be a loser of a winner? This is no way to cover geopolitical relations. The United States and its news media look like they want this country to commit suicide by stupidity.

The terrible abuses of the police and the IRS …… just remind me that the nature of humanity never really changes, apart from the restoration via salvation. These are just modern examples of the old “if you are bigger than they are, you can just take it from them” used by Roman soldiers, Saddam Hussein’s sadistic police force, feudal lords, and every other corrupt power structure from the very beginning. Continuing into the now. My point is, I don’t so much see things as getting dramatically worse …. I just see them manifesting in new ways. Same ole same ole. 6 gas laws Martin Armstrong talks about this a lot – that all thru history, governments by their very nature become more and more corrupt, more and more abusive of their power and seek even more power to abuse, and this continues until the people can’t stand it any more and revolt. Then it starts all over again – as he put it recently, to paraphrase, “we have overcome the enemy of the people. We now occupy their halls of power. We have become the enemy of the people once again.” Not to be confused with when they start blowing trumpets and dumping bowls, and things really do get dramatically worse. But it does not seem to me that this has begun yet. Nor the actual tribulation.

I keep thinking of Isaiah 24, v 16. Isaiah seems to be seeing the punishment of the wicked, and a few surviving righteous – or perhaps heavenly observers – rejoicing in this justice; but he himself is overwhelmed at the devastation before him, and what has brought it about – KJV puts it as, “the treacherous dealers have dealt very treacherously” and the ESV says “the traitors have betrayed, with betrayal the traitors have betrayed.” He is just blown away, as we are, observing the mind-boggling corruption going on. Indeed.

Well here’s another one. electricity related words We as Christians need to remember that we live in a very strange universe, populated with demons and angels and all manner of fantastical beings; we are continually surrounded by them, the evil ones especially congregate in and around festering abscesses of filth (and RoK is one) and they work harder on Christians than on the unsaved, who are already exactly where the enemy wants them. And that while this is truth, it is foolishness to the unbelieving and the spiritually unaware. Mind that those are two different categories. There are professing Christians who dismiss the importance and power of the unseen. There are pagans who are very aware of and interact with the demonic. And there are believers …. who are demons, as anyone who has read the book of James will know. If we should innocently stumble upon one of those festering abscesses of filth, we should take especial care to avoid it thereafter, instead of buying the satanic lie that we’re somehow immune and can just read this or that and get away with it. If you find yourself thinking that, you’ve already been snagged in the way you thought could not happen. And if you find yourself posting such a link on a Christian website such that many Christians will be tricked into visiting this festering abscess of filth, you have not only been snagged, you have been used to further the enemy’s plans.

John, I appreciate your goodwill in all the ways that it manifests. But I feel it is necessary for me to pull no punches here. I do not know Michael, so I make no assumptions – favorable or unfavorable. I know nothing about him. But I have lived long enough in a fallen world to know that things, and people, are not always what they seem and especially over the internet, we can never be sure we know what someone really is, until we know them very well. gas and water Better than the congregations of those porn-addicted pastors know their own pastors, and I keep hearing 50% in regards to those numbers. So even among professing Christians, Bible-school-educated ones, public figure ones, preaching-every-Sunday ones …… we must always keep in mind Matthew 7:21 – 22.

Michael. I do not criticize you, as that means assuming fault and condemning that fault. But I do ask, what were/are you thinking? You and God are the only ones who know. You knew what RoK is. Why did you invite the rest of us to go there? I read the article, and the only point it was making was that the 0.0001% are out of touch with reality. That revolts happen and they are ugly. That desperate people do desperate things. That is not news, and it was not necessary to wade through all that yuck to obtain it. It is a classic trick of the enemy to put a tiny nugget of truth in a wad of abomination just to get people to swallow it. mp electricity bill payment online indore And the point of it all was never the nugget, it was the abomination. Which has now been swallowed.