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I booked the all day gas prices going up to 5 dollars waterfall tour for a steep $130 per person ($260 for two) based on the excellent trip advisor reviews am SO. DISAPPOINTED. This tour is not what I would describe as ‘off the beaten path.’ We saw 3 waterfalls, 2 of which had plenty of tourists, 1 that we were alone at. We also stopped at playa ventanas, which is what the semi private beach with two caves is. Most of the time was spent in the car driving in between places, only about 15-30 minutes at each waterfall. I think the most disappointing thing of all was the $260 price tag for two people electricity generation definition what came with it. If the tour was priced at $60 a person it would’ve been worth it. We had a rental car could’ve done the same activities that we did on this tour for probably $35 total for two of us (Gas, food, parking). There are other companies that offer more waterfalls for a cheaper price- or do your own research drive electricity sound effect mp3 free download there! I would’ve given one star if it wasn’t for our awesome tour guides! The guys are cool but cmon…. $130 for what?

Hey Melanie, thank you for your input. Unfortunately I will have to disagree with you regarding most of everything you mentioned. You say electricity laws in india that this tour should be $60, even when I look at the most basic things we offer on the tour that price is absurd. We pick you up and drop you off at your place of stay, we have snacks and waters for you all day while on tour, we bring you to a beautiful setting in the jungle for lunch, the tour is a full day about 8 hours and we have excellent guides that gas finder app will not only entertain you throughout the day but keep you safe as well. Speaking of safety I don’t think you are factoring in a price for your safety. When I first moved down here, I felt like I was invincible electricity jeopardy, and I quickly realized the jungle is to be respected, so I too did not put a price on safety until I encountered all the things that can go wrong. Just a few examples of things that we have encountered on tours, that I am willing to bet you wouldn’t know how to handle or wouldn’t even realize they were electricity dance moms full episode issues until after you encountered them. First it obviously rains a lot in Costa Rica, with that comes landslides which sometimes uproot trees and send them down the river. Those trees sometimes get stuck in the water pools that we jump in, so to make sure the pools are clear our guides check the pools before jumping, because if you electricity and magnetism purcell pdf don’t check you could be jumping onto a huge tree, possibly breaking a bone or worse. Also with rains you will get flash floods, our guides are trained and very aware of when electricity bill saudi electricity company one of these floods could happen. Finally, about a year ago we went to one of the waterfalls and there were 2 people there, one laying on the ground with a broken leg and the other panicking not sure what to do, they were on vacation and one decided to jump, but was unaware of the safe places to jump from, his mistake and lack of knowledge resulted in a broken leg. They did not have a cell phone, so they had to wait an hour until gas vs diesel generator we arrived with our group. Our guides carried him out, and called an ambulance. I am not sure what electricity history the hospital bill was but I am sure it was more then $260. And if something happened like that to one of our guests (knock on wood) nothing would come out of their pocket because we are fully insured. These are just a few examples of things we have encountered. And luckily we have a group of guides that pride themselves on keeping everyone safe during the tour. Regarding your comments about renting electricity pick up lines a car, yes these places are public that we bring you to, but renting a car is not free. To rent a 4×4 car and to get fully insured meaning that no matter what happens to the car, flat tire, broken window, ect. you would need to rent the car for no less then mp electricity bill payment 3 days at about $90 per day it is not that cheap. If you wanted to rent the car for just a day, you would not be eligible for full insurance, meaning even if you got a flat tire that bill would come out of your pocket. And finally, you even emailed me the next day, asking if our guides could send you the electricity bill calculator pictures that they took on there phones, which they did email you. I am copying your message to me please see below. Hey just wanted to give Anthony Erik my email for the pics! Melanie.xxxxxxxx@xxxxxx Thank you 🙂 None of that message gave me any idea that you did not enjoy the electricity receiver tour, the smily face at the end did not hint to me that you were disappointed, and a simple email to me about your disappointment with the tour, I would of surely fixed everything. Thank you for the time to review our company! Pura Vida!