Ingenious designs – get as far away from this distribution company as you can! review 21535 complaints board electricity for beginners pdf


I purchased a Todd English 7 piece cookware set from HSN approx. 1 year ago. As the defective pan was part of a set HSN directed me to contact Ingenious Design, a company that takes care of a number of products. The cookware has a lifetime warrantee so I felt confident that the defective fry pan in the set would be replaced with little to no problems. Unfortunately, every attempt on my part to contact Ingenious Designs resulted in utter frustration! On one occasion, I was on hold for 22 minutes only to be answered by an electronic voice mail machine. I sent the defective pan back along with detailed information regarding the original order. My instructions were extremely precise and easy to understand. Three months passed and I finally received a package from them only to find that they sent the WRONG PAN!!! I am thoroughly frustrated and feel that Ingenious Design LLC is anything but Ingenious!!! I’ve called and left messages and also contacted HSN about this, but no one has been able to rectify this issue. This company is giving the products they represent such a bad name! Todd English, Esteban, Joy Mangano – get as far away from this distribution company as you can!!! As for me, I won’t be purchasing anything else that is connected to Ingenious Design LLC ever again!!!

JOY MANGANNO should be FIRED and BANNED FROM HSN and everywhere in the world. She is a scam artist! She is now selling these HORRIBLE fragrants called "forever fragrant" on HSN, as we speak today, there are almost 600 NEGATIVE REVIEWS. I like many people bought this and it didn’t last a day and she says they last for 2 years! As far at the Greenpans, yes I just found out that Joy Manganno owns that company and they never answer.

The reason why I was here looking was because I have two of the Vanilla Amber Spheres with dish. They are work fine in my house. Now, the fragrance does not have the "throw" such as a candle or a brand new "plug-in, " but as far as the product just sitting there, I have noticed the fragrance. I am glad that it is not overwelming. If I need to freshen a room, I use an air freshiner. The spheres do great in the car. I have them rolling around everywhere, in the truck and seat and open storage. They are great! I did expect a more fragrant scent, but after using them for 3 months, I am glad that the fragrance has been consistant and not "loud." I know that this does not make your problems with the company go away, but I would definately keep attempting to contact the company, and I would keep a log of date and time you attemped to contact.

I have been trying to get all of my fry pans, which I purchased from HSN, replaced because everything sticks to them and the food is ruined. Green Pans are a good idea but only if they work. The sauce pots are fine but the fry pans are terrible. I have left messages with the answering service in the US who forwards them on to whatever country they are in now and have never received a call back or an email. Lifetime warranty my foot! I have even called HSN customer service and they want nothing to do with the problems with Green Pans and told me to contact an email address which does not exist. I left two messages with the warranty department for Ingenious Designs and never received the courtesy of a return phone call. I’m with the writer above who wants to file a class action suit. I have had my pans for about 2 years and I cannot use the fry pans at all! A lifetime warranty is one of the reasons I purchased these pans. Just try and get Ingenious Designs to live up to that warranty!!! Talk about the run around. I don’t trust HSN anymore either because they don’t want to hear about any problems you may have with these pans. Can you spell S-C-A-M? With them leaving the country, which I was told by the answering service, they are going to be even harder to deal with. The answer to that is to not buy anything from Joy Mangano or Green Pans ever again. HSN is just hiding from the dissatisfied customers and won’t do anything to help. Pay your money and shut up!! Allyn Reynolds