Indiabulls home loan – interest rates @ 8.40%, apply online gas kinetic energy formula


India Bulls aims to provide the best cost effective housing loan in the market and hence offers attractive rate of interest on its housing loan. The bank offers a floating interest Rate starts at 8.40% to a maximum of 8.70% for its general customers. The bank offers a special rate of interest for its women customers at a floating rate of interest at 8.40% – 8.65%.

As with its offline namesake, a Home Loan Calculator ( Home Loan EMI Calculator, is also a common name) allows a user the convenience of calculating his/her home loan Equated Monthly Installments (EMI), electronically and with a minimal input of time. A prime example of such a time-saving, interactive and friendly Home Loan EMI Calculator can be found on This tool offers the following discerning advantages-

• Logon to On the homepage, seek the navigation panel that is located at the top. Herein, select the second menu item ‘LOANS’ and in there, the second option on the drop-down, ‘Home Loan’. Next, select ‘Indiabulls Home Loans’ from the adjoining slab.

• The resultant page details home loans from Indiabulls. You will find a number of strategically placed options here, including ‘Check if you are eligible’, ‘Check how much you can borrow’, etc. Select an option to launch the corresponding action.

• Comparative Study:The website gives you the option of comparing Indiabulls Home Loans against the loans offered by other financial organizations/banks. You can also take help from the customer care team to assist you with all your queries.

• Credibility:You can get all the information related to Indiabulls Home Loans in detail. Be it the terms and conditions, interest rates or any other unique information. The best part being that all information is updated and readily available.

• Quick and Convenient:Apply for Indiabulls home loan from the comfort of your office/home. Refer to to check out all the features, and make the application and documentation a very quick and smooth process. The loan disbursal will happen in quick time.

This is the standard loan, applicable for resident Indians who wish to purchase property in India. A comprehensive package that is intended for the smart borrower, the India bulls home loans offer a range of features and benefits that are customized for the Indian context, and in line with the express requirements of an Indian subscriber. If you are an NRI , and currently residing in the UK or Dubai, Indiabulls offers a powerful medium to purchase property in India, without having to compensate or overpay to balance out your NRI status. Indiabulls Home Loans against Property:

Indiabulls offers loans against property. This scheme comes with multiple advantages to its borrowers. Funds can be generated by unlocking the property value along with the luxury of staying in the house, and can also satisfy the need for any immediate expenses. It can also be used for something like buying another house/property or business expansion. FAQs On Indiabulls Home Loan

Ashwini Kumar Hooda, the Deputy Managing Director of Indiabulls Housing Finance in a interview stated that he expected premium housing in the country to bloom later even though affordable housing is growing well in recent times. Hooda, who in the interview was asked a series of questions on varied topics shed light into the company’s business in the past and provided a roadmap of the future. On being asked about the company’s Q3 AUM growth, he said that that the company was able to grow faster than 30 percent in the past couple of years and in FY17 affordable housing constituted 33 percent of it. He added that in the current financial year the company expected it to be close to 35 percent. The Deputy Managing Director added that currently the company is getting higher ratings from international rating agencies as the company is now constituted of 60 percent home loan, 20 percent LAP and 20 percent construction finance unlike two years back. He was hopeful that the company would be able to achieve optimum mix by FY20. With regard to banks hiking MCLR, he added that for them it is not a concern as they primarily borrow from the bond which is cheaper than bank market. Hooda on being asked about expansion plans, he stated that they are going into tier-3, tier-4 cities and have opened nearly 80 low cost branches, which are purely technology based.