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For the most electricity for dummies pdf part, the 198-mile (319 km) drive is fairly benign, passing through the pine forests, farmlands, and blackwater streams and swamps of the Coastal Plain. As the route travels north, it moves inland from coastal cities such as Hardeeville, and inland to cities such as Darlington. However, a few landmarks do exist to break up the monotony. Crossing from the south from Georgia just over the Savannah River bridge, motorists are greeted to an elaborate gateway into the state of South Carolina. The Juanita M. White Crosswalk also exists between exits 18 and 21. [2] A flyover on twin high-spans over Lake Marion provides an unexpected scenic break in the center of the electricity jewels highway’s length. The old US 15-301 bridge runs along the west side of I-95 and is used for recreational purposes. Moving further north and out of the Palmetto State, the NC state line is prominently marked by the South Of The Border amusement complex at the US 301/501 exit. Local traffic parallel to the interstate uses US 301 from South e electricity bill Of The Border to Santee, US 15 from Santee to Walterboro, and a combination of US 17 and US 17 Alt from Walterboro to the Georgia state line north of Savannah. In addition, Interstate 95 shares a number of concurrencies, or multiplexes, with three of these U.S. Routes at various stretches in South Carolina.

The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) operates and maintains three welcome centers and five rest areas along I-95. Welcome centers, which have a travel information facility on site, are located at mile markers 4 (northbound), 99 (southbound) and 195 (southbound); rest areas are located at mile markers 47 (north and southbound), 99 (northbound) and 139 (north and southbound). Common at all locations are public restrooms, public telephones, vending machines, picnic area and barbecue grills. [3]

The South Carolina Department of Public Safety (SCDPS) and State Transport Police electricity formulas physics (STP) operate and maintain one truck inspection/weigh station, located northbound at mile marker 74. The location utilizes weigh-in-motion that does not require commercial motor vehicles to leave the freeway to be weighed. An inspection shed and pit are also on site, where full-service inspections are performed for flagged and randomly picked trucks. [4]

• Mark H. Coates Highway – Is a dedicated 1-mile (1.6 km) portion of Interstate 95 located in Jasper County near Hardeeville and extends gas station jokes one-half mile on both sides of mile marker 7. In May 1997, the South Carolina General Assembly passed a resolution to designate this section of Interstate 95 in honor of Lance Corporal Mark Hunter Coates, who served as a trooper gas yourself with the South Carolina Highway Patrol from 1987 until his death in 1992. [9] Coates, who was a native of Lexington County, South Carolina was fatally shot on mile marker 7 on November 20, 1992 during the course of a traffic stop. [10] [11]

Interstate 95 first appeared on state maps between 1962-1964, with construction from US 17 north of Hardeeville to Ridgeland. By 1967, more sections were under construction, including Pocotaligo to Walterboro and Santee to the North Carolina state line. The first section to officially open happened in 1968, from SC 527, near Gable, to SC 9/ SC 57, in Dillon.

In 1971-1972, more sections of Interstate 95 was completed: Going north from SC 9/ SC 57, in Dillon, to the North Carolina state line. Going south from SC 527, near Gable, along the recently completed 1968-built Lake Marion bridge, to US 301 Connector, in Santee (exit 97). [12] Also part of US 17 between save electricity pictures Ridgeland (exit 22) to near Yemassee (exit 33) was combined with Interstate 95, with temporary status through Coosawhatchie; Interstate 95 then continued electricity lessons for 5th grade on new freeway north to SC 63, in Walterboro.

By 1975, Interstate 95 was open continuously from US 17, in Hardeeville, to SC 63, in Walterboro; temporary exits were removed around Coosawhatchie. In 1976, the two sections of Interstate 95 were connected, from SC 63, in Walterboro, to US 301 Connector, in Santee (exit 97). In same year, exit numbers were added along Interstate 95. The last section of Interstate 95 was completed in 1978, connecting US 17, in Hardeeville, south to the Georgia state line.