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The best way to evaluate a product is to hear from customers who have used them. Customers who have experienced using the product will probably provide either good or bad feedback, they’d always be glad to promote the product if they have acquired great benefits from using it, otherwise they would not recommend using or buying it. Advertisements, especially if endorsed by celebrities are not that always trustworthy since they are always biased, they always say good things about the product and set aside negative features. This is of course for marketing purposes, who would buy their product if they say something bad about it anyway. Here we’ll take a look at some infrared heaters consumer reports. Let’s hear what customers say about these infrared heaters. As mentioned, not all products provide the services written on their labels as promised.

You’d want to buy an infrared heater because you hear it saves up to 50% on energy bills. So now you will be looking for one that would fit your needs and budget. Read about these infrared heaters consumer reports to help you choose the right one for you. Optimus Infrared Quartz Radiant Heater

Customers buy this heater because of its very cheap price that is just around 30$. They say it’s ideal for personal heating but not for a small or medium-sized area since the heat it releases is very weak. It works best when pointed directly towards you at about 2-3 feet away. This heater is perfect for a small space because of its small size. The heater warms quickly in just a minute and a half and the controls are easy to use. It works quietly as advertised and could last for three years if handled very carefully. For users who have read the directions, they say that that the heater has no serviceable parts. If one of the bulbs fails you have to send it back for fixing which costs $15 excluding the shipping. That is if the failure occurs in the first year and not in the first thirty days. If the failure occurs in the first thirty days, you can send it back to the store for return or exchange but still you have to pay for the shipping. If your heater is lucky enough to last for two or three years and then suddenly burns its light, the charge for fixing it can go up to 20 dollars. LifeSmart Amish Inspired Power Plus

Infrared heaters consumer reports claim that this product is a hardworking heater. It can warm up a whole house and heats evenly all parts of it including the floor, ceiling and walls. It works as advertised said one of its users; the heater lowered the electricity bill as expected. The heater can bring the room’s temperature to up to 71F and then automatically turns itself off. It turns on again twice every 15 minutes to maintain the temperature. The nice caster wheels rolls smoothly and the electronic wirings are nice. But according to one customer, you should not expect the heater to warm up to 1200 square feet of space as advertised. Also the wood furnish is not perfect, there are imperfections if viewed thoroughly. The buttons make a beep sound which might disturb persons who are sleeping that are very sensitive to sounds. For most of the customers, the heater was proven to lower down the electricity bills. EdenPURE GEN3 Model 1000 Quartz Infrared Heater

This is quite an expensive heater with price almost twice compared to others of the same type. It’s quite popular because it has been advertised by people with credentials. Customers are not quite giving favorable reviews on infrared heaters consumer reports since they are not having the benefit that they paid purchasing this heater. The heater is said to be shutting itself off and needs to be unplugged. You have to wait 20 – 30 minutes and plug it again to make it work. Though for some, the heater is considered worth it. Especially for customers who need some moisture in their houses. It’s also easy to maintain since the filter in the back can be cleaned easily. Comfort Infrared Electric Portable Infrared Heater

According to infrared heaters consumer reports, this heater comes in handy when it comes to setting the time of when you want to turn it on and off. It’s good for those who want an automatic heat when they wake up in the morning. It is also easy to program and gives adequate heat to a medium-sized area. For those who have used the heater for a while say that it produces an annoying noise because of the fan. It also takes a long time to shut down after pressing the off button since it has to reach a certain temperature before finally shutting down.

These infrared heaters consumer reports have now given you an idea about these specific products. At least you can reduce the risk of having the wrong impressions; before you buy one you, can compare these customer reviews. But also keep in mind that these heaters have been used in different situations and if the product is not suitable for a given circumstance, it wouldn’t meet the customer’s expectations. The heaters may have been used the wrong way and so the customers provide bad feedback for the product. The final decision is still yours; these reviews are just guides to help you.