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We did an overnight trip up Mulanje and it was the highlight of our Malawi trip. The various routes up and down have varying difficulties, but all are scenic. Once up on the plateau, the landscape is amazing and offers plenty of opportunities for exploration. All of this would not 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh have been possible without our excellent and expert guide, Patrick Jameson. Despite his youth, he has a wealth of experience on the mountain and he is a part of the mountain rescue team. He perfectly gauged our levels of experience and energy, which resulted in a change of route once we ascended. This way, we explored much more than we planned to and could not have been happier! He also knew when to call one of our ascents off, since he felt could have become (although it never was) dangerous if rain came in. Moreover, Patrick was a pleasure to speak to and his enthusiasm, as well as ambition, shone through. The hike was also a lesson in culture, history, politics and language. By the end we were even singing together. Patrick is resourceful, so he can organise porters, huts, cooks, food and anything else! Reach him on 0882 270 655 (no whatsapp, so call or text) or Enjoy! More Show less

First of all, you need a guide and a porter. We went with Lewis Gadison (guide) and Henry (porter), who had been recommended to us, and for good reason. They were great fun and very helpful. They asked the regular price (25$ per day for the guide, 20$ a day for the porter). We also rented cooking utensils and sleeping bags from them. Lewis’ email and phone (WhatsApp friendly and usually quite quick to reply – unless he’s on the mountain with clients) are the following: +265 88 128 4852 (Shared with Lewis’ permission) Lewis electricity towers health risks’ itinerary was perfect. First day hike from Likhubula to Chisepo Hut, via the waterfalls and the pools (the easier, scenic path up as opposed to the steeper, leg-damaging path). It’s a long day and quite a demanding hike, but it puts you in the right frame of mind for the following day (6-7 hours). Second day up to Sapitwa and back (5.5-6 hours), trek to Chembe Hut (2-3 hours). Sapitwa is an arduous hike, with some proper rock climbing and steep slopes. It is slippery at times electricity and circuits class 6 ppt and can be fairly dangerous. Do not attempt it if it is raining. Listen to your guide and don’t be stupid. There are plenty of other options if the weather isn’t in your favour and the views up on the plateau are magnificent all around. Third day, Chembe back to Likhubula (3-4 hours of steep downhill climbing). A killer for the legs, but with awesome views of the valley. In general, Sapitwa is quite a tough hike and you need to come prepared. Get a stick if you can and some proper walking gear as well as some climbing gloves if possible to protect your hands (we did ok without, this is just a suggestion). If you’re not a seasoned hiker, there are other hiking routes to choose from (the crater is a popular choice). You’ll need to buy food in preparation for your trek. The best bet is to do it before coming to Mulanje, say in Blantyre electricity projects ks2 (Chichiri Shoprite in Limbe is ideal). You’ll need rain gear as the weather changes very quickly and you’ll often get all four seasons in 24 hours. Have warm, hiking-friendly clothes with you, as nights are freezing cold and days can get pretty hot. Also, it’s numbingly cold at the summit of Sapitwa (3002 m, but don’t be fooled, it feels like more). Water is readily available all over the mountain and safe to drink. We just had three 1-litre bottles which we refilled in the pools and at the huts. Also, we recommend staying in Likhubula for an easy start to the hike. To get to Likhubula from Mulanje, we recommend taking the motorbikes (they’ll carry your luggage too) at 2000 MKW a pop. In Likuhubla, popular accommodation includes Hiker’s Nest (brand new, pretty comfortable and nice staff) and Likhubula House. Three days/two nights is a minimum to enjoy this magnificent mountain. You definitely won’t regret your trip to Mulanje!

Don’t be daunted! I may not be the fittest person but I managed to conquer 3 nights and 4 days hiking up to Chambe via the Skyline, where you see incredible views along the way to Lichenya and taking in a scenic walk to the crater and Lichenya s gashi pools. Picturesque with wild flowers and rolling hills and surrounded by Mount Mulanje’s peaks. Our guide and porter were amazing, patient and encouraging, walking to my level. You need to be prepared, especially in the cooler months, it was super cold in the huts, make sure you have warm clothes/jacket for night time. You will need a sleeping bag but these can be hired from the Tourist Office cheaply. You also need to take your own food and snacks for your hike but water you can get along the way from the natural streams, you just need enough water for the first day. The huts may have a selection of soft drinks table d gaskets or Carlsberg for you to buy at the end of the day. You also need to have enough money to tip the hut caretakers who provide the firewood and can warm water for you to have a wash. Make sure all your batteries are charged as there is no electricity or solar, likewise bring candles or solar lights. It is also recommended to bring your own cooking pot/s, utensils etc as well. My legs still feel the pain but it was worth it.

I had an amazing 2 day hike to Mount Mulanje!! I wished I had more time to spend up there, it was absolutely worthy and one of the highlights of my 1 month trip. Me and my friend decided to go to Malawi last minute and we had no idea about where to get started planning the hike. We saw a note recommending a local guide called Oliver at our accommodation in Lilongwe and we decided to just head to Blantyre and call him on the way electricity games online free. He was incredibly helpful and replied super fast. He told us exactly where to meet him at Chitakale, showed us the map at the office, planned the hike with us, helped us buying supplies for the trip, helped us finding where to spend the night… We couldn’t believe how easy everything was!! We spend a night at CCAP, and enjoyed the most beautiful sunset ever chatting with Oliver. He knows everything about the surroundings and his country. You can ask him about local traditions, politics, education, religion, history… whatever you want to know (and with perfect English of corse). We even had dinner with him and his little brother after the hike at a local place, his company was just lovely. Anyways, this is his contact: Enjoy!!

i had a great time spending in Mount Mulanje. I trekked from likhubula to fort lister and this is one of the best route you can do within 4 days, with excellent landscape and comfortable trek. We started going to Chambe hut first, then chisepo hut and sombani hut. We dropped our bags in chisepo hut in order to go to sapitwa peak, which is the highest point in Malawi. There is no clear path to the peak and it is very easy to get lost. It is quite challenging and mostly rock which could be quite slippery in the morning. Good shoes and a local guide is highly recommended. The view and landscape is very awesome and you may see Zomba or some lakes if it is a clear day. This is definitely a place you should visit if you like nature! Huts are provided within Mount Mulanje and woodfire and blankets are provided. Weather could be cold at midnight. Davie is the one who takes me to the mountains and he is very friendly and helpful. If you want gas prices in texas to get in touch with him, feel free! Davie +265 882 395 708

We spent a fantastic 3 days hiking mount mulanje with our guide, Juma, and our porter, Connex. We could not recommend these guys enough – they are so kind with huge smiles, nothing is too much trouble and they were great company to have for the 3 days. Juma is a great guide with a wealth of knowledge not just about the mountain but about Africa in general and we had many interesting conversations. (His English is really good.) The hike itself is challenging at times, but in a good way, and you feel a great sense of achievement when you reach gaz 67b tamiya 1 35 your hut for the night. Juma is also very considerate and takes it at a pace that suits you, taking breaks if you want to. We spent the first night at the Chambe hut (a 3 hour hike from the base) and the second at the Chisepo hut, and we both preferred Chambe. It was a little cosier, it had 2 different rooms, one for cooking on the fire/eating, and another to sleep in. Chisepo was only one room in which everyone cooked and slept in (and fought to dry their wet clothes in front of the fire in the middle of the room) which felt pretty cramped. The scenery is beautiful, but unfortunately the weather was against us and we couldn’t see much. It also rained whilst we were hiking to the peak, which meant we didn’t get to the top because it was a bit too dangerous – it’s almost vertical up there. We definitely recommend taking a guide and a porter gas engineer salary as it will make your experience all the better not having to carry a heavy backpack. Our porter, Connex, was such a trooper carrying our backpack! It was pretty heavy, but he never complained, even smiled most of the time! All in all we had a great time. It probably would have been better if the weather was good/at least clear, but it was still a great, rustic experience. Again, we highly recommend Juma as a guide. His contact number is 088 082 2329 and he is quick to respond.