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In reading comments at many of the links you posted, I’m once again struck by how smart people can be. I love the internet, it’s a platform where everyone can speak. gas house dance hall One’s ability to be heard varies, I suppose, not everyone wants to read the message, but it’s fascinating to get a glimpse of thought processes and ideas that I’d never hear otherwise. 02 December, 2018 11:30 jenny_o said…

As far as cops posing as drug dealers or dopers scoring, this has been going on heavily over the last 20 years or so … it’s become a sort of game, you know, cops high- fiving on who gets the most scores, etc. In Florida they use female cops on vice crews to pull in guys looking to pick up girls too, the female officer cleverly words her approach to the guys, the guy agrees (all the trick has to do is say half and half, all the way or whatever, and the female cop only uses the question "looking for a date, baby") she scratches her head to signal a standby crew once she gets the right word out of the trick, crew moves in on the guy, etc. Same thing on dope, they pose as a homie looking to score, go to a line (contact) or person slinging (selling) dope, say their homie (a name they know is familiar to dealer or hood/ area), boom! once the right word is confirmed … they get a case of distribution/ delivery. Or they pose as one dealing/ slinging, they stand on the corner of well known dope area, they look the part, wait for cars to pull up, they say, "wassup?, whatcha need?", the car person sayz they need a 20, 50 or whatever, undercover seller then gives a signal like the female officer on the vice sting, backup unit waits for the driver to drive off about a block out of sight, takes down the person who just scored from the undercover, and in some cases, they actually use product/ dope they got out of property/ evidence. Years ago, the shit they pull now, would have been considered "entrapment" … and can still be, if you know your shit or got good defense. e sampark electricity bill payment The shit they pull these dayz is clearly a mockery of our Constitution.

Denial of vaccines on religious grounds … yeah, they play the religious card on that, and religious institutions keep that herd conformity as far as beliefs. But what I see happening is even deeper today … there has been a new cultural push of sort, there is a shitload of propaganda out there getting to mainly religious folks through their contacts, that government is pushing these vaccines to try to kill off millions of people, a conspiracy, if you will. Too deep to get into short here.

Trump losing influence in his party? … the way I see it, is he lost many long ago, the establishment GOP certainly dont like him much, but they won’t buck him too much, since they’re getting their little treats and his following too, which they’re toast without his followers, as far as numbers … so they do a little head turning, let too much shit slide though on the backside. gas efficient cars 2015 Trump runs a pretty good game too, but I think he is getting a little senile as well. I don’t hate Trump, but think he is just really lousy as President of a country as diversified as this … this ain’t goddamn 1960’s/ 1970’s Queens either … lighten up, Trump.

Romaine lettuce watch … you got it, another for the deregulation expectations, I’m actually expecting quite a bit of this, if we continue to deregulate the way we are, this is also bad for business, but hard to explain to folks intoxicated with profits … like any kind of addict, they need to feel hard hits to change … and like you know, they don’t feel shit these dayz, if they do, we run and bail/ save them … in a REAL capitalistic society, we would let them fail and fold.

Heart transplant declined … everything in healthcare today is nickel and dimed to death too. Back when I had kidney stone surgery, 5- 6 years? can’t remember, anywayz, I seen one doctor who wanted a ct- scan, then when I went to another doctor they sent me to a week later (and this is to detect a specific kind of stone, that can’t be detected on regular x-ray), this other doctor sends me to get a ct- scan … I said "Hey, why don’t we just use the one I just had (I was thinking of the money and my out- of- pocket end too) … he sayz … "sure, we can do that". gas cap code In other words, if I wouldnt have recommended it, they were going to do the same test twice … and both these docs were in the same healthcare network, at that. But yeah man … everything is about the buck. Here’s the bottom line in the U.S., as I told my sister- in- law, Margie, who worx as an RN in Toronto’s healthcare system … the more money you got, the better care you get, if you get any … "no money, no honey, baby". It’s been that way for some time, but has really gotten much worse on that issue.

Self checkout shit is another scam cloaked in "for your convenience" (I have used them a few times, but rarely, I try to avoid them). I was at a large chain market last week with a friend, just getting a few items for myself, like soap, shave, toothpaste, etc. electricity vs gas heating costs There was actually a waiting line in the self checkout section, and only "one" cashier with only 2 people in line. I was telling my friend how I loathe using the self checkout too, she asked why? I told her, because "If I have to service myself, sack and check my own stuff … I should get at least say 5% off or whatever … I mean, you’re telling me to do all the work for free, on the service you’re supposed to be giving me?" … electricity news australia I mean, WTF! I got the same shit as far as todayz so called "service" from my cable tele provider, my cable kept screwing up, they told me they can’t get someone to look at it for a few dayz, didn’t even suggest they would prorate my bill for the dayz I would miss and pay for, after I spent over a goddamn half hour on the phone with the lady trouble- shooting, to try to fix it. You know what ole Ranch Chimp done, eh? I dropped that service like a bad date … went to another provider, I mean, this happened like 2 times before that time too.

Daily Kos piece on what you get after 30 years of service was really a good read too. No severance, no nothing, that is also this neoliberal culture, I heard these big giants today, lay- off people with an email at the last minute even, no warning, anything. Yes, CEO’s and the rest get all the treat and parachutes, and don’e do squat actually in many cases, perfect reason for employees to retaliate too.