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Tara-jenelle tells us what Soul Courage is. “Soul Courage may be the journey that the soul took to physicality to experience joys pain challenges elation anxiety tears and laughter that are part of human life and the greatest opportunities to feel what it already knows. Many people live in fear ..fear of actually feeling, and that is what the soul needs to do. Soul Courage is about bringing who you really are to your life..your instinctual wisdom, endless curiosity, your feelings and the expression of them, your wonder and vulnerability, your joy and pain, your fear and excitement—all that you carry inside from before you were made physical, and all that you have picked up on this human journey. Soul Courage is also about being all that you encompass—body mind and Soul: Speaking your truth, singing your song, and revealing your true nature to yourself, to others, and to life. Soul Courage is also about daring to be and own all of yourself without shame and judgment, apology or excuses, hiding or hindering. It’s about meeting your feelings with gentle grace, expressing them with absolute freedom and connecting with total presence.”

Sheryl tells Tara-jenelle that she always has many coincidences which are God’s way of anonymously helping us make connections and figure out more about our soul life, where we come from and to remember our soul connections to each other and the Universal Source. Your name is most unusual—Sheryl’s older sister was Rodelle, her younger sister is Suelle just like your name Tara-jenelle. Names I have discovered much like other clues around us have great spiritual content offering us information about our life plan and spiritual needs. You have a sister Samantha and my first granddaughter is Samantha. Also, when I was beginning to delve deeply into my healing and mediumship work I read your father’s books Conversations with God and saw a film about him and his awakening process which helped me go forward into a new way of life- raising my consciousness and leaving behind a lot of debris and misguided thinking. Life became clearer. You also mention the song in your book “What’s It all about Alfie” from a movie many years ago and like you that song floated through my mind and heart for a long before my actual transformation process began. It always lead Sheryl to search for greater awareness of our purpose in life, our soul essence and the most important reason for living- to love and be loved in return.

Soulrender is when we express our feelings to ourselves and others. If we don’t release our feelings through expression, the energy of these feelings will remain trapped in the body. As we have seen all feeling is energy. This energy can be sent outside of us, to expand and release, or it can swirl around inside of us repetitively. The choice is ours. If trapped in the body these blockages can lead to depression. The energy of ongoing anticipation and excitement can lead to distraction. Both conditions can make living an ordered, grounded, and fruitful life very difficult. Soulrendering therefore is a deep level of courageous surrendering and accepting life’s invitation to consciously turn inward and watch our own movie. Then we can let go of the tight grip we have around our emotions and surrender to both feeling and expressing them. The more you Soulrender to the expressions of your feelings the more you’ll witness life responding to living from a place of emotional openness and geniality versus a place of resistance hiding and fear. The act of committing to drop your protective walls will heighten your awareness of Resistance Techniques that stop you from being open and honest with your soul needs.

Tara-jenelle tells us more about her Sacred Formula and how she tested it. “When I first realized how I had been numbing my emotions using Resistance Techniques or my Defaults as a means of emotional survival I found what made me feel really alive was the physical act of expression itself around any emotion. It was the release of emotion, not the type of emotion, which brought me back to life and I also noticed the people I was sharing my feelings with also came alive. I realized most people were living inside themselves: too afraid of loss rebuttal, or reprisal, to share their true authentic selves. It didn’t matter if their feelings were different, sharing them brought us into oneness. I decided to try out the formula on my mother. I connected at the kitchen table by being intentionally present. I looked into her eyes ,asked how she was doing, saw an energetic shift. she shared her thoughts.I just listened. I allowed myself to be vulnerable and really feel. I was really there instead of being in my mind devising way to fix her.”