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“ Drinking four to six glasses of alkaline water a day will help to neutralize over acidity and over time will help to restore your buffering ability. Alkaline water should be used when conditions of over acidity develop, such as cold, flu or bronchitis. Like vitamins C, E and Beta Carotene, alkaline water acts as an antioxidant because of its excess supply of free electrons. gas 02 This can help the body against the development of heart disease, strokes, immune dysfunctions, and other common ailments.”

** The fluoride that is added to the public water supplies is fluorosilicic acid (or less often sodium fluoride), an industrial waste product. It appears from tests that the ionizer may only remove up to 50% of the fluoride. Some labs, though, say that in tests it removed all the fluoride or converted into a harmless form. Either way, we need to campaign vigorously to stop this poison being added to our drinking water, and ignore the deliberate lies that its backers peddle for very sinister reasons. Remember, we can absorb things like fluoride and chlorine via the skin just from washing.

The JP107, JP104, JP108 and JP109 ionizers use Jupiter’s revolutionary 0.1 micron Biostone replacement filter. These are multi-phase, hollow fibre, active charcoal filters with a layer of coral calcium beads and a layer of tourmaline ceramic, a semi-precious mineral naturally emits Far Infrared waves (FIR) that lowers the surface tension of the water. Bio-stone filters purify around 4300 litres of water and are considered state-of-the-art in water filtration technology.

High Colloidal Minerals: The ionization converts the minerals in the water into an ionic or colloidal form, considered the best bio-active form. Every OH- ion will be bonded with an ionic mineral like calcium. Each glass of alkaline water has many billions of these life enhancing molecules. Remember, just dissolving calcium in water and drinking does not mean that your body will assimilate the calcium – your body can only assimilate minerals that are in ionic form.

Slightly alkaline blood pH ensures that micro-organisms remain in harmony with the body. gas nozzle icon When the pH becomes acidic there is a lack of oxygen which causes a proliferation of antagonistic, anaerobic microforms to appear. The acidic body becomes a breeding ground for germs, fungus and viruses. They consume the food we eat and leave us more acid waste excrements! Acidity coagulates blood and clogs up the capillaries.

Excess acidity weakens all our systems and forces the body to take minerals from vital organs and bones to buffer/neutralize the acid and safely remove it from the body. The body creates cholesterol (fatty deposits) to safely store deadly crystallized acid wastes away from vital organs of liver, heart and kidney. ‘ Obesity is an acid problem, the fat is saving our lives‘ explains Dr Robert Young What is Acid and Alkaline?

The pH of water is a measure of the quantity of H+ ions in it; if this quantity is high the pH is low and the water is acidic; if the OH- levels are high, the pH is high and the water is Alkaline. Ordinary or distilled water is neutral (pH 7), sugary soft drinks like Colas are acidic (pH 2.5) and Ionized Alkaline Water has a high pH (around 10).

We need to drink 2-3 liters of good quality water; this is an essential requirement for our body. We lose around 1.5 liters a day from sweat, urine and breath. Most of us don’t because it’s difficult to drink tap water – it just doesn’t taste good, is heavy on the stomach so we just don’t drink enough. As a result, most of us are dehydrated and don’t even know it.

Ionized water has been shown to be more effective then ordinary water in removing acid wastes from your body which cause Toxemia, the root cause of all degenerative diseases like cancer. gas prices going up june 2016 It is up to six times more hydrating then ordinary water because of the smaller size of the water clusters, allowing the water to penetrate deeply and hydrate all the cells in your body if you drink enough of it.

• Studies show that 75% of Americans are chronically dehydrated and virtually everyone in the U.S. has one or more toxic chemicals lodged in fatty tissue as a result of ingestion of tap water; 53 million Americans drink water containing potentially dangerous levels of chloro- and fluoro-chemicals, lead, fecal bacteria, as well as pesticides and other impurities associated with cancer and metabolic dysfunction.

Free radicals are very reactive substances that damage the cells of our bodies; they have been described as public enemy number 1 and the cause of aging. If you cut an apple and leave it, it turns brown. This is because of the action of free radicals and oxidation. What stops this oxidation from happening substances known as anti-oxidants like Vitamin C and E that donate an electron, in effect sacrificing themselves to protect you.

There are a number of products (often sold via multi-level or pyramid marketing) that make various such claims – which seem to be dubious, agreed. However, this does not mean that the research by people such as Dr Shik Jhon is flawed. There is some 50+ years of Japanese research (much that has not been translated into English, but some has) that has been conducted on ionized micro-clustered water – for references search for Japanese Functional Water.

Massaru Emoto’s photographs are the first evidence that water responds to or reflects our thoughts. electricity facts for 4th graders As we are mostly water, this means that if you have loving thoughts, these will change the cells in your body and the water clusters in your body will reflect this love. Conversely, thoughts of hate, fear, and so on will create the corresponding nasty looking, toxic ‘clusters’ in your body. This could be the primary cause of all ill health and disease.

Dr. Yang H. Oh, a biochemist with a Phd from Harvard Medical School, and Gil-Ho Kim have written a book based on the research of the late Dr. Mu Shik Jhon. The research explains that the clustering of water molecules is significant and that our body needs hexagonal structured water: Miracle Molecular Structure of Water: Human Body Loves Hexagonal Water

Again, the clusters and images of water crystals give us clues to these mysteries. Remember, ‘a picture paints a thousand words’. Could memory, knowledge, experience be ‘stored’ or ‘reflected’ by water. Like paintings or flowers, Dr Emoto’s water crystal images are saying things about the mysteries of life that words can not express, the rational mind can not comprehend.

In Japan and Korea ionized water or microwater has been successfully used to treat a range of degenerative diseases. Water Ionizers are classed as medical devices, and many, many professors, doctors and health practitioners have made testimonials about the benefits of including microwater in the prevention and treatment of various medical conditions.

Water is the universal solvent. This is a double edged sword – on the one hand it can dissolve and remove the toxins from our body, but it can also collect all kinds of toxins on its way to our tap as a result of industrial pollution. electricity 1 7 pdf Dangerous pollutants such as toxic metals like lead and mercury, pesticides, industrial solvents, arsenic, nitrate and estrogen mimics (endocrine disrupters) are entering our water supplies.

Hundreds of toxins have been detected in our drinking water. The water authorities can not remove all these as it would be far too expensive. There is not a water system in the world that has the time, manpower, money or capability to check for all the dangerous pollutants now being found in our water supplies. It would be an impossible task.

Most drinking water is chlorinated. It has been known for over 25 years now that chlorine has direct links to some very serious health problems. Chlorinated water contains cancer-causing compounds called trihalomethanes. ag gaston birmingham 120 Studies by the National Cancer Institute have shown that drinking chlorinated water can double your risk of developing bladder cancer and have linked it to increased rates of colon, rectal cancer and heart disease. Water treated with chlorine also destroys vitamin E stores in the body, leading to mitral valve problems and other heart problems.

As it’s kept in plastic bottles for long periods, some of the harmful, carcinogenic substances in plastic get into the water. Also, studies have shown that many mineral water bottles contain more contaminants then tap water. It’s best to get mineral water in glass bottles or purify the water at point of use which would be much cheaper when you use lots of it.

After years of very positive continuous clinical experiments that I am conducting with hundreds of clients using electronically restructured alkaline water, it is my opinion that this technology will change the way in which all health providers and the public will approach their health in the coming years. My suggestion is to drink restructured alkaline water whenever possible”

Sang wanted to know how the Ionized Water could reduce his blood pressure and have other beneficial effects on his body like weight loss and improved eyesight. Being an engineer, scientist and inventor with many US patents he decided to do his own research. He investigated the work done by scientists in Korea and Japan, most of which is not available in English.