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“Institution within the Organization of the Islamic Conference (OIC) designed to strengthen cooperation among member states in educational, scientific, and cultural research, make Islamic culture the focal point of educational curricula at all levels, support Islamic culture, and protect the independence of Islamic thought against cultural invasion, distortion, and debasement. electricity and magnetism worksheets middle school Based in Rabat, Morocco. Cooperates with the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) in refugee assistance within the Muslim world.”

On November 20, 1979, worldwide attention was focused on Tehran, where the Iranian hostage crisis was entering its third week. That same morning, gunmen stunned the world by seizing the Grand Mosque in Mecca, creating a siege that trapped 100,000 people and lasted two weeks, inflaming Muslim rage against the United States and causing hundreds of deaths. But in the days before CNN and Al Jazeera, the press barely took notice. wd gaster website Trofimov interviews for the first time scores of direct participants in the siege, and draws upon hundreds of newly declassified documents. With the pacing, detail, and suspense of a real-life thriller, The Siege of Mecca reveals the long-lasting aftereffects of the uprising and its influence on the world today."

NPR’s INSKEEP:You know, I want to mention: I wasn’t very old at all then in 1979, but I remember some of the events we’ve been talking about. I remember the invasion of Afghanistan. year 6 electricity unit I remember the Iranian Revolution. Why do you suppose it would be that I, as an ordinary American, don’t have very much memory – any memory, really, at all – of this dramatic seizure of 100,000 hostages at a pilgrimage site that affects Muslims around the world?

Saudi Arabia instantly cut international phone communications, closed the borders. And the first news of something going wrong in Mecca came out in a press statement at the State Department in Washington, infuriating the Saudis who had hoped that the blackout of this news would last long enough for them to take control of the mosque again.

Now, at the time, nobody knew about the existence of this Sunni jihadi fundamentalist ideology that later evolved into what is known today as al-Qaida. In fact, the assumption in Washington at the time was that the Shiites, the Iranian Shiites, had taken over the mosque and is also part of the Iranian revolutionary expansion to the rest of the Muslim world.

At the time, Saudi Arabia imposed a near-total news blackout on the Mecca events. No independent observers were allowed in the city during the siege, and even visiting Jeddah or Riyadh was nearly impossible for foreign reporters. q card gas station And, obviously, no one could tell the story of what happened among the insurgents because every suspected gunman found in the mosque was arrested. c gastronomie brignais Most were promptly beheaded, and only a few have survived long prison sentences to tell their stories. "

On November 20th 1979, at 05:30 in the morning, hundreds of heavily armed men take over the Grand Mosque of Mecca and transform the holiest shrine of Islam into a fortress. The insurgents demand the abdication of the Saudi Royal Family, the expulsion of all foreigners, the withdrawal of all progressive development and the Kingdom’s return to the pure and radical Islam of the first generations. The following 15 days of occupation, siege and battle were kept under a veil of complete secrecy. They will cost hundreds if not thousands of lives, shake Saudi Arabia to its foundations, push the global balance of power to the brink of collapse, and mark the beginning of religiously motivated terrorism. With this political thriller documentary, director Dirk van den Berg and his international team finally reveal the links between the Siege of Mecca and our contemporary time. After 5 years of research and filming in 8 countries, they obtained exclusive access to first-hand accounts …