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For those of us who grew up spending our weekends at “the Point”, it was glorious. For people from around the Indian Lake Area Russells Point had it all. There was an amusement park, rides, games, and an amazing wooden roller coaster. The fun house amused the children and the adults loved the games. We saw the Glen Miller Orchestra and many other bands at the dance hall. Many people loved the Chris Craft boats that dotted the harbor and provided a “speedboat ride” or a sunset cruise. If you had your own speed boat and could “cruise” the harbor, that was the best. From 1929 to the 1970’s, children, grandchildren, and great grand childen and their parents enjoyed “the Point”. Thanks to the Reed Family and many businesses and contributors, we can once again enjoy the bridge over the harbor and the nice park on each side. Indian Lake Spillway and Levee Update

The Indian Lake spillway is scheduled for replacement this fall. Designs are being completed now and should be in the hands of the State soon. Construction is scheduled to begin this fall and end next spring. The 100 year old spillway will be replaced with a newer design and the existing 4,000 foot levee will be stabilized. During heavy rains there is some water seepage near the parking lot where the helioport is located near Russells Point. According to the State of Ohio WEB site soundings have been made to determine the stability of the spillway and levee. Several trees were cut down and bushes we removed from the levee, they weaken the soil and provide paths for water seepage.

The 700 foot one hundred year old spillway will be replaced by an accordion labyrinth style spillway similar to those being used in the western United States. The design allows more water to move over the dam in heavy rains which is more efficient in maintaining the level of the lake. The 4000 foot levee is seeping water and will be stabilized, the levee extends from the spillway to Russells Point under Route 366. Levee Between Russells Point and Oldfied Beach Enhanced Years Ago

Many will remember back in the 1960’s when the road bed under Route 366 from Russells Point to Oldfield Beach also served as the levee for the west side of Indian Lake. When driving a car on old Route 366 you could see the lake on one side of the car and large ditch with cottages on the other side of the car. Many property owners along old Route 366 had docks on the lake and bridges across the ditch. In the 1970’s and 1980’s the state mounted a large dredging operation and increased the width of the levee on the west side of the lake by adding land to the lake side of the levee. Public parking areas were added along with a toilet facility between Lakeview and Russells Point and another between Lakeview and Oldfield Beach.

In the photo below the red line adjacent to the road designates the width of the old levee. The land inside the red lines show amount of land that was added to increase the width and saftey of the levee. The levee is protected state property and maintained by the state to insure the integrity of the levee.

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A local artist and college student is making the picnic dinners at Indian Lake Ohio much more colorful. Using quality picnic tables that were built locally the artist is decorating the tables with colorful images and local families are thrilled. From sports themes to tropical forest the tables will add color to your yard.

Raw wood picnic tables deteriorate quickly and they need to be painted. If you are a gifted artist and a college student raising money for tuition and books, decorating the tables is the perfect solution. She is selling the tables for $295.00 each and is willing to customize tables for the customer. Click here to see more tables. For more information call (937) 407-5596.