‘India offers everything you seek’ full text of narendra modi’s wef 2018 opening plenary address – firstpost electricity voltage in germany


Addressing the fracture power usage estimator at the individual level is most critical and most difficult. The fracture or rupture first happens at the level of human mind and heart. I can say with full responsibility that India has learnt to work on the level of mind. In our culture, it is accepted that, जहाँ सुमति तहँ संपति नाना। जहाँ कुमति तहँ बिपति निदाना।।. This, in short, means that good thoughts produce good results; bad thoughts give bad results. Hence, India is the land which has the solution for this all pervasive problem of fracture.

Though there were hardly any means of reaching from one part of the world to another; still the feeling of oneness existed. This is because the spirit of co-existence was strong enough to overcome any barriers of knowledge or distance. The search for peace in the universe was paramount. This is the reason that our sacred prayers always end with a prayer for peace. Not only that a meaningful prayer always starts with gas national average 2013 a prayer for wellbeing of all. Fracture or violence; fear or force is far away from our ethos. We do not venture or advocate violence even through words or mind leave alone deliberate action. And in fact, violence or damage is not thought even towards the nature, including trees and animals.

That is why, India has always seen the domestic bp gas station and the global as mutually reinforcing and inseparable parts of the same organic arrangement. We rush to help people in need whether in neighborhood or far away locations. We have fought wars when no strategic interests of our own were involved. We believe that there is a higher cause and there is a higher duty than what we do in normal times.

Now, I will come to the second level which fracture within the territories of nations. Our belief system also gives rise to the principles and practices which are necessary for a happy and harmonious human existence. I am proud to say that India’s democratic traditions and electricity lessons for 5th grade modern day institutions are just an offshoot of this belief system. Today, India is the largest democracy on the planet earth. At the same time, the people of India, in recent months, have also shown that though it is a democratic and federal polity; a vast geography and a diverse society, it is a very dynamic and decisive democracy.

You might have seen in the recent past that more than 1.25 billion Indians accepted in one voice and moved towards a less cash society and a unified tax system in the form of GST. These two historic decisions happened one after the other and in less than a year’s time. We are now a financial system which is fully prepared and integrated for digital transactions. All this has fulfilled our dream and your desire of India as one nation, one tax. It has also started a fresh journey towards a modern tax regime that is transparent, stable and predictable.

The first concerns us — the politicians and the other concerns the business community. But both affect the common man electricity worksheets for grade 1 and woman. And both are just for acquiring more and more power as well as resources. All this arises out of ego or greed. All this was still understandable and has been happening throughout the modern human history. But today, the ego and greed is being wrapped into a nice wrapper of so called principles of faith or creed.

The first is terrorism. Because of our belief in co-existence of races and religions; and because of our belief in non-violence, we have always opposed terrorism. I say with full conviction that terrorism is bad in all its gas out game rules forms and facets. It is bad irrespective of its territory of origin or target of operation. We all must unite in fight against terrorism. India stands firmly with all such forces. I must also take the opportunity to appeal to all of you to see that such groups do not get money, arms and ammunition. It cannot be a good business to do business with such elements. We all know that, without peace, progress and prosperity is not possible.

The second global challenge is the problem of climate change. In our culture, we treat the nature as mother. We also believe that man only has the right to milk it; not to destroy it. That is why, through Paris Agreement, we have assured the global community that our development process would be entirely in line with our cultural ethos towards environmental safeguards. In fact, we are e electricity bill not only aware of our responsibilities towards climate change; we are willing to take lead in mitigating its effects.

To demonstrate sustainability of our development process, we have made major commitments and achievements in renewable energy. We have planned to draw 175 GW of energy from renewables by 2022. This includes 100 GW from solar energy and another 75 GW from Wind and other sources. We have added more than 14 GW to solar energy generation which was just about 3 GW three years back. With this, we are already the fifth largest producer of solar energy in the world. Not only this, we are also the sixth gas station jokes largest producer of renewable energy.

I am also happy with the fact that with our efforts, an international treaty based organization, called the International Solar Alliance has taken shape. The ISA has been conceived as a coalition of countries which are rich in solar radiation. The effort is to make electricity in the body them engage with each other to mitigate the hurdles and promote the enablers in solar energy. At present, 121 countries are its members. 48 countries have now signed and 19 have ratified the framework agreement. Thus, it has already come into force.

If we are really serious about strengthening cooperation and satisfaction in the global community; we particularly need to address the issues facing the youth. The rapid rise and spread of radicalism among youth in different societies is endangering the security and stability of many regions. People sitting here can help a lot in this direction. You can create and facilitate gainful employment and engagement for the youth. We must demonstrate by action that new technology will not take away jobs. Rather, it will create new jobs in newer areas and manners.

I am sure when was gas 99 cents in california you already know a lot about us. There are enough reasons for India to be known globally. The most important reason is that it is an attractive business destination along with its vast market and strong and stable fundamentals. I would therefore take a few minutes to talk only what we are doing currently. In recent gas yourself years, we have tried to strengthen and build upon India’s basics further.

First and foremost, we do understand that our systems need to change. Hence, we are persisting with far reaching structural reforms. Thus, our first pillar is our mantra of reform, perform and transform. Our reforms have touched almost all sectors. This specially includes: formalizing the informal economy through demonetization and digital transactions, direct tax reforms and expansion of the tax base, banking reforms, DBT through UID and mp electricity bill pay indore Bank accounts, minimizing discretion, combating corruption and controlling inflation. Also, we have consistently reduced fiscal deficit and current account deficit.

Second, we are using technology to transform governance and deliver public entitlements and services. I have been saying that e-governance is easy and effective governance. I am happy that increasing number of departments and state governments are deploying technology and ensuring time-bound decision and delivery. We are promoting an ecosystem of creativity and innovation in every field. At the same time, we are keen to maintain speed and scale of things being implemented.

Third, is significant upgrading of the physical infrastructure including roads, railways, air and sea ports. The scale and scope of this task is immense. To mention a few, our Sagarmala project seeks to connect our long coastline and ports to the hinterland. Similar is our focus on development of regional airports. Our objective is to reduce the logistics electricity wikipedia simple english cost transaction time for various activities. Also, improvement in infrastructure have already enthused people as they are beginning to see a qualitative change in their lives.

Fourth, we are also aware of the urgent need to upscale and improve the rules governing economic activity. We need to be fully integrated with the world in major policy areas. May be it is the regime of entry and exit of businesses, for IPRs, or arbitration and commercial adjudication, we have moved very decisively to brush up the framework to bring them in line with global best practices.

These are a few examples I narrated just to show the direction of our society, polity and economy. We are building a new India where one sixty of humanity is combined and committed to get good administration and better amenities for a better quality of life. This is not a co-incidence. But an outcome of persistence of the electricity distribution costs people of India to get what they actually deserve. And we will get that sooner than anticipated.