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Following her graduation from Duke save electricity images University, Melinda began working as an employee at Microsoft, where she quickly met her future husband. She has gone on to make a profound impact on the company, leading project teams in the development of programs such as Expedia, and has played a crucial role in creating and running her familys philanthropic foundation.

The world-famous media executive, television personality and philanthropist built her presence from an underprivileged upbringing to being revered as the “Queen of all Media.” She was the first African-American billionaire in North America, and popularized a television format that gave rise to the open discussion of controversial and sensitive societal issues.

As the first ever female Speaker of the House of Representative and the highest-ranking elected woman in United States political history, Nancy Pelosi is an embodiment of female influence on a national scale. Regardless of her controversial policies, the 78-year-old public servant has dedicated her life to encouraging reform, representing her constituents and paving the way for future generations of female leaders.

After working at Goldman Sachs Asia for gas bijoux discount code 12 years and rising to the position of managing director, she left to become the COO of rideshare startup Didi Chuxing, Chinas largest mobile gas monkey transportation platform. She oversaw the merger between DiDi and the companys largest domestic competitor and has earned recognition as one of the most powerful women in the world in her current capacity.

A former employee of the Bank of England, May entered the public sphere when she earned election to Parliament in 1997. She was appointed Home Secretary and Minister for Woman and Equalities when a coalition government was formed in 2010, and was later elected to be Britains second female prime minister after Margaret Thatcher, the position that she currently holds.

Serving on the throne for 66 years, the Queen is now the longest reigning monarch in British history. The 92-year-old has overseen progressive reform in her tenure, pushing for preservation of wildlife, condoning breaches of protocol by the younger royals and even issuing her first tweet in 2014. She electricity receiver definition still greets world leaders and plays an active role in British politics from her position in Buckingham Palace.

After a 17-year stint with LOreal in which she held several different general management positions, Walmsley joined GlaxoSmithKline in May 2010 as president of Consumer Healthcare Europe. She rose to head the companys global consumer healthcare division before becoming CEO in 2015. She has been credited with focusing sales in emerging markets and developing as well as promoting new drugs.

The chairman of Universal Pictures has taken a revolutionary approach to media production in the modern age, revamping her Focus Features division to concentrate on original storylines by commanding directors. Langley has demonstrated a phenomenal ability to operate on a budget, overseeing smash hits such as “Get Out” with less than $10 million in operating room electricity grid code.

It is hard to understate the impact that Angela Merkel has had on modern politics. She has served as the chancellor of Germany for over a decade gas 93 octane, which has led her to be referred to as the de-facto leader of the European Union and by some as the leader of the free world. The 64-year-old has spent her entire career in the public sector and has topped many lists as the most powerful woman on the planet.

After taking over as CEO of the U.S. subsidiary of German conglomerate Siemens AG in 2017, she began overseeing the largest single order in company history; a project with the goal of increasing Egypts power generation by 50 percent. She also completed a merger with a Spanish competitor, creating one of the worlds largest wind-turbine manufacturers.