Inside the mind of a male sociopath dating a sociopath gas monkey monster truck body


3 years later he’s finally just a bad memory but electricity and circuits class 6 ppt periodically he will still send a text here there professing his undying love for me which he pretends to still feel, blah blah blah. I never respond back EVER! It was the worst roller coaster ride of toxicity I’ve ever experienced will never look back. The straw that broke the camels back was him date raping me while I was inebriated, which he did our entire relationship, I’ve looked it up it’s called somnophia. The difference with this time is that we weren’t together immediately after that, goes to the police files a bogus report saying I assaulted him, I guess so that if by chance I wanted to report the rape, which I did, it would look like I was lying bcuz I assaulted him, which I didn’t but there’s always an ulterior motive with psycho’s like this they’re always 10 steps ahead of a normal human being. In court he was telling the judge that I knocked his tooth out he “wanted me prosecuted”. I hired a lawyer faught for my true innocence. Thank God I saved old text messages bcuz 2 days prior to him filing his bogus charge gas engineer salary against me, he texted me asking if I “had any more of that tooth stuff”. I relied yes why? He said my tooth FELL OUT AGAIN actually sent a picture holding his tooth in his hand. I had forgot about these texts until I started going back through our old texts but it saved me. I printed it all out have it to the prosecutor. He dropped all the charges the psycho him actually got into an argument IN court. He looked like such a fool but some how wasn’t charged for falsifying charges bcuz they always seem to skate electricity trading hedge funds right under the law! This wasn’t the only time he tried framing me with the law there’s a ton of other abuse I endured from him, honestly I could write s book! It was terrible!!

My ex and I broke up (again) nearly a year ago. I was never in a relationship where you would break up, get back together, etc. That’s not who I am. Once I’ve made a decision that something didn’t work for one reason or another, it was always a permanent decision. But, welcome to the gas house eggs world of narcissism and sociopaths. Since the break up last year, she reaches out every two to seven weeks depending on my reaction the last time she contacted me. I sent her number directly to voicemail as any conversation quickly becomes her yelling at me if I bring up anything she did in the past. Now, it’s become email only and she doesn’t like that. Not just for the obvious reasons, but because she can’t re-write history as I have everything she says in writing. This makes her very cautious about her answers. The thing is, I managed to track down other guys she’d been doing this to and we’ve compared notes. I know of things she’s deliberately lying to me about and she refuses to come clean. It’s like you always read… they’ve got an answer for everything. She wants to be in touch and she’s even said she still cares about me, but the second I question her on anything she becomes vicious and lashes out. She wants me to ignore what I know and be with her electricity projects ks2 until the next time she’s ready to crush me again. So she’s getting impatient because I won’t see her and she can only reach me via email and we don’t live local so it’s he only option. A few months ago when I told her a few things I knew she lied about, she responded by calling the cops and saying I’m harassing and stalking her. It’s sad, but you really must save everything once these people latch onto you. My phone records gas questions clearly tell a very different story as I’ve only placed one single phone call to her in 10 months and that was after she called the cops and left a message demanding that I call her — I know even that one call was stupid but it is the reality of the situation. Everything they do is manipulation. If they can’t get over on you, then they will just as soon crush you for their enjoyment. I wished for a long time that I could figure out a way to deal with her condition and make it better, but all I’ve found is that they’re evil, petty people who will never know true happiness in the sense that two people who really love each other do. They take pleasure in controlling you electricity games online free. They need to dump all their issues onto you and make you into the problem so they can feel better about themselves. No person is worth this. It’s not our place to save these people no matter how much we care about them. The thing I keep telling myself is that it wasn’t real. Certainly, her feelings for me weren’t real. And even though my feelings for her were real, the person I was in love with wasn’t real. Nothing with a sociopath is what it seems.

Well it’s definitely confusing for me and I understand that it’s difficult to classify someone z gastroenterol journal even after extensive therapy. I’ve been trying to determine if she does in fact have emotions. I’ve see her overact to mild violence in a tv show which I was wondering if it was faked as the level of her reaction was way out of line with what she was seeing. She also supposedly cried at the end of a movie, but this was after she saw I was crying. When I asked her why, she gave a vague answer. Finally, she cried several times when we were making love. This was really suspect because it caught me off guard. Again, when I asked her what was going on in her head she couldn’t really explain it. It’s a lack of being able to elaborate on certain things that involve emotions that concerns me. She’s usually pretty verbal electricity facts and vocal so I would expect her to be able to explain. On the flipside she’s crazy emotional when she feels slighted or gets upset (usually over the craziest stuff). So is she BPD and these are normal reactions for her? i don’t know. While sociopaths don’t have emotions, I believe that they can become outraged and mad, so I wonder if those are the emotions I’m seeing and the tears are all fake. It’s very confusing. For a while, I believed that the tears in the bedroom were because she was honestly torn about staying with me. There’s an intense attraction and a lot electricity quiz 4th grade of passion, but she has some concerns that come across as legitimate (my kids being young, our different lifestyles and being able to be free, etc). But at the same time, she never really leaves for these reasons. She seems to fabricate arguments. She always leaves and ends up on dates with other guys. Then she comes back to me. I know for a fact she’s lied to me about things like when she slept with this one guy, and electricity towers health risks she swears up and down that she is THE “most honest person” I’ll ever meet. I understand that people aren’t perfect and we take the good with the bad, but this situation is unmanageable.