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A sprinkling of couture labels by lesser-known fashion designers, as opposed to well-known and revered designers, were seen on vintage clothing at an auction of couture and vintage fashion, historic textiles, and fashion accessories held by Augusta Auctions at Landmark on the Park, 160 Central Park West at 76th Street, on Wednesday, April 20. Electricity billy elliot karaoke The auction was this year’s spring sale (the fall New York edition will be held in November). Gas hydrates wiki All hands were on deck as auctioneer Leila Dunbar kicked off the bidding with a Christian Lacroix party dress from the late 1980s. Gas meter car Dunbar fielded bids nonstop for over six hours, except for a ten-minute break around 2:30 p.m. K electric company duplicate bill It was growing dark outside by the time business wrapped up. Gas jeans usa It had been a long day for employees and for auction-goers who stuck around for most or all of the sale.

“Franklin’s Key to Electricity” is the title of the print on this silk dress from 1929 in dark colors. Harry mileaf electricity 1 7 pdf It is from the early 20th-century series by H.R. E sampark electricity bill payment Mallinson called “American Scenes.” The dress includes images of industry, cranes, trains, and Ben Franklin raising a key to the skies. Electricity grid uk In very good condition, it went to the room above estimate for $4200.

Famous designers such as Balmain, Chanel, Christian Dior, Paco Rabanne, Claire McCardell (who made a big splash with a well-known Parisian fashion designer bidding anonymously by phone from abroad), Jacques Fath, Hubert de Givenchy, André Courrèges, and Adrian were among those whose labels were seen on vintage clothes in the sale. Gas stoichiometry calculator There was a small selection of European and Middle Eastern tribal or folk garments such as robes, caftans, dresses, blouses, shawls, and tunics. Electricity invented in homes One was an embroidered silk caftan from Syria that sold way above estimate for $2767.50 (includes buyer’s premium).

This embroidered red and yellow striped woven silk caftan from Syria has sleeves and sides with colorful embroidered red panels. Electricity production in the us The dress in very good condition brought $2767.50 (est. Electricity news philippines $400/600) from the Internet. Hp gas online registration The lot also included a central Asian ikat robe (not pictured) with red on a white Russian-printed cotton lining, in poor condition because of damaged shoulders.

The lesser-known designers, whose labels might not be recognizable to a majority of vintage fashion devotees, were “Robert / Paris,” “Gustav Beer” (a German designer in Paris), “Heim Jeunes Filles” (designer Jacques Heim’s youth line), and “James Lindsay & Co. Gas and water llc / Water Arcade / Belfast,” which reads more like a clothing emporium than a designer label. Electricity quiz for grade 5 Other emporium-type labels included a circa 1916 “Hope & Co.,” a circa 1912 “Farquharson & Wheelock,” a circa 1914 “Blanch N.Y.,” and from the 1920s, an “L.P. Hp electricity bill payment online Hollander & Co.,” which, according to notes in the catalog, was a high-end early 20th-century clothing store with branches in New York City; Newport, Rhode Island; and Paris. Electricity generation in usa So that’s one label mystery solved.

Gustav Beer, a German designer known for the opulence of his clothes, opened his couture house in 1905 on the Rue Vendôme in Paris. Electricity word search j farkas answers There he designed dresses including this three-piece couture celery silk gown. Gas efficient cars 2012 It has a day bodice (not shown) of white chiffon over green silk taffeta, trimmed with metallic gold ribbons and silk fabric cornstalks and lace. Youtube gas station karaoke The evening bodice (shown) is also trimmed with pearls and jewels. Gasco abu dhabi careers It has a petersham label stamped in gold “Beer / Paris, Nice, Monte Carlo, London” with a script couture number 34988. Electricity voltage in canada The day bodice is in fair condition; the evening bodice is in very good condition. Gas 78 facebook Bidding heated up between the phone and two Internet bidders; the phone signed off first, and the gown sold to an Internet bidder for $9225 (est. Gas house $400/600).

Augusta continued the tradition of serving a buffet lunch during the preview (April 19) and on auction day. Power per kwh The buffet remained open until the auction ended in the evening. V gashi halil bytyqi Coridon Bratton oversaw the catering duties, as he has at past auctions, and some delicious food and drinks could be enjoyed.

The hobble skirt was a popular fashion look for women in the years just before World War I when petticoats under skirts were more the norm than the exception. Gas stoichiometry lab Hobble skirts made the petticoat nearly obsolete, but for only a short period of time, especially among women who favored the petticoat. Gas key staking This 1910-14 raspberry silk velvet hobble skirt gown from Paris has an upper bodice of gold lace over chiffon trimmed with rhinestone bands, a silk blossom corsage, and a trained skirt that narrows down to the ankles. Gas definition physics Labeled “Robert / Paris” and in very good condition, the gown sold to the room for $6000, well over the estimate. Gas monkey monster truck hellcat The designer’s name on the label is a mystery to us despite research.

Adrian Greenberg (1903-1959), widely known and credited as “Adrian,” was the designer of many film costumes. Electricity hero names He hired Native American artist Tom Two Arrows to design the paper-doll prints for this 1948 dress. Chapter 7 electricity The dress pictured here is one of two prints Adrian commissioned from the artist. E85 gasoline In white silk with red, green, and black paper-doll garland print, the dress has a full skirt with center front inverted pleats. Electricity symbols In very good condition, it sold on the phone to a famous Parisian fashion designer for $6000 (est. Gas oil ratio chainsaw $600/800).

What a fashionable woman would have worn in the 1820s was this cobalt-blue silk evening gown of figured silk. Grade 6 electricity worksheets It has an empire bodice with a laced V-front satin panel, short cap sleeves, and Lille lace trim. Power company near me In very good condition, the gown sold for $5700 (est. 7 cases movie $600/800) to a famous Parisian fashion designer who won several other lots.

This mottled black and brown ribbed silk satin chine printed party dress, a 1950s-60s example by Christian Dior that was printed with yellow roses, has a jewel neck and fitted bodice with a back capelet meant to tie in a large center back bow. Electricity and magnetism review game Labeled “Christian Dior – New York,” the dress in very good condition knocked out a conservative $300/400 estimate to bring $5100 from a phone bidder.

It’s amazing how much a bidder can desire a couture item with only a fair condition rating and be willing to pay handsomely for the item, in this instance a couture H-line ball gown by Christian Dior from 1954. Electricity lyrics The dress has numerous defects that would have turned off most bidders. Gastroenteritis Of blush pink duchess satin with a halter neck, a center front shaped panel resembling a sinuous H, edged with nine pairs of self-fabric buttons, and a label stamped 15673, it sold above estimate to the phone for $3300.

Much interest greeted this 1815-20 boy’s linen nankeen tail coat from the Kochan and Troiani collections. 4 main gases in the atmosphere It is double-breasted with gathered sleeves and a cutout notched collar. Gas x strips side effects Despite its fair condition rating, the tail coat attracted two phone bidders who battled one another to own the coat. Gas news australia One of them took it for $3600 (est. Gas and water mix $300/500).

Labeled “Automne-Hiver 1958 / Christian Dior / Paris,” this 1958 three-piece Christian Dior red couture gown has a black velveteen shell with black Florentine print on a ribbed red silk cropped tie-front jacket and bell skirt. Electricity storage association In very good condition, the gown sold for $4200 to the same phone bidder who won a man’s wool and velvet tail coat from 1840.

An absentee bidder wanted this evening coat from the 1920s seriously enough to leave a $3000 bid, double the high estimate. Gas smoker ribs However, the anonymous Parisian fashion designer also wanted the coat, and he was willing to surpass everyone to win the coat of black silk with its ground printed in multicolored fruit brocaded over gold lamé, for $8400.