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The numbering of each coin is not important – it relates to the order in which I photographed the coins. There are gaps in the numbering because I have more coins than are shown on this site. I have left the numbers as an easy way to distinguish between different coins.

As I find out more about a coin, I may update the mini-page with a better description or a more accurate attribution. Those changes don’t always make their way to this page! So, if in doubt, please click the link for up-to-date details . Roman Imperial

The Dea Caelestis, wearing a high head-dress and a long robe to her feet, seated facing, on a lion galloping right over waters that seem to gush from a rock on the left. She rests her right hand on a tympanum resting on the lion’s hind quarters, and her left holds a transverse sceptre.

Fortuna, draped, standing facing, head left, holding a cornucopia with the tip away from her body in her right hand, and resting her left arm on a rudder set on the ground, with drapery over her left arm; at her feet, half behind and half visible to the left, a wheel.

Caracalla (as Virtus), in military dress, standing facing, head right, holding a tall vertical spear in his right hand with a high grip, and a parazonium in the crook of his left arm; at his feet, left, a river god, naked to the waist, reclines right, resting his right arm on an urn; to the right, two captives, wearing peaked caps and long robes, seated left, hands behind their backs.

Jupiter moving to left, right foot forward, head turned back right, right hand raised above head in the act of throwing back a thunderbolt, left hand holding a spear behind with a low grip, chlamys flying out from waist behind and draped between legs in front; four stars in left field, three in right field.

Mars,wearing crested helmet, heroically nude but for chlamys which flies out behind, advancing right with left foot forward, holding shield in left hand facing away with forearm through two grips, and transverse spear pointing upwards in right hand with a low grip behind.

Elagabalus, laureate, draped to feet, with large knot in girdle at waist (Syrian priestly robes), standing facing, head left, sacrificing out of a patera in right hand over a garlanded and lighted altar, left, and holding a club, sloped slightly up to the right, at left shoulder, in left hand.

Jupiter standing facing, head left, nude but for chlamys hanging from left shoulder, leaning on tall sceptre held in left hand behind, holding Victory on a globe in right hand who extends a wreath towards him; eagle at feet left holding up a wreath with head reverted to right.

Neptune, naked except for cloak over left shoulder and right arm, standing with chest front but head and legs left, right foot set on rock, right knee bent, resting right hand on right knee and holding long vertical trident in left hand behind.

Jupiter, naked but for cloak over choulders, standing facing, head left, holding thunderbolt in extended right hand and vertical sceptre in left; to left and right, two small figures, standing facing, looking inwards, heads right and left respectively; each extending right hand towards Jupiter.

Liber, wearing wreath, naked except for cloak over left arm, standing facing, head left, with right hand emptying small two-handled jug for a little panther, which stands left before him, one paw raised, and turns back its head right to catch the drops; and holding a thyrsos vertical in left hand.

Roma, fully draped and helmeted, seated right on a pile of shields; spear in left hand, butt down in front and slanted over her shoulder; right hand on knee; two birds flying inwards in field to left and right; she-wolf suckling twins at her feet.

Pan, bearded, with the horns and legs of a goat, nude, standing facing, head right; treading with left foot on a supine panther to the right; holding a pedum (a shepherd’s crook) over his shoulder with his right hand and with a nebris (fawn’s-skin) draped over left arm.

Cybele seated facing, head left, on a lion leaping to the right. She is robed and wears a kalathos, rests her right hand on a tympanum supported on the lion’s rump, and holds a transverse sceptre in her left arm. Partly obscured by the head and forelegs of the lion, a Korybant dances, facing away, head left. He is bare to the waist, wears a crested helmet and holds aloft a shield in his left hand and a curved sword in his right.

Perseus, nude but for chlamys draped over right thigh, standing left, harpa and Medusa’s head in left hand behind, right hand raised high helping Andromeda (standing half right, nude but for light drapery behind and around left leg) down from rocks, right foot resting on sea monster whose fishy tail is visible at the right.

Moon god Mên, draped, with Phrygian bonnet, standing facing, head right, crescent on shoulders, ribbons hanging down from shoulders and elbows; holding tall sceptre in right hand; left elbow resting on column; holding in left hand a globe with Victory with trophy over shoulder walking right; left foot resting on bucranium; at right foot a cock walking left, head right.

Mên standing facing, head left, wearing a Phrygian bonnet and an ornate robe with ribbons falling from the shoulders, a crescent moon upon his shoulders, holding out a pine-cone on his right hand and grasping a tall sceptre with a high grip in his left.

The herdsman Ordes, in short dress and wearing boots, advancing left, holding pedum over left shoulder, right hand raised; behind him a bull leaping right, head turned left; in left field, cult-statue of Apollo Smintheus lying inside grotto; on top, Apollo Smintheus standing right.

Four line legend in late Kufic, continuing in left and right fields, containing obsequious tribute to Saladin, Yuluq Arslan’s Ayyubid overlord, with Saladin’s names, four honorific titles, and pedigree: al-Malik al Nasir Salah al-Din Muhiyy dawla (sic) Amir al-mu’minin Yusuf bin Ayyub.

Four full-length figures in different postures: one in the center, with veiled head and draped in a long robe, seated toward the left in an attitude of dejection with head turned to the front; second standing behind, face in profile to the left, right arm raised pointing upward , the third standing on the right facing forward, clothed in loose garments tied at the waist, arms hanging downwards; the fourth standing on the left, similarly clothed, arms half raised; all within a beaded circle.

Centauroid right, head and upper body turned back, holding a recurved bow and about to shoot an arrow into the open mouth of a dragon behind, which is an extension of the centaur’s tail. Legend in ornamental, transitional Kufic filling the spaces around the centaur with the mint name and date in words; all within a solid circle.

Britannia, wearing a crested helmet, standing on the prow of a galley, facing, head half left, drapery blowing out to the left; tall trident in right hand, left hand resting on shield decorated with the Union Flag. Behind, the sea and a horizon.