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I arrived at Omnia club by Grab from my hotel in Kuta. Fare is 80K but we gave 100K to the driver because of the jams leading to club. 1st surprise : no drinks selfie sticks are allow to be bought into the club. I can understand the drinks but the stick? People come here is to take awesome photos, no stick gas estimator? The security would keep the drinks sticks for you at the entrance which you could collect back when you are leaving. 2nd surprise : checking IDs because there is a minimum age of 21 years old applies which we are unaware, as my son is 20 years old my daughter is 18 years old. Asked the staff for the reason of this rule? The answer is oh, because there is many bikini women around. So? I told them, my daughter wears bikini too? What’s the problem? In many other western countries, 18 years old is considered adults. Anyway, we are only allow to access the upper floor Japanese restaurant area with a minimum spend of 300K per pax. Only my wife myself are allow to access the pool area to take photos. F B here is expensive as we spend 2 million on our lunch. Can’t deny the fact, the views are awesome. Took many photos of my wife. 3rd surprise : coming the club is easy but leaving is difficult. Grab even Blue Bird taxi are not allow into the club to fetch passengers. We are forced to use their z gas guatemala “private-hire” cars at 300K to Kuta, that is 3 times the Grab fare! We saw a Bali Taxi came in to drop-off passengers, so I asked the staff “can I take that taxi”. She said yes, so we hopped in but the security stopped the taxi spoke to the driver. The driver then told us that he is not allow to fetch customers from the club!?! But just z gas ensenada now the staff said can? I suspect the security is working together with the “private-hire” drivers to earn a fast one from unsuspecting tourists like us. Leaving the taxi, I asked the driver to wait for us outside the gate but when we got there, that taxi is gone. We have no choice but to take 1 of the Bali taxi out there that charged us 350K ( no meter ) to Kuta to take our luggages send us to the airport. What a great way to end our trip in Bali! For 350K I could easily hired a private car for 5 hours! It’s not about money because I could afford to spend millions in the club but I felt cheated by the taxi scam with the security. Omnia management, please look into this. So my advise to tourists, please engage a private car to go Omnia. Do not take Grab or taxi there. Remember going there is easy but coming out is difficult. Omnia should be a 5 stars rating, 1 star dropped because of all these nasty surprises.

After My first visit, I was blown away by the place and the service. The guest relation officer gave me her card, she meant that when I come back, I can make a reservation with her by only WhatsApp especially when you gas finder near me want to get the bed or a table on the weekend. So, I did. I contacted Brigitta from guest relations to make a reservation as I will have another 6 friends of us coming to celebrate a farewell celebration in Omnia. She said now we don’t need to make a reservation, first come first serve. Then I said, ok let’s go there early electricity generation by country and get the bed. On the website or google, they claimed that they are open at 11.00 – 20.00. We arrived exactly by 11.00 and we found there were some cars already waiting at the gate and apparently they still CLOSED. We were waiting for another 15 minutes until the GATE is opened ( i don’t know why they need to LIE about the timing or they are NOT ON TIME ). our car went inside the gate after security checked, and in less than 50 meters they asked us to walk until the reception! before we can stop directly at the reception. So, I can see beautiful ladies and gentlemen needs to walk with their best dress and some with wedges for the girls ( as people think this was a fancy place, and will not be cruel to let a ladies walk in a HOT weather of Bali. I checked out from the hotel, went to Omnia with my luggage and planned to go to the airport directly. the security needs to check my luggage. First they don’t have a luggage electricity distribution losses scanner, Second, they see me as a woman and they don’t care to help me to carry the luggage into the table. Second, it was Hot and dusty all over, the security opened my bag, checked what is inside my bag with no hand gloves or no stick for hygienic reason !!!. Very disgusting. I am Agree for the security to check my bag but please USE HAND GLOVES OR STICK AND DONT TOUCH MY CLOTHES AND UNDERWEAR. we walked to reception and they informed us that we need to pay for luggage storage. Cost us IDR.100.000 / luggage. I can’t believe LUXURY place asked for fees to storage gas mask bong nfl the luggage (never heard this before in 10 years of my hospitality background around the world) plus, i have paid so you need to take care of my lugagge, but guess, No one locked the door of the lugagge, even someone told me just to go inside to lugagge room to take some belongings MY SELF, that i forgot to take with me. whaha what a SAFE SECURITY and asked me even to pay!!. we arrived at the reception there was a lady called Zumi who wasn’t smiling and cant feel a positive hospitality from her. she asked all the guest Do You HAve a RESERVATION? I am shocked with the question !! YOU SAID NO RESERVATION AND NOW YOU ASKED US IF WE HAVE A RESERVATION OR NOT ??? ridiculous. And seems they are not surprised when I answered so. not long before that another guest got the same question and answered the same as I DID. Let’s continue, We finally at the cashier and we got the Bed. My husband and I were the 4th people to enter the place, we asked for the first ROW of the bed. and they told us oh sorry is already reserved!!!!!! can you believe that ??? why we were so eager to want to get the first row because one of our friends is 7 months pregnant, we want her convenient to go to pool and stay in bed as much as she gas laws worksheet chapter 5 answers wants without walking that far. My husband Met the Manager called Lamar wanted to get What with their SOP gas vs electric stove safety about the reservation. here is another lie or stupid reason that even the MANAGER cannot answer. he went to Lamar asked why we cannot get the first row as we suggested first come first serve without any reservation in advance. he said oh sorry that is for MEMBER ONLY, and there will be some fees to become a member. And my husband asked ok, how to get a member and how much is that? we will pay otherwise and he answered with full hesitation hmm,,, hmmm,, hmmm then he didn’t really give an answer and now he gave him another answer oh that only for MEDIA, which already booked well played .. and we were in Omnia for 6 PM. around 4.30PM there was NO MEDIA as he LIED and even our friends who were coming at 4.30 got the BED. Boommmmm.. now we know you LIE.. i graduated master of tourism and my background of 10 years working in Luxury hospitality around the world, NEVER EVER I’ve seen a staff who either DONT KNOW THEIR KNOWLEDGE or they KNOW HOW TO PLAY with the answer and the guest. in the end, we want to go home, we cannot take any other public transportation, we MUST take a taxi from Omnia which cost us 3 times higher price than usual. NOT WORTH IT to come static electricity review worksheet here anymore. and My husband canceled to plan for bringing his investor and business partner to come here.. anyway good luck.

The venue, facilities and the views are all awesome here. We had an amazing day. For those complaining about the entry price I suggest you stick to your very ordinary venue elsewhere and let us all enjoy it here more for your absence. Yes the food could do with a bit of an upgrade electricity in indian states but it’s pretty good and really do you want to pay more? I’m sure a more extensive and better quality menu could be provided but the guest will be paying for it. As it is the venue is still affordable for those that want something a little special for the day without breaking the budget. My partner is local and he felt just as welcome as any tourist there. Many tourist spots look at local partners like they are an insect; something I’ve experienced too often here in Bali. Not here. The service was impeccable. Drinks are served in plastic which although not ideal at this classy place, it’s sensible and in no way detracts from the standard of the drink. The pools, the bars and seating areas are all fabulous. I can’t wait to return again. I’ll book in advance next time and enjoy the extra benefits. The taxi situation is a bit of a shame. I absolutely refuse to use local taxis because of this behaviour. If they were gas city indiana weather just a little more expensive I would support locals and use them but I will not be forced to use a service up to 5 times the normal price. The extortion is unacceptable. I’ve been coming to Bali once a month for more than 2 years. I’ve never used a local taxi once. Omnia you should be standing up to to this and saying no. It places a veil of shame over you in what is otherwise an outstanding venue and service.