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Jim in NJ sent us this IR blaster idea: Jim has several IP cameras throughout his house and a linux DVR machine near his TV. The linux machine is configured to montior the IP cameras using linux motion software. gas monkey cast When motion is detected he configured the PC to output the desired camera full screen and send an IR command to the TV to display the PC video input in PiP. This same idea can be extended to other applications like baby monitors using sound detection as the input instead of motion. The system could also be implemented with insteon instead of a dedicated PC. Thanks Jim!

Brent in Mississauga, Canada e-mailed me about obtaining an IR extender for his SA Explorer 940 set top box. The E940 uses the same pinouts as the standard Motorola Style IR Extender, but it uses a 56KHz IR Receiver instead of a standard 38KHz. We swapped out the IR head for Brent and shipped him a sample. Today, Brent reported he is successfully controlling his Scientific Atlanta STB behind closed doors with the help of our extender!

We found Albert Huitsing’s page on how to make a homebrew IR receiver and transmitter using an FTDI MM232R prototype module and thought we had to give it a try ourselves. We were thinking this little module would be the perfect thing to interface our m otorola style IR receivers and Tivo Style IR Transmitters to the USB port. chapter 7 electricity note taking worksheet To do this, all we would need to do is modify Albert’s design to include the necessary 1/8" (3.5mm) jacks.

If you bought a Motorola Style IR Receiver from us in the past month you may have noticed an improvement to our design. We modified the housing and strain relief to make the product look even better. Here’s one of the new designed receivers stuck to a plasma tv. Of course the old style still works great too. Some people even prefer the old style with the slightly smaller head.

I just found this instructable article by Josh on how to build your own cheap multi functional camera controller. The basic idea is to use an SLR camera with an infrared (IR) controlled shutter along with a microcontroller. Josh wrote some software for the microcontroller to choose shutter trigger options via a simple push button menu and then fire off the camera at the appropriate time.

This also got me thinking of a great use for our RS232 IR Blaster and RS232 IR receiver. Using lirc or winlirc and a PC the same exact controller can be built to control your camera. Yes, you’ll need to have the PC near the camera, but this may not be a problem for some of the shots Josh had intended to take with this rig. I also thing a PC based design can be made much faster and cheaper assuming the PC is already available.

We somehow end up with many extra IR components sitting around our shop. These are one off items that are taking up space and we have to get rid of them. We could put them up on e-bay, but the e-bay and paypal fees are so much it’s not even worth it. I decided I’ll start posting the stuff here to to avoid those fees ( essentially saving the buyer money) and keep this stuff out of our local landfill.

On the controller end, I can simply look for the correct sequence of X10 codes. geothermal electricity how it works If I get an incorrect sequence or a timeout I’ll go back to the start of my script. If the correct sequence is entered I can send the code to the I/O linc device controlling the door contact. The keypad itself can be linked to the I/O contact controller such that the on/off led on the keypad indicates the status of the lock.

We have had several customers ask us how to control a large number of identical infrared targets. The most common application seems to be set top box developers who want to test hundreds of boxes all closely stacked in the same room. We have also seen demand for this type of system in hotel/bar applications with a large number of TV decoder boxes feeding a single media server.

Jeremy in NY wrote me to say he was using the cabled RS232 ir receiver on his windows XP desktop to control foobar2000. gas outage Foobar has a winlirc client plugin that makes this possible and he was enjoying the setup, but wanted to also have it work on laptop. As is the case with most laptopsl these days, his did not have a serial port. The solution: a 16C550 compatable PCMCIA uart card from dealextreme for just $17.25 with free shipping. Jeremy is now able to enjoy foobar on both of his machines!

The double headed light up ir blasters with 1/8" plugs are back in stock, but on a very limited supply. They are currently available for $12 each. Single headed light up ir blasters are only available for large special order applications. (Note: We have plenty of the standard non light up variety on hand and ready to ship – just $6 for the 1/8" plug version)

Also of note, if you don’t mind running your insteon devices in X10 compatibility mode the X10 IR-543 is available today for $30 and is in stock and ready to ship. I have used the IR-543 on several projects to allow control of insteon lighting from the logictech harmony series of remote controls. Just e-mail me to order an IR-543. US shipping is still just $3.95/order.

I was contacted a few weeks ago by Jeff in California about my Hauppage PVR-250 replacement IR Receiver cable. Apparently, some folks on the pixel magic forums for the HD Media box MB100 and MB200 figured out that the IR Receiver input on the back of their HD Media boxes was the same as that of the Hauppauge PVR-250 cable. Only problem is the PVR-250 cable is a 3/32" plug and the HD media cable is a 1/8" plug. Adapters to convert are generally available at Radio Shack for this type of thing, but I had my wire shop build up something for Jeff pretty quickly to try out the theory and save some adapters. gas 85 vs 87 Jeff informed me the solution worked great so I’ll be offering these cables for sale to the general public for the same price as the PVR-250 version ($10 + shipping). I’ll add a cart button soon. In the mean time, you can just e-mail me at mike at irblaster dot info to order. now has a new cart system to allow combined orders at just $3.95/order shipping. International shipping is calculated at checkout and will average around $4.95/order. The new checkout system also allows you to complete your order with either paypal or google checkout. Please e-mail if you have any problems with the new system.

If you want to beta test a cabled IR Receiver + IR Blaster connected to a single DB9 please e-mail me at mike at irblaster dot info. electricity worksheets grade 6 So far I have had a few peple try them out with good success, but I want some more trials before I make this a generally available product. The cost of the unit is $30 + shipping. As always, if you are not satisfied you can return the device no questions asked (see the FAQ for more details on this policy).

Mozy Online Backup – This is great software to back up your data on the web. You get 2GB storage free or unlimited storage for $5/month. Too bad it only works with Windows and MAC (no linux). On the free plan you also get an extra 250MB storage for every person you refer to the site which is why the URL here has a little tracking code on it. Many thanks to you if you use that code when signing up.