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The Board of the Company is primarily responsible for the strategic direction of the Group and comprises the executive chairman, the three non-executive directors and two executive directors. The Board is satisfied that each of the non-executive directors have no relationships or other matters which could affect their respective judgment in carrying out their duties and, accordingly, they are considered by the Board to be independent of management.

accesso Technology Group plc is committed to high standards of corporate governance, and whilst the Company is not required to report on compliance with the UK Corporate Governance Code (“the Code”), the Board of Directors acknowledges the importance of the principles of the Code and also the recommendations of the Quoted Companies Alliance in its publication “Corporate Governance Guidelines for Smaller Quoted Companies” and seeks to apply them as appropriate to the Company given its nature and size.

Detailed proposal papers, management reports, a risk register, progress on key initiatives and routine matters such as financial reports and a statement on current trading are produced in advance of meetings to enable proper consideration and debate of matters by the Board in its meetings. Major strategic initiatives involving significant cost or perceived risk are only undertaken following their full evaluation by the Board. Matters of an operational nature are delegated to the executive management. The Board’s meetings are properly minuted.

The Board has appointed a remuneration committee consisting of independent non-executive directors John Weston, David Gammon and Karen Slatford, who chairs the committee. The committee takes regard of the return to the shareholders in its deliberations. It reviews the performance of the executive directors, sets their remuneration, considers the grant of options under any share option scheme and ensures that the executive directors are properly rewarded and motivated. In addition, they provide guidance on pay and conditions for other employees in the Group. The remuneration committee meets on an “as required” basis.

The Company has appointed an audit committee consisting of Karen Slatford, John Weston and David Gammon, who chairs its meetings. It is responsible for ensuring that appropriate financial reporting procedures are properly maintained with adequate reporting. They review the reports on the accounts of the Group’s auditors and ensure the Group operates appropriate internal controls. It also reviews the performance of the Group’s auditors to ensure an independent, objective, professional and cost-effective relationship is maintained. As well as reviewing the Company’s published financial results, the committee reviews the Group’s corporate governance processes, accounting policies and procedures, reporting to the Board on any control issues identified. The audit committee meets at least twice per year to review the interim and annual financial statements and to consider any other associated matters. Show Less

David Gammon has widespread experience in developing and building technology based businesses. Since 2001, Gammon has focused on finding, advising and investing in UK technology companies. Gammon founded Rockspring, an advisory and investment firm, which focuses on early stage technology companies and where Gammon continues as CEO today. Other current positions include a non-executive directorship at Frontier Developments plc and Group Strategic Advisor to Marshall of Cambridge (Holdings) Limited.

Previous experience includes non-executive director and advisor at artificial general intelligence company DeepMind Technologies Limited, advisor to Hawkwood Capital LLP, non-executive director at real time location technology specialist Ubisense Trading Limited, non-executive director at internet TV specialist Amino Technologies plc, non-executive director at smart metering and software company BGlobal plc and acting CFO at internet specialist Envisional Solutions Limited. Earlier in his career Gammon worked as an investment banker for over 15 years.