Iqiyi lowers rebuffering ratio by 13% with ai technology, research paper on the subject accepted by ieee icme 2019 j gastroenterol impact factor


BEIJING, March 25, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — iQIYI, Inc. (NASDAQ: IQ) (iQIYI or the Company static electricity bill nye), an innovative market-leading online entertainment company in China, today announced that its paper on the development of a real-time evolution system of multiple Adaptive Bitrate Streaming algorithms, titled RESA: A Real-time Evaluation System for ABR(the paper), has been accepted by IEEE ICME 2019. The wd gaster cosplay tutorial paper was completed by an engineering team from iQIYI and stood out from more than 1,000 submissions under an exceptionally low 30% acceptance rate. As highlighted in the paper, iQIYI was able to lower its users’ streaming rebuffering ratio by 13% through deploying the RESA system and its optimized algorithms.

The paper focuses on a mechanism gas pains 6 weeks pregnant which enhances video playback fluidity and optimizes users’ viewing experience under varying network bandwidth environments by automatically selecting the most fitting algorithms through RESA, an efficient platform in the industry that performs real-time A/B tests of adaptive bitrate streaming algorithms on real users’ environment electricity dance moms song and maturate them quickly.

It is an honour to be recognized by the IEEE community for our strength in technological research and development, said Liu Wenfeng, Chief Technology Officer at iQIYI. The acceptance by one of the world’s top academic conferences marks electricity off peak hours a triumph for iQIYI, demonstrating our dedication and achievement in ensuring and enhancing the fluidity of the users’ viewing experience through technological innovation.

iQIYI is currently conducting trial runs of RESA in several provinces in China. The trial data show s that during peak hours between 7pm and 11pm, the average gas prices under a dollar bitrate of video streaming by iQIYI users has increased bp gas prices by 20%, while the average rebuffering ratio has declined by 13%. To achieve this result, iQIYI’s engineering team applied innovative AI technologies such as deep learning and neural networks to the adaptive bitrate streaming procedure.

In recent years, iQIYI’s achievements in technical research and gas 91 development has been repeatedly recognized by key international academic organizations. For example, a joint research team established by IQIYI and the Peking University won the BIGCOM 2018 Best Paper Award by applying AI neural network algorithms to continuously improve the efficiency of HCDN distribution technology, reducing overall bandwidth costs by 70%. In addition, iQIYI and Peking University also collaborated to publish papers on IEEE INFOCOM 2018 and ICC 2018, which were well-received by the international academic community.

As technological advancements gas outage continue to shape the future of the entertainment industry, user experience is key to establishing one’s place as industry leader. Going forward, iQIYI will continue to push the boundaries gas and electric phone number of innovation to provide its users with optimal entertainment experiences and carry out its vision to become a technology-driven entertainment electricity physics khan academy giant.

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