Ipad feel electric current on charging without cover 76 gas station hours


the ipad2 having some sort of electric leaks when the unit been charging. When touching the metal side at the back of it, i can feel an electrics, it is a minor electric charge. The charging is using the original iPad wall charger. View 9 Replies IPad 2 Charging – Feel Vibration / Static Due To Power Surge Jun 23, 2012

I’ve noticed that when I’m charging my iPad, when I hold it or put my hand on it, I can feel an electrical current on the case; it feels like a tingling sensation. Apparently, this is only an issue with the UK chargers which don’t have an actual grounding plug.

I’m starting to think that this may be dangerous? In the same way that a metal kettle must be grounded in case there’s a short circuit, surely the iPad, with it’s aluminium body, should be? Apparently, if the transformer in the power brick fails then a full amperage could be conducted through the iPad, and, if I’m holding it, through me?

I purchased the iPad and later the Apple charger docking station and then I purchased the Apple black iPad cover. With the cover on I’m no longer able to fit the iPad into the Apple charging dock. Why would Apple engineers design the fit tollerance so tight that you can not use the apple cover. This is beyond reason. Same issue for my iPhone 4 purchased the iPhone 4, Charger Dock and Rubber Bumper all at the same time to later find that the iPhone 4 with Apple made bumper does not fit in the Charging dock. Why does the device fit tollerance have to be so close as to exclude combined Apple accessories.

So I have an Alesis electronic drum set. If I set my audio levels before going into garage and just want to throw down a rough drum recording, how could i do this in GarageBand?If I get the apogee or irig and connect a 1/4pm output from my alesis, van you just record a "line in" on garage band? View 11 Replies IPad 2 :: Does Not Charge Either Via USB Or Electric Plug Oct 23, 2011

I have the new iPad (3) and also garageband. Basically, all I want to do is plug electric/acoustic guitar into the iPad, run it through an amp and some effects on garageband and then take a line out of that straight into a PA. I’m guessing that the way to go is iRig but was wandering if there is a better way to go?

I’ve head reports that despite the actually difference being tiny some people are saying they can feel a difference in there hands. I just wanted to know if this is true? I’ve just sold my 64GB 3G model and I’m going to pick up a 16GB WiFi but wanted to know this first. View 10 Replies IPad – When Open A New App Feel Like There Is A Slight Lag Mar 16, 2012

I am havin this issue when I open something or pull up a drawling in sketchbook pro were it has a strange lag. Anyone have any ideas? When I open a new app I feel like there is a slight lag. View 1 Replies Incase Convertible Cover – Apple Cover – Wifi Performance Apr 7, 2010

I plugged my ipad into the electric socket as always overnight. the next morning the screen was black and won’t restart or do a hard reboot. I can’t get itunes to recognize my ipad on my home computer. What else can I try? I have an ipad with the latest operating system and 16

A thought for Apple: The font used to label the keys on the iPad is visually weaker than the font used on the iPhone to do the same thing. (Helvetica Regular versus Medium used on the iPhone) In your next upgrade,consider changing the keyboard labels to Helvetica Medium like the iPhone.Looks stronger and is easier to use in this finger-oriented format.Or give us a Settings choice.

I bought my Ipad 2 about 7 months ago and ever since i been dealing with charging issues and i think my ipad doesnt even recognize the actual apple charger dont even show any sign of charging/not charging and i have been using dhifferent charger and now it seems like it dont work anymore, so i am quite confused with this whole charging thing. I tried from wall socket and still didnt work

I work for a large contractor in the Midwest and have been developing a comprehensive web application for estimating, tracking, etc, etc. The app is coming along nicely, I am a certified Apple Developer but for the sake of provisioning much faster and rolling out changes effectively I have chosen to run the application from the web for now. I ran across a few snippets of HTML that could be added to a page(s) that removed the Safari scroll bars, address bar, etc, and allowed for the use of a custom icon. This gives the user the feel of a native app. I cannot seem to find this information again. View 2 Replies IM To Pop Up On Top Of Current App Apr 19, 2010

Though Apple tries to address this via iPhone 4.0 firmware, by enabling double-clicking of the Home button to switch between apps, without going to the Home screen. But isn’t it a bit annoying to keep switching between both apps? I mean why can’t the IM just pop up on top of my current app, just like the way it works on my desktop. Intensive use of the Home button reduces its lifespan. I would hope that Apple could allow at least 1 app to appear on top of the current app in the size of the iPhone screen size. What do u think? View 15 Replies