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Automotive and powersports journalists from across the country, along with high-ranking federal and state officials, gathered today for the public unveiling of Mahindra’s ROXOR—a new, off-road vehicle that signifies Mahindra’s commitment to introducing their tough, no-nonsense automotive heritage to consumers in the North American market. ROXOR’s design demonstrates that Mahindra intends to stay true to their roots of industrial-grade construction and durability.

"The ROXOR creates a new sub-segment in the Side x Side industry, and the response we’re getting from our newly appointed dealer body has been really outstanding. We have a National Dealer Meeting scheduled on March 18-20th, in San Antonio, Texas, where we’ll sit down and discuss the roll-out and future product offerings. We’re approaching our goal of 300 ‘1st wave’ dealers, and expect that we’ll reach this target between now and the end of the show," said Rick Haas, Mahindra North America Automotive’s President and CEO.

ROXOR was conceived, designed, engineered and is being produced in Metro Detroit by Mahindra Automotive North America (MANA). 2 chainz smoking on that gas MANA is part of the $19B Mahindra Group and recently opened a new NA Automotive headquarters and manufacturing center in Auburn Hills, MI. MANA’s new operation is the central component of the 400,000 sq. ft. (spanning 3 facilities) footprint Mahindra now has in Metro Detroit, and is the first OEM manufacturing/assembly facility to open operations in Southeast Michigan in over 25 years.

Some say this ROXOR SE is only a rumor. In fact, only 300 were ever made—one for each of our first 300 ROXOR dealers. gas exchange in the lungs One thing’s for sure: One ride and you’re sold! The ROXOR SE comes painted exclusively in Mammoth gray. It starts with standard LE content and is distinguished by a reflective dash panel featuring large, eye-catching graphics and a hood that boasts a unique SE graphic. Each ROXOR SE comes finished with a numbered, commemorative plaque just to let everyone know who, exactly, is haunting the trails.

Proven overseas and here to make its presence in the North American as a side-x-side, the Roxor has a lot to offer and can only be appreciated after you into the details. static electricity human body causes Some of the big takeaways from this list have to be the; direction injection 4-cylinder turbo-diesel engine, 4WD, the heavy gauge steel body, fully-boxed steel frame, DANA 2-speed transfer case, automotive style 5-speed manual transmission, rigid front and rear leaf spring suspension, 144 ft.lbs @ 1400-2200 rpm, automotive sized 12 gallon fuel tank, and the range of accessories, options and packages that push the Roxor’s potential (and price).

Mahindra’s more than 70-year automotive history has been forged by making authentic, rugged, purpose-driven vehicles. Unlike its plastic-bodied, tubular-framed, belt-driven Side x Side competitors, ROXOR features a steel body on a boxed steel frame, comes with a turbo-diesel 4 cylinder engine, 5-speed automotive manual transmission and wheels, tires, and brakes far larger than conventional Side x Sides.

Unlike typical, one-size-fits-all aftermarket enclosures that flap and sag, this bikini top is specifically tailored to ROXOR’s rollover protection system (ROPS). Our ultra-durable top features premium fabric, lightweight aluminum reinforcement and adjustable tension straps to prevent wind buffeting and ensure a tight, consistent fit that stays secure in even the toughest conditions. Custom-designed to accommodate all ROXOR accessories, this top will keep you cool enough to ride all day.

Our Grab Handles are a must for all serious riders. Another tough accessory that helps to complete the ROXOR package, these resilient, removable handles are designed to simplify ingress and egress and offer added security when traversing rugged terrain. 1 unit electricity price india Crafted with heavy-duty nylon and industrial Velcro, these handles feature a triple steel-ring fastening system to ensure consistent positioning.

This no-nonsense combo ensures your ROXOR is able to go face to face with any obstacle on the trail. Our 11-guage, 1008/1010 cold rolled steel bumper features a simple 8-bolt attachment to make to make integration a cinch. The accompanying Warn winch makes this package a must-have for every owner who plans to push their ROXOR to the limit. electricity 220v This exclusive winch from the recognized leader in the industry is engineered specifically for our heavy-duty bumper package and boasts an 8,000 pull capacity and 12V DC motor. This package adds yet another rugged dynamic to ROXOR’S workhorse DNA.

Up-level AGM battery sold seperately. Strongly recommend Exide AGM group 24 battery. This battery fits best in the vehicle and is available separately through an authorized ROXOR dealer. Only Exide brand battery has been confirmed to fit appropriately, use of non-Exide brand battery can pose a potential shorting risk to the battery terminals installed.

Chase away the dark with this 228W, 24-lamp LED lightbar from one of the most trusted component suppliers in the Side x Side industry. Specially adapted to fit ROXOR and integrate with both its wire harness and bikini top (above), this KC lightbar features a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and is optimally resistant to dust, shock and vibration. Superior in efficiency and optics this lightbar gives you the freedom to ride past sunset.