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It’s not easy to get hold of the globe-trotting Ms. Cardini, but Torture the Artist was lucky enough to catch the DJ/Producer/label(s)-owner as she recharges batteries in the Canary Islands. gsa 2016 calendar Though based in Berlin, the jetsetter has been on the road, reaching cities far and wide, and deep into the crevasses of the underground electronic music scene, for quite some time now, making strong impressions on and making an even stronger impression in every culture or style she ever steps foot into. Born in one of the smallest countries in the world (you probably would have never guessed), Jennifer has made quite a name for herself by means of translating her distinctive style and tasteful music selection through meaningful sets and two well-regarded labels, Correspondant and Dischi Autunno. What music enthusiasts want to hear and feel is a genuine, no frills conversation with one of the most inspiring and fearless figures in the industry. And that’s exactly what Jennifer Cardini had for us.

Jennifer Cardini: It’s 6.39am here in Tenerife, and I’m finally on a break from touring. gas house edwards co I’m having coffee whilst answering these questions and once I’m done, I’ll go back to concentrating on my holiday. For the next few days, it’s all about sleeping, hiking, swimming, eating fresh fish and making sure my batteries are fully recharged when I get back home. Picture by Christian Werner

Jennifer Cardini: I was born and grew up in Monaco – I bet no one has ever given this answer to this question before! After a short stay in Nice I left for Paris where I became resident of Rex and Pulp. Paris was my home for fifteen years, and it still feels like a home of some sort as my closest friends still live there. Ten years ago, I moved to Germany, first to Cologne and then to Berlin.

Jennifer Cardini: In 1991 an older friend of mine took me to a party called ‘Limelight’ in Cannes – inspired by the famous night in New York City. It’s hard to sum up in one answer the impact this night had on me; I was seventeen and for the first time in my full youth I didn’t feel out of place. The crowd was very diverse and queer, and there was a strong feeling of togetherness that I had missed as a gay kid growing up in the very bourgeois surrounding of my hometown Monaco.

Jennifer Cardini: DJing is taking up most of my time, but it’s also what makes me the happiest. electricity voltage in norway Of course, I can never have enough time to discover new music, for example, or to work on my own stuff – but for the moment I’m happy with the balance as it is. Running both labels is only possible because of Noura; she’s in charge of pretty much everything except for the A&R. I basically just choose the music; she is the boss!

Jennifer Cardini: My profession is clearly music; I’ve been involved in different projects where I was responsible for the soundtrack, I’ve worked many years with fashion designer Roy Krejberg – both for his own brand and when he took over Kenzo – and I also participated in Xavier Veilhan’s beautiful project for the Venice Biennale. I like it when my ‘job’ takes me out of clubs!

There is the public and the subjective way of looking at my life. e gaskell From my point of view I have always just played music. m gasbuddy app Maybe lately the music that I play has become a bit more popular and more people are coming to listen. Of course I do like recognition, but let’s not exaggerate, there is only one version of me. I prefer encounters to milestone, some people did impact my life in a positive way, I’m thinking of DJ Sextoy and the Pulp connection or later Martin and Michael Mayer from Kompakt and of course Shonky.

I’m sure I will forget a lot of great artists but the first ones that come to my mind are: Michael Jackson, Prince, David Bowie, Soft Cell, Kate Bush, Coil, David Byrne, Gudrun Gut, The Cure, The Residents, Throbbing Gristle, Kraftwerk, Anne Clark, Arthur Russell, Wolfgang Voigt, Laurie Anderson, Heinrich Mueller, Depeche Mode, Joy Division, Mark Bell & LFO, DAF, Chris & Cosey, James Stinson, Roman Flügel, Patrick Cowley, Aphex Twin, Chic!

Jennifer Cardini: I always wanted to run a label. I had an attempt early-2000, but I was just too busy to go through with it. My career took off internationally and I was heavily raving at the time – I just wasn’t focused enough. In 2011 I moved to Cologne, made a couple of life changes and decided to try again. I named the label after my long time residency at legendary Parisian venue Rex Club. electricity cost by state Happy I did!

Jennifer Cardini: I’m impressed by all of them. Personally, I’m terrified to show my own work, so for me when an artist sends a demo it’s always an act of courage to me. Creating something personal and putting it out there – this will always impress me a lot. Some of the artists that I signed in the beginning of their career, like Red Axes, I knew from the first listen that they would become big.

Jennifer Cardini: Dischi is more challenging to run because it’s new – it needs a bit more attention. b games zombie We will release more music on Dischi in 2019 but this should not affect Correspondant’s release schedule in any way. Both labels will receive equal love and attention and I’m super excited for 2019 – we have so much good music ahead! Picture by Christian Werner

Jennifer Cardini: Panorama Bar and Robert Johnson are my favorites – in my opinion both clubs made me a better DJ. There are no limits to what you can play there once you have the crowd with you. Anything is possible! Those venues challenged me to step out of my peak time selection. I’ve been playing Panorama Bar more regularly since I moved to Berlin and it’s getting better and better every time.

Jennifer Cardini: Like most artists, my career has had ups and downs. The lows are of course hard on your self-confidence and it can be frightening when you have no plan B which most artists don’t really have. 2015 electricity increase The only thing you can do when things don’t go well is to keep on working, stick to yourself but also stay open minded and don’t be scared to take risks. You should never think ‘it was better before’ but adjust to how it is now. Things always change.