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No. The front crossmember that you are replacing contains most of the mounting provisions for your splash shield. electricity balloon experiment If you are hellbent on keeping it, you’re going to need to get really creative. If you are motivated by aerodynamics, then a properly designed splitter is going to be a better use of time. Additionally, you would need to cut up and clearance the stock undertray in several areas to clear the new bar.

Fit is really great. I’m genuinely impressed. electricity in human body wiki The shop I work for sells a fair number of Innovative products, and I know that they can turn out some great parts. This is no exception. Everything lines up perfectly, and additionally the tolerances are impressive. When I first started getting the Innovative front engine mount into position, I was worried that it was not going to fit. I was totally wrong. The tolerances on this part are very good. gas efficient cars under 5000 They designed it to follow the contour of the engine block, just like the stock part, and they did so very precisely. Totally stoked on this.

As for the build quality, everything is burly. This thing was built to withstand a nuclear attack. Everything is just beefy. electricity icon Thick wall steel tube for the lateral portion of the bar, thick steel plate for the radius arm brackets, giant spherical bearings, big high quality hardware. Everything just looks like it is ready for whatever punishment you want to dish out. Four thumbs up.

With the stock front crossmember and radius rods, the front end felt more numb and sloppy. When you load the car up in a turn, especially a lower speed (like 2nd gear) turn, to go fast and have confidence it is very helpful to have some idea of how much the tire is gripping, and how much further you can push it before it lets go. gas house pike frederick md The traction bar really helps you feel all this.

#2 is car control. The Prelude actually has a lot more willingness to rotate than I had expected. gas x ultra strength directions You can get the car to oversteer by unloading the rear end with trail braking or lift throttle. I really like this because a car that does not turn well is not very fun or very fast. Once you’ve got the car turned in and pointed the way you want, just get back on the gas to stabilize it. The Innovative traction bar kit helped a bunch here also. Because the tires have a better, more consistent contact with the road, you can modulate the throttle and apply more power, more accurately. This directly translates into more control.

So far, i’m really happy with this part! It fits great, and works great. electricity invented I love how the car comes off the corner. I’m using the factory Helical LSD which is not super aggressive, and this traction bar has really allowed me to get as much out of it as possible. You really feel what the tires are trying to tell you, and the front end comes through the corner so nicely when you get on the power.

I’ve been working on the retail side of the performance parts industry since 2009. That’s given me the opportunity to learn that EVERYONE’s parts have problems. It’s not just as simple as this brand is good and this brand is not so good. Everyone will have some part numbers that are awesome, and then others have teething issue. x men electricity mutant Problems are inevitable. If we consider that the auto makers and OE suppliers have engineering and manufacturing resources that far exceed those of the aftermarket manufacturers (in most cases), maybe it’s not so realistic to not expect that improvements will be necessary occasionally. The aftermarket is filled with some really talented people though, and some parts are quite amazing.