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Ok so I’ve had the no-burping problem since I can remember. Same deal: the air comes right up, i feel the pressure at the back of my throat, then it goes back down again. Even if i open the throat muscles and tilt my head back etc all i get is that loud gurgling noise. This makes me think it’s further down the throat. I get bloated after everything I eat, and I’ve discovered for those who also suffer it, there are 2 factors which contribute and help a little. One is eating slower. If you eat fast, you gulp air in with the food. If you’re careful, chew each mouthful with your mouth shut, 30 times, then swallow, it helps. It sounds silly but it’s true. The other factor is swallowing air due to stress or anxiety. They call this gulping air as well, though you won’t notice you’re doing it: it’s a nervous habit. I was on anti-anxiety anti-depressents for about 4 years and didnt notice the problem until I came off them, about 3 months ago, but i finally HAVE stopped and there’s no WAY i want to go back on them. I CAN fart it out…eventually. but it takes hours or even days for this to happen, sometimes the air goes right down and then comes back up: just like with my throat, like it’s blocked. And of course it’s back again after I eat. It leaves me feeling uncomfortable, irritable, anxious and nauseated for…well, most of the time. I also find myself unable to sleep because of it. I DON’T wake up fine again, usually wake up and it’s even more uncomfortable. I’ve been on omiprazole before and all it did was make me more bloated and fart more. I’ve noticed that clonazepam helps but I am not on that long-term, and makes me think that the burping problem is muscular. My solution therefore is being able to burp. I want to know if there’s a procedure that I can have done to loosen the muscles so I will be able to burp out the air like a normal person. I watch my boyfriend burp an earthquake out and he says it provides him with so much relief, and I am SOOOO jealous! I’m so desperate for a solution and so reluctant to be on more pills, that I will happily go under the knife, and believe me: that is not something I take lightly, since I’m highly allergic to most kinds of antiemetics, and have nasty reactions from anaesthetic. Please, if anyone knows of a procedure, let me know and I will take it to my practitioner.

I know that this is a late reply, but I experience the exact same things you do. I”m a teenager, and I get a rising gas pressure in my chest that goes to my throat, but then goes back down (its not exactly relief though when it goes back down). And this cycle continues and builds up. If I am unable to lie down (which seems to make the gas travel down my intestines where I eventually fart it out), they it builds up to the point that I will violently vomit nothing but air and massive amounts of saliva. Throughout these uncomfortable symptoms, I am producing copious amounts of saliva for some strange reason.

People who do not experience this often take this problem lightly and often humorously. Because when we do stop to think about it, our problem does seem pretty pathetic. I tell people all the time that I cannot drink soda. If the symptoms do arise, I seem like a weak, pathetic boy who has to, for some reason, lie in the middle of the floor to alleviate the crushing pressure that is building in his esophagus. And hours or even days later, he will release these huge amounts of gas through his backside.

So, all in all, I feel your pain. I”ve gone through all the tests. The doctors assumed it was acid reflux, which I knew from the start that it wasn”t, and I had an endoscopy. I even had a barium x-ray test done, but neither showed any problems. As far as I know, I know of no medical procedure that can fix this problem. I read in another thread that the problem was called the Schatzki Ring (google it), but this problem is often detected in liquid barium x-ray tests, but this was not found in my test.

I’ve had this same problem my whole life. Oddly though I had a group of friends that knew about my condition after we all reached beer drinking age and it’s because of them that I managed to find several work arounds. I’d drink maybe 2 beers and be so bloated that I’d end up throwing up…which was a colossal waste of beer. So they harassed me constantly to keep trying to learn to burp. Over the course of literally years and their constant forcing me to learn to burp…I actually gained a gradual control of my esophagus sphincters at both my throat and stomach.

As gross as it sounds I burp by engaging both sphincters…much like when you vomit. It’s a combination of both relaxing certain muscles while contracting others and literally forcing out the gas. Years of binge drinking hard alcohol also helped due to all the throw up experience.

So if it’s bad I usually stand to create as straight a path as possible, tilt my head back, open my mouth with my lower jaw pushed forward, and try to in sequence relax and contract my stomach muscles to first relax so the gas naturally enters the esophagus, then through either relaxation or a series of sharp coughs open up the top sphincter letting out the gas in a semi-burp sound. Sometimes it will sound pretty gross seeing as how you’re throwing up without anything coming up.

A sharp cough coupled with a strong stomach push can often tip the balance in letting the gas out. The only downside to this method is occasionally you might throw up a little bit. It’s all about relaxing and just letting it out though. The upside is I can throw up almost on que due to the control I’ve gained through some 10 years of practice.

Just don’t give up, pay extremely close attention to what your body and muscles are doing. In normal people this reaction is involuntary, we have to work a lot harder for it. Eventually you’ll reach a point that you can regularly "burp" when you need to. It sucks and it’s gross and embarrassing, but just stick at it…you’ll be happier.

I have also had this my entire life, I will soon see a new doctor about this(I have only just re-acquired health insurance; Thanks Obama… another issue). I was originally diagnosed with GERD at the age of 17(2004). I knew something was up at the age of 16 when on a trip I got incredibly sick after drinking a carbonated soda and stopping along the freeway home I only vomited air… That started the process… I had an endoscopy in 2004 and was diagnosed with only GERD. Since then, I have dealt with this issue even up to 2015, being prescribed medicines from Nexium to OTC Omerprazole; which I am currently taking. The best ‘medication’ so far has been to reduce spicy foods and reduce quickly eating along with the what I call ‘self burping’ method of inducing only-gas vomiting of air from my Ventriculus(stomach) by inducing vomiting with a finger down my throat (again, not vomiting fluids– only air). This, however; often induces acid reflux if over-administered. We (all of us with this condition) need to find, and define our disease of dysfunction of the belch reflex as a whole. The more of us there are, the more we can bring awareness to this disease. (NOT just GERD; which, is just a side-effect or symptom of a greater disorder)