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We went up the… My wife and I were looking for a desert trip going from Marrakech to Fes. We contacted Sahara electricity word search ks2 Tours 4×4 we received a quote for 4 days / 3 nights custom trip just for the two of us. After some consideration, we booked the trip mainly based on the high rating and we were not disappointed. We were picked up at our ryad pretty much on time and started on our journey. The car was Toyota Land Cruiser, quite comfortable for just the two of us. Our guide, Youssef, was a nice young man and really put an effort to make our trip enjoyable. He would take us to all the points of interests along the route and try to schedule to avoid meeting large groups of tourist from other tours. He would give a bit of history, or significance of the place. His driving skills were good, He was driving confidently but safely, especially through the mountains. His English was pretty good English, we had no problems communicating with him. He would also gas 91 organize the schedule to avoid meeting large groups of tourist from other tours at the points of interests. Once we got to Merzouga, we left our suitcases in a hotel, mounted camels and went to spend the night in the desert. This excursion was run by local guides The tents were not quite ‘traditional’, they had metal beds, lots of blankets, etc. We went up the dunes to enjoy the sunset, then had dinner. After dinner the guides were singing to the accompaniment of drums. Early in the morning, wake up call, climb up the dunes to see the sunrise. After breakfast, back to the hotel, pick up our suitcases, have shower and a day around Merzouga. The last day was a drive through Palm Valley, High Atlas electricity orlando, Medium Atlas, all the way to Fes. Overall the experience provided by Sahara Tours 4×4 was very good. We could get to know the country, people along the way. This is desert, not much grows there and only in limited places where there is water. The country is barren, mostly flat. Houses made of clay and grass. That’s how these people lived for centuries. There were only glitches la gas leak in hotels we stayed. In one place, the power would go on and off during the night, in Merzouga, we had to switch hotels because there was no hot water in the original one. More Show less

An amazing experience from start to finish! Our lovely driver Mohammad Aghdaoui took excellent care of us the whole way. From Marrakesh to the Atlas Mountains we drove the many winding bends, stopping at many a picturesque site and enjoying the vast landscape of Morocco. Mohammad used his local knowledge to take us to fabulous and interesting lunch places where we tried many local delicacies. During the trip we also visited 2 small shops where we could try on Moroccan traditional dress and see Argan oil being made. There was no pressure to buy anything and we were made to feel very welcome with tea bp gas card login and tasting of the products. The whole trip was fabulous, but the piece de resistance was the Sahara! Everything from the camel ride into the desert, the amazingly decorated and luxurious camp, campfire and drums under the desert stars, to the views from the top of the dunes watching the sunset and sunrise was spectacular! You have to experience this for yourself! Special thanks to Mohammad Aghdaoui for making this a trip to always bp gas prices remember

Our driver Youssef picked us at the riad in Marrakech medina and shared a lot of interesting things and stories about the trip, every place we visited, also himself. We had a great stay at Riad Ecobio, great dinner and breakfast, beautifully decorated garden. Youssef urged us to check hot water, but it turned out still no hot water for electricity 1800s shower. The cold shower was definitely memorable. After almost two days long drive, we finally arrived at Merzouga where we dropped our most of luggage and headed into sahara camp site by camel ride. The camel ride was only 45 minutes, shorter than I expected. As you can imagine, we didn’t go too deep in the desert. On the top of sand dune, we can still see city lights and occasionally get cell phone signals. The camp site was simple, not fancy at all, but the tajine was great. There was a dining tent, very spacious. The night in Sahara was fantastic, we had plenty of blankets to get warm, enjoying the starry night. The morning was sort of in a rush, we basically got up, picked up our backpacks and rode camel out of desert. The stay was short and precious. I wish we would have more time spent in sahara. During the trip, Youssef was driving long hours, but never tired of singing,making jokes and checking on us. He is a great accompany and has gas arkansas made our trip more fun than ever. We deeply appreciated what he has done for us.