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The practice has felt the need to implement this service after seeing a rise in the number of puppies being brought in with health related issues, often associated with irresponsible breeding, or worse, puppy farming. As well as this, the practice often meets pet owners who have taken on a particular breed which isn’t suited to their lifestyle.

Branch manager and vet Laura Cowan said, “Sadly, we’re seeing more and more puppies come in for their first health check displaying signs of illness. When you ask owners where they got the puppy from, it’s often from an advert they’ve seen online and basic things you’d expect from a good breeder aren’t being met. electricity in costa rica voltage For example, the new owner not being able to see the pup’s living conditions, or their mother and no paper work provided when they take the pup home.”

The ‘pre-pet’ consultations are free for anyone thinking of taking on a puppy or dog. During the session, a vet nurse will run through a number of aspects with the potential owner, such as what kind of breed they’re looking for, their activity level, financial costs associated with dog ownership and information and materials to help them choose their new pet responsibly.

Vet nurse Laura Sinclair said, “It’s a shame when you see highly energetic breeds taken on by people who can’t give them the physical or mental stimulation the dog needs. This can often lead to more dogs in rehoming centres, so this is a chance for us to educate people better before they make any rushed decisions without doing the proper research.”

“By helping families better understand the commitment required to best care for certain breed types, and how to buy or rehome puppies responsibly, Inglis will really help reduce the number of incidents involving unwanted dogs. npower electricity meter reading If you’re looking for any further information about the puppy trade and how to spot potential dealers, visit”

Unfortunately, Inglis Vets has no say over these changes or this charge. Our policy is always to offer a referral to the best specialist for our client’s pets,which may or may not be included in the insurance company’s preferred network. gas zyklon b If your pet is being referred and you have any queries regarding this please do not hesitate to speak to your veterinary surgeon.

Inglis are delighted to officially open their eighth veterinary centre in Polbeth, West Calder today (Monday 2nd October). The team are excited to welcome the residents and pets of Polbeth, West Calder and Livingston along to their state of the art branch. Inglis have also welcomed three new staff members who will be based at the surgery, they are RVN Mary Young, Client Care Advisor Diane Lambert and Client Care Advisor Cheryl Wilson. gas kansas city The surgery can be reached on 01506 242 444 or email

Head Nurse Denise Docherty said, “Poor Tinker, like many other dogs her age loves to chew toys, and in this case ended up swallowing whole a toy she was given at Christmas. It’s possible the toy had been in her stomach for some time and Tinker’s owner had become worried after seeing her repeatedly vomiting – which is often the first sign that something is wrong. Tinker’s x-ray

“As an owner, it’s definitely good practice to be selective about the toys you give your pets to play with. Make sure the ones you choose aren’t small enough to be ingested or have parts that will break off easily. storing electricity in water Dogs can also choke on squeakers that they manage to remove from the inside of toys, so these should be avoided with certain pets.

As a member of the Scotland Malawi Partnership, Inglis first developed a relationship with Lilongwe SPCA in 2012 when Chief Executive Adam Tjolle and colleagues travelled to the country to convert the charity’s very basic and ill-equipped clinic into a state-of-the-art facility. ag gaston birmingham Since the partnership began, the Inglis team have visited Lilongwe to help equip the clinic, train staff and carry out educational and veterinary work in the community.

Veterinary Professor Melaku Tefera, of ‎Lilongwe University has been left humbled by the support of the Scottish vets. He said, “The Malawi school of Veterinary Medicine was established in 2014 and when I arrived there was nothing other than a few old edition veterinary books. This was until we met Adam and the team at Inglis who kindly sent us emergency books for our students.

Chief Executive Adam Tjolle said the partnership has also provided a fantastic learning experience for the Inglis staff. He said, “Our relationship with Lilongwe SPCA is going from strength to strength and is benefiting everyone involved. It’s been a great learning and life experience for our staff members who have been there, and we’ve been able to do some very worthwhile work in a desperately poor country with barely basic veterinary provision.

Inglis Veterinary Hospital provides 24-hour hospital care in addition to routine appointments and has received glowing feedback from loyal clients. One review stated, “My family vets for over 60 years. Always received excellent treatment for both family pets and now the rescue animals that come into my care. Cannot recommend them enough for efficient, caring and understanding treatments.”