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Let me go further. It isn’t just the news that’s fake. Trump is certainly fake. We confirmed over the past few days, more confirmation came in from unimpeachable sources, that Trump converted to Judaism in the 1980’s as a “deal with the devil.”

He did that because he is deeply distressed with keeping his homosexuality hidden. He is terrible at this. He actually started hiring “advance men” from a New York agency to spread rumors about how “dangerous” he was to women, how abusive, how he raped, grabbed, assaulted but was “protected” by Israeli intelligence.

He would run around parties and actually grab crotches, grab breasts, people looked on him as a maniac. What he never did, however, is actually have sex with a female human that wasn’t hired as an “actress” to report about “how good he was.”

The real point, if such things exist, of course is that being homosexual is nothing. Being insane is. Being Jewish is nothing. Being blackmailed into “being Jewish” so that you can worm your way into public life laundering cash to cause human suffering, which may well have included involvement in 9/11, now that’s something else.

Then again, let’s look at the “exceptionalists,” not just the insane Likudist “masters of the universe” like Netanyahu and the gang around him but the others, Boris Johnson or, well let’s take a second and look at the CNN article above. There’s a reason I mention it.

The CNN article attacks a senator from Montana for “smearing” Ronnie Jackson. Does anyone remember Trump accusing Obama of not being an American citizen? The “Kenya thing?” Trump went further. He also repeated the wild story that an Israeli asset published some years ago alleging that Obama was gay and part of the “Chicago bathhouse scene.”

There is no “Chicago bathhouse scene.” It is in New York and San Francisco, however; and it is Trump that was at the center of it, not Obama. But it was Trump who paid for the smearing of Obama, the phony bathhouse story, the phony “Kenya/birther” crap.

Before Trump was the other maniac, Richard Mellon Scaife, who bribed members of the House of Representatives and then hired a former disgraced NYPD detective to fabricate the “Whitewater” investigation against the Clintons that cost $160 million to the US taxpayers and never had a finding of any kind at all. The whole thing was made up.

Anyway, back to CNN. The article is defending Ronnie Jackson saying he didn’t really do the things he is accused of. However, the article is filled with weasel-words. Jackson is found “innocent” because the Secret Service didn’t record him pounding on doors; or his drunken traffic crashes, the ones alleged, were not “crashes” but rather “mishaps.”

The article isn’t about Jackson, who might well be a great guy but is obviously totally unqualified to run the Department of Veterans Affairs. I have some expertise in this area and can state categorically that only Shinseki has even tried, and he was crushed and pushed out.

Ronnie Jackson is a joke. This is the guy who claims that Trump weighs 199 pounds. An estimate of Trump’s waistline, based on his shape and photos that show belt-notch to rear at 20.5 inches and Trump’s real height at 6 feet one inch with lifts, gives him a real weight of 295 after liposuction and up to 335 pounds.

Then there is something else, the health rumor. We don’t need to go into that, but fat isn’t the real problem, it may well be something else, something akin to Magic Johnson. Not a deal breaker either except for Ronnie Jackson and only if the rumor is true, and I am not saying it is. Not this rumor; others YES, this one “probably.”

Oh god, save me from both. I remember when a certain agency asked that I go to “Yale” and join a secret society there. They promised that I didn’t have to go to classes at all and that they would supply me with friends and roommates to swear I went, not only to Yale but to the Naval Academy as well. If only I were kidding.

OK, here’s the deal. News is fake. Terrorist acts are fake. They are fake because sometimes the dead and “gassed” are actors. Kidnapped kids, sometimes “crisis actors.” How about when they are really killed but the idea behind it is “fake.” Is the whole thing fake too if the dead are real?

People buzzed around in cars, worked jobs, played with kids. Is this real? Is it real when the world they live in, from the “Klepto-garchical” view, trillions in stolen cash, phony elections, phony news, phony wars, and the lie-spewing devices pollute reality?

So the deceiver is reaching his goal and you don’t like the stench of human depravity reaching the heavens. Why are all the comments missing the point of this article? “Friends… work… correcting… .” Why so many projections on everything and everybody? The reversal will happen, only and only when we ourselves change, God damn it. “Religion is garbage”, “no proof God exists”, yeah a blind bug came out of the freaking swamp and realized as it was blind their was light and decided to fashion some eyes for itself, is that so you morons out there? This is what the science only crowd, “the self reliant”, “the pioneers”, the “we don’t need a God to tell us what to do”, crowd created. This is the edifice we have built to celebrate our stupidity, or should I say to “cerebrate” our stupidity.

No correction starts except with oneself. So make friends in your family first and value them. Work on changing yourself, but first a honest look in the mirror. You hate the Fed, don’t borrow. Here we arrive at the most important word of this article “correcting.” What exactly? Where to begin? To correct, cotrectly, we must know what is it we should correct that needs correction. We first must know who we are? Do we live in a 30k trailor with a 50k Ford F150 parked in front as a symbol of everything gone wrong? As a glaring example of part time affluence in return for slavery? A symbol of the American dream and the American nightmare every beginning of the month?

Start from first principles. I don’t believe in the “Kike Freemason Conspiracy”, although that may be a significant thread of “A Big Bowl of Spaghetti, something that came out of the Middle East”, which I was reliably informed was at the Nexus of The Power Structure. “The Protocols” as we know them likely is a fraud, simply because it was copied from something much older. Lord Acton, rubbished by the Oxford Dictionary of History and therefore Ipso Facto Reliable, said “Power Corrupts etc ” and that Bad Men and their Facilitators attained Power. The Power Structure definitely has Money (and Banking) as an indicator and William J. Clinton famously said to “follow the money” and “it’s the economy stupid”. “Divisio et Reglus”, divide and rule is much older than Rome and has its modern manifestation in the Hegelian Dialectic. There is little doubt in my mind that Fascism and Communism emanate out of The Same Sick Crew, setting up the sort of dialectic emerging with the Four centred around India and Communist China. It is not too much of a stretch to see Korea as a Balkan Like Buffer State between Great Powers being manipulated in the same manner as other Balkanesk States in Mini Hegelian Dialectics as flash points a la Sarajevo in 1914. Need I go on? I haven’t got all day.