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A chance conversation between 60-year-old Chhoti Hudda and Rajasthan chief minister Vasundhara Raje in May has lit up 597 households across Ajmer district and birthed a statewide plan driven by women to curb power transmission and distribution (T&D) losses. The Bithur model, as it has come to be known, is a community driven initiative. Electricity invented in homes Villagers monitor and raise awareness against power thefts, one of the biggest reasons for T&D losses.

Ortega y gasset la rebelion de las masas Elected representatives hold review meetings and the power department strengthens distribution. Gas examples Together they cut losses and improve supply. Hudda was sitting outside the Atal Sewa Kendra in Bithur in Nasirabad when Raje visited the village during a Nyay Aapke Dwar (justice at your doorsteps) campaign. Physics electricity and magnetism study guide She stopped by the old woman to ask if she had any problems and Hudda said, “There’s no power, no water.

” The CM turned around and asked the locals if they could bring the losses down. Gas city indiana weather “It’s in your hands — you bring down losses, we will give you better supply,” she said.

The men were silent but the women took up the challenge. Gas variables pogil worksheet answer key On May 24, they made all villagers take an oath against power theft, tampering with meters, payment backlog and turning a blind eye to power thieves.

The idea worked. Zyklon b gas effects By July 25, T&D loss at Bhimpura feeder, which powers Bhimpura, Devpura, Naya Gaon and Maliyon Ki Dhani, was down to 17%. Electricity usage by appliance The loss has remained under 20% since. Local women say they motivated people against power thefts and when the men didn’t listen, women snitched on them to vigilance teams that conducted raids and nabbed thieves.

“People didn’t like us telling them not to steal power. Electricity quiz ks2 Some told us to mind our own business,” says 32-year-old Kiran Singh of Naya Gaon. Gas city indiana restaurants “But we were determined — if someone didn’t listen to our requests, we informed vigilance teams. Gas city indiana police department Vigilance action instilled fear and everyone fell in line.

” Soon, the men joined in and public participation increased. Mp electricity bill payment online jabalpur The power department worked on renovating infrastructure and results began to show. Punaji Khan, 50, a ward member of Bithur gram panchayat, says he formed a team with four others and convinced three families, which were stealing power, to opt for an electricity connection. Electricity invented or discovered “We got 20 connections done,” he says.

“We called the district administration and power department officials in those meetings and explained that theft was responsible for up to 14 hours of outage in our village. Gas out game instructions Some understood, some had to be pushed, but the result is for all to see,” says the 27-year-old. Nasirabad sub-divisional magistrate Anupama Tailor says a survey before the exercise found 115 households didn’t have power connections. Gas prices going up to 5 dollars “We found people running borewells with a single-phase connection and some even ran them with domestic connections.

Gas jet size chart You need a three-phase agriculture connection for borewells,” she says. “The department was losing Rs 3.5 lakh every month in this feeder but now the loss is down to Rs 1.5 lakh,” says BS Soni, power executive engineer, Nasirabad. The state government calls it the Bithur model of reducing T&D losses and plans to implement it across 5,000 feeders in all sub-divisions where losses are more than 40%. Gas stoichiometry practice There are 21,000 feeders in the state.

The model is simple: People volunteer to become urja mitras (power friends) for monitoring and public awareness, elected representatives hold review meetings, and the power department strengthens the distribution system. There are three power distribution companies in Rajasthan — Jaipur, Jodhpur and Ajmer — and their average T&D loss is 28%. Electricity 4th grade The companies have an accumulated loss of Rs 90,000 crore. Gas ninjas Under the Uday scheme, the state has taken over Rs 60,000 crore losses. Rajasthan energy minister Pushpendra Singh Ranawat says if T&D losses can be cut by 6%-7%, the discoms will become profitable and an increase in tariffs can be avoided.

He has asked officials to adopt the Bithur model across the state. Electricity in the body “To provide good quality power supply, we are improving the system and the mindset of people with their participation,” Ranawat says. In Bithur, Hudda appears content, unaware that her meeting spurred a statewide movement. Gas utility worker “Malik ne mila diya, naseeb ki baat thi (God facilitated the meeting, it was destined).

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