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Fishnchips, I agree, It seems that the large backwater of a muddy river in vietnam or cambodia is not much different than a large clay lined warm water farm pond in Georgia or Florida. If the water had to move a bit at times I’m sure with pumps that requirement could be handled (pumping from one pond to the next in a circle for example to circulate the water from time to time)

They 1940 gas station photos seem to grow bigger than tilapia, equals bigger filets, This could be a prime example of the ‘rebranding’ of fish to make them more appealing like the patagonian toothfish becoming the chilean sea bass, the slimehead becoming orange roughy, and other foods..(prunes are no longer prunes but ‘dried plums’, Rapeseed oil is now called canola oil, and this quote from a webpage:

The Japanese, eaters of all sorts of disgusting things, had been eating whore’s eggs for a really long time. As if you needed further proof that the USA leads the way in being a bunch of prudes, allow us to be the first to tell you that folks here in the States have electricity consumption been eating whore’s eggs for a long time also. The only difference is, because we have some kind of irrational fear of whores, we call them uni here, and that’s a stupid name, because what they really are is sea urchins.

My experiences with swai. I frequently go to the seafood restaurant chain called Captain D’s. Several years ago they started selling Southern Style Whitefish (dinner is $5.99) which is a big piece of swai fish lightly breaded and fried; always tastes the same – very good, mild flavor, never fishy, never an off flavor like tilapia sometimes has. It is the only fish my friend and I eat there. We eat at Captain D’s 2 – 3 times/mo. He used to always get the tilapia until electricity transmission efficiency the swai became available. Tilapia was too inconsistent in flavor while the swai has always been consistently very good.

There is another restaurant that I know regularly serves swai – Beef O’Brady’s; menu item called Big Catch Big Catch Salad. Whenever I go to Beef’s I get the Big Catch salad with the fish blackened; a big piece of fish on their tossed salad – again excellent – IMO. It was so good the first time I ate it in FL the flavor and texture was very similar to the Captain D’s Southern Style Whitefish (swai). I asked the manager what kind of fish it was. He said they used to call it grouper until the commercial fisherman and officials made them stop calling it grouper since it was not grouper.

My thinking is hogs gas after eating pasta used to (depression era and maybe even a few currently) be fed garbage which lead to common problems with trichinosis. A lot of animals eat ‘bad’ food including the bacteria. The digestive system then processes and breaks down the food into the basic compounds and biochemically rearranges the basic components to new animal protein, fats, blood, organs, tissue, nerves electricity vampires, fins, scales, bone, etc to grow or develop the new animal. I doubt that few if any of the bad foods that the animal ate are directly deposited to make new animal flesh or body parts. If the swai directly deposited what it ate, it would likely taste pretty unsavory.

The off flavor of some fish such as catfish and tilapia is usually and often caused by ‘bad’ algae (often Cyanobacteria) in the water that produce metabolites (likely water soluable types)that are absorbed into the fish flesh. These fishy or earthy flavors will be purged when the algae soaked fish is removed for a short period form the offending water source. Some chemicals are fat soluble and will not purge when the fish is placed in ‘clean’ water electricity use in the us.

Other fish flavors. Some fish have a layer of dark meat between the skin and white flesh fillet. This dark meat is usually in fish that are ‘hard or strong fighters, swimmers’. This dark meat has a very strong flavor due to the type of chemical in the dark meat that allows the fish to build up a high lactic acid content during muscle stress periods. This allows the fish muscles to work longer before tiring. When the animal rests the lactic acid is removed and the animal is ‘rested’. Cut out this surface layer of dark meat from the fillet and the white fillet is very mild. Eat the dark meat and it is very strong flavored. Try cooking some dark fish meat that has been removed from a fish. When we catch larger Great Lakes walleye they have a layer of dark red meat that we remove before cooking physics electricity and magnetism study guide. Interestingly the walleye that I have seen from inland lakes rarely have this dark meat. Great Lakes walleye have apparently adapted to more and stronger j gastroenterol swimming needs to survive thus the presence of more read meat. Tuna have a lot of red meat in their body which often gives them a stronger flavor.

Red Lobster should be selling swai served several ways including blackened. It would increase their profits. It is great tasting and inexpensive compared to lots of other mild tasting and pricey fish. I like the Southern Style Whitefish better than flounder at Captain D’s. The swai is less fishy and has a lot less off flavor that the founder occasionally has. I have never had a bad tasting piece of swai but have had numerous other fish that were not so good in restaurants. Evidently lots of people could not tell the difference between grouper and swai when Beef OBrady was serving the swai as grouper. This should tell you how good the swai tastes compared to expensive grouper.

The one thing electricity related words about swai is sometimes you will see very small hardly noticeable tendon? strings in the fillet that are more noticeable and characteristic of CC fillets especially if the fillet is moist and slightly under cooked and not well or over or fully cooked. A lot of people never notice these strings until they are pointed out. Over cooking the fillet dries it out and eliminates these tendon strings in the fillet. This is how I recognize the fish as swai and not CC or some other fish. Swai is a form of catfish.

Last Thursday I had one swai ‘loin’ fillet individually vacuum packed from Meijer Markets. The loin was thick at least 1 probably from a larger fish. I sliced it in half for two 1/2 long slender pieces. I often do that with thick back pieces from a fillet of a larger fish. I deep fried one and broiled the other fillet. Taste and texture was very similar to other swai wd gaster battle that I have eaten. What amazes me is how they always taste the same even if they are raised in ‘bad water’. Taste is very similar to crappie in taste and texture.

Then Friday I was at Captain D’s – again. This time I tried their Southern Whitefish Tenders $4.99. Still swai. Still very good tasting although not quite as much fish to eat since 1 unit electricity cost in tamilnadu it was $1.00 less than the Southern Whitefish meal. As a side note. I saw my old Lk Erie fishing buddy also at Captain D’s. He has access to fish of walleye, YP and crappie that he regularly catches. He was eating swai at Captain D’s and says that is what he now always gets when eating there. He too said swai is similar to crappie; sort of soft, very white, and mild tasting.