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The Zeres is based on the Venus II platform but includes an integrated hydraulic circuit to facilitate molding applications which require core pull or sophisticated ejector functions. electricity generation by state The hydraulics open new possibilities for molders who prefer electric machines but need hydraulics to operate core pull. Integrated hydraulic core pull interface (circuit) is installed on the moving platen and provides more flow and increased pressure compared to external power pack solutions. gas 37 weeks pregnant Pressure and flow rates are adjustable via the machine’s controller. Software is included to control up to three hydraulic circuits.

“These larger sizes of all-electric molding machines will be attractive for customers who need precision and speed for large parts such as automotive interiors and underhood applications, home appliances, aerospace and industrial applications. Previously, all-electric machines at these tonnages have come with a high price tag. Now we’re able to provide the all-electric option but at a more affordable price,” said Nate Smith, one of the owners of Absolute Haitian.

At Chevron Phillips Chemical’s Bartlesville Research & Technology Center in Oklahoma, Haitian Mars II molding machines stand ready to help customers test bucket molds using Chevron Phillips’ Marlex HDPE. gas jobs pittsburgh The MA II 5300 (596 U.S. tons) demonstrates production of 5-gallon pails with shot sizes up to 2.2 pounds and cycle time as low as 20 seconds. The MA II 2800 (315 U.S. tons) demonstrates lid (cap and closure) applications.

The MA II 5300 is configured with a 118-ounce injection unit. “You need that large shot size to achieve the 6.5-second recovery time,” said Bill Linehan, Lead Technician at the Research & Technology Center. electricity quotes by benjamin franklin The molding machine also features pneumatic and hydraulic valve gates, eject on the fly/independent ejectors and a Haitian bi-metal barrel and barrier-type high-performance olefin screw which improves charge rates by 20%. Part drop detectors were also a special request. electricity japan The Mars II features a slightly raised base that allows a low-profile conveyor to take away the pails.

How did the partnership with Absolute Haitian begin? “We needed to show customers that a 20-second cycle time was achievable with our material but we didn’t have the machine to do it,” said Tom Giovannetti, Technical Service Engineer. “We proposed the purchase of a new machine to our management team. electricity 24 hours Cost constraints ruled out a Husky or Milacron molding machine, although many bucket molders use Husky machines.”

Bill Linehan reached out to Ron Cirillo, the sales rep for Absolute Haitian in Oklahoma. “They worked with us to configure a machine that met our needs –at half the price,” said Linehan. “We took delivery about 18 months ago. It has turned out to be a great partnership.” Absolute Haitian has made only one service call since then, and that was to install the company’s EasyNet software. Any other questions have been answered with over-the-phone troubleshooting.

In Tom Giovannetti’s travels around the country, he’s found that the word has gotten out. “Everyone seems to know who we are,” said Giovannetti. “I often hear, ‘you are the guys that have the Haitian bucket machine.’ A customer out of Puerto Rico recently visited our tech center, saw our Haitian’s and told us they plan to order two machines just like the ones here in Bartlesville.

Tier 2 automotive suppliers and suppliers to the appliance industry continually feel the pressure of cost per part. bp gas prices akron ohio More than two years ago, Encompass Manufacturing was evaluating new machinery and price was high on their list. Located in Cookeville, TN, Encompass is a custom molder supplying plastic parts using 30 machines ranging from 50 to 880 U.S. tons along with robotics.

Price cannot come at the expense of precision, noted Plant Manager Verble Wilson. “While we liked the price of the servo-hydraulic Mars molding machine, we dug further. We pursued references and checked out performance. Next, we purchased one machine to give it a trial,” Wilson said. Now Encompass owns six Mars machines, and has ordered two more, a 700-ton and a 135-ton model.

“The Mars machines are accurate and precise, which is most important to us. grade 9 electricity worksheets In addition, they are energy saving and well worth their price. They handle a lot of the work we do for Toyota motors, Honda interiors, Nissan and Chrysler,” said Wilson. “Our salesperson, Don Walmsley, and the service people are fantastic to work with. At NPE 2015, we learned that Haitian is the #1 supplier of molding machines in the world. We weren’t surprised.”