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ROD PALMER? U have a friend, I started taking Wellbutrin SR 600 mg/day in 1994, it was 1st and only drug prescribed me and I had been thru ALL the anti depressants with NO HELP at all. Each month my Psychiatrist said "help?" me answer: "nothing" ok lets up the dosage, or if at max? We changed to another med and I went thru them ALL.

He was Dr of ZERO words, I was in and out in 5 minutes max with new RX I found little cold, felt he should chat a bit ANYWAYS, I was at 450 mg day Wellbutrin and said "Doc, I have SMALLEST feeling a door is opening and I see some light, let me go over to the 600 mg level as this is like the last med……..he agreed BUT THIS time he said something: "HAVE A GOOD SEX LIFE" I thought "what the heck he say anything one, and two, WHY THAT??? What does he know I do not? I found out, 4 orgasms a day not abnormal and really INTENSE/felt like head exploding………that I felt is a problem but didnt want to give it up as LOVED the feeling. I started x-dressing home only as hottest looking thing u ever seen, I fell on it by accident, put wifes nylon on looked in mirror and said "please mirror say NO" but it just said OH YEAH BB, surprise, and just looking at self in nylons made me crazy and orgasms even stronger. Well then, red toes, anklet, high open toes, slim trim, wig, and other clothing to make it as GOOD AS COULD GET IT and wow it was crazy………I am hetro, still am always will be, married 31+ & NOT CHANGING EVER!!!! I read 95% x-dressers hetro and stay that way……..if I had been ugly? I would trashed it all, but I totally SMOKED and went on alt.binaries.crossdressers and posted my pictures, people went CRAZY. So then I wanted the thrill of people seeing me live on IRC and programs handle video and sometimes 15 people watch me get off and it was ultimate…….THEN I had anxiety problems, other issues, started taking "slow down" meds and I quit dressing and sex went back to normal as COUNTERED by lot other drugs. I did it 2 years age 34, 35, 15 yrs later…… I started failing liver tests so decide NO PILL IN MOUTH unless it is a MUST and I take Wellbutrin SR 600 mg day on its own again and I found myself with head exploding again and intense 3 – 4 times /a day need for orgasm, started the crossdress thing…….well I am in 50’s but guess what, STILL SMOKE SERVERS DOWN when x-dress and it is not impressing people, it is me looking at self and going OMG U(me) look so sexy, I could marry my hand and be in love, the other stuff all followed again but that just is me going to the MAX…….as remember now, I failed liver tests so stopped everything except Wellbutrin SR 600 mg and the sex crazed intense need returned. I love people to watch as it adds to it, not ever left house, just using internet, now it much more easy to play this type game. NOW I NOW WHY DOC SAID "Have a good sex life"…………I find myself pushing more and more, not going to go out or anything but am scared it seems to be my only thing with kids gone, became disabled and I am scared so my new psychiatrist offered some counter RX’s but I can’t give it away and dont take the meds…… is very ADDICTING to have orgasms that are so GOOD 2x day now…

I am scared tho, feel going to get in trouble or something and think gonna have to give it up and take the meds………..long story but it is my life and I KNOW IT IS THE WELLBUTRIN as it hit like a hammer, then got stopped by other meds, NOW I got hit by HAMMER EXACT SAME WAY so I am on my life positive it is the Wellbutrin………..what is the right thing to do? I shave legs even got so crazy with it………..but I am hetro, not changing…………just think it is wrong and should STOP IT. Hope this helps as telling someone HELPS ME A LOT.

mogo13 – I think we’re in the same boat here. I just started Wellbutrin SR 150mg twice a day last week. 1 week I’ve been on it & I just can’t get enough sex from my husband. I think about it all day & can’t wait for him to get home from work so we can get a quickie in before dinner. This is disturbing for me b/c we have a 4 year old…yeah not so good! My sex drive has been nonexistent since our son was born & I, too, only did it to satisfy him (never really enjoying it myself & I’m only 29!!!) The orgasms I’m having now are THE most intense I’ve ever experienced as well. My hubby also says now that he’s "Tired" & just "wants to cuddle" LOL – looks like the table’s turned a bit! In the last week I’ve also had a huge boost in energy. I have fibromyalgia & the chronic fatigue that comes with that is unbearable some days – very difficult to get out of bed. This new boost of energy I have – it’s SUCH a nice side effect – I kinda feel like I’m on Speed right now. Another bonus is that in the last week – I’ve lost 3 lbs & haven’t done ANYTHING different! Am loving this medication & hope it continues to work for me – I’m no longer sad or overwhelmed as I was before. I know everyone reacts differently to medications but this one is really working for me. I hope this helps others who are looking for some answers.