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The taller the bar, the more work I felt like I was doing. Underneath is the variety and quantity of preps I had. Soccer balls and volleyballs represent coaching years. Trophies are major awards. Years where I took on a new prep or big responsibility spiked the work load, as I figured out how to do something for the first time. I put a LOT of effort into things when I’m doing them for the first time. grade 6 electricity unit plan REALLY quickly I figured out I like being thoughtful about my assignments and not just taking them from a binder, and that took a lot of time. Now I reap the rewards of that investment constantly. In the case of a new prep, there’s curriculum to map, assignments to make, and unknowns to solve. With a new responsibility, the time management needs a rebalance.

The first five years I felt I had something to prove. I was an outsider to education, a random guy with an alternative certification who did not know what he was doing. My first group of kids were very kind and said I did a good job, but I really did not know what I was doing. nyc electricity consumption I wanted to show my school that I belonged, and that I could be trusted. Earning trust in the workplace is the hardest thing to do, and is so valuable once you have it.

I put the list on the screen and kids can take a picture. That’s it. We spend zero class time on this because everything on the list is represented in some piece of classwork we did in the days before. Students who were diligent about organizing their classwork should be able to find anything. The only thing that takes time is if a student has a question about what I mean by a topic. For example, they may want to clarify what I mean by “factor a polynomial into a sketch-able equation.”

I’ve found the practice effective. Previously students have said I’m too vague about what might be on an assessment, so they can’t focus their time. In fact, I’ve been too vague because usually the assessment isn’t written until later. electricity out I think these simple lists give them the focus they want without spending a ton of time on a purpose-built review. More importantly, it helps me focus when writing the assessment, to make sure I stick with whatever ideas I had when writing this list. I am incredibly bad about changing my mind constantly about approaching things. This has brought some much needed focus to my work as well.

You spend a lot of time around young people and you can’t help but do a lot of analysis of how you were as a young person. gas stoichiometry practice By far the biggest difference I see in myself and my students is how local their field of view seems to be, at least in my observations. When I say local field of view, I mean a lot of their time and energy is spent on the present and some handful of hours ahead of the present. What’s happening next week? month? year? You wouldn’t know they were concerned with such things.

You might be tempted to call me a workaholic or something. Some have before. I just don’t see it that way. For one, I don’t see it as work. I do “non-work” things, whether you hear me talk about them or not. I haven’t gone to “work” in 10 years. electricity towers in japan I’m solving interesting problems, something it turns out I really wanted in a career. Teaching offers fascinating logistic problems that I really really really like. It’s probably the biggest thing I liked in engineering school, mapping out plans to get stuff done, forged in a (now demolished) dorm basement as I figured out what it takes to pass exams. Secretly, I don’t really care for summer break anymore (though it is still a nice respite, and I mean, duh, TMC is the greatest), as there aren’t as many problems to solve.

At recent conferences, I’ll sport my Varsity Math merchandise and people will ask me for some. hp gas kushaiguda phone number I am only able to give out a handful of extra stock that’s left over from the school year. And I always feel bad because there’s not really a lot to go around, and I don’t want people to feel left out. Others want to get something going like this with their department but may not have the means to generate merchandise. This year, I am excited to announce that you, teachers at large, can join on the fun as well. After figuring out a lot of random paperwork, Varsity Math is now a legally recognized company in the state of Texas.

Starting in November, an online store will open at which will redirect to a page on this site. It will be open for a couple weeks as I test out taking and fulfilling orders. gas 66 Some months later it will probably open up again. You can guarantee I will do a run for TMC 19. On offer will be stickers, t-shirts, socks, and sponsorships. If you purchase a sponsorship, 100% of that money will go towards the various Varsity Math activities at my school. Students are not always able to cover the costs associated with the merchandise and activities I provide. Traditionally I am able to cover their costs, but outside help will allow me to do more and possibly, one day, lower the cost of entry for all students.

I have put out feelers and it seems like there’s a demand, now we’ll see what happens. If you would like official Varsity Math gear, keep an eye on this space and Twitter for the opening of the store. Talk to people in your math department and buy shirts as a group! I would love to see you all sporting the best in math clothing (next to Desmos swag).