Ireland senior team manager key issues to consider futsalfinn gas x strips review


• If you like the League of Ireland then Stephen Kenny is a good option for Irish manager – unless you’re either a Shamrock Rovers or Bohemians supporter who still hasn’t gotten over some bias you had against him when he was your manager or if you’ve developed a dislike of him based on the snippets of interviews you’ve read or heard from him over the years.

• Be meticulous in preparation and planning for games. gasbuddy trip The new manager should leave his players under no illusion what their roles and responsibilities are, what their opponents are likely to throw at them and to have a clear plan B understood long before it’s ever needed. A cup of coffee with Joe Schmidt or Stuart Lancaster would be sufficient to explain to any coach how much information an elite level player can take on board ahead of a serious game.

• Produce a style of attacking play that is effective and clear. We have gotten away with a shapeless attack for the past number of years. The centre-backs never split to get on the ball, the midfielders don’t show for the ball, there is no rotation in the attacking unit and as a result we pass the ball less than almost every other nations in Europe and produce very little chances in comparison to all of our rivals. The new manager should process the recruitment of Danny Crowley from Willem II to give us a bit more creative option.

• Produce a high pressure defensive style. electricity outage houston tx Irish people like arguments and fighting, they relish battles, as Jon Walters confirmed after Monday’s draw in Aarhus – the ‘put em under pressure’ mantra of Jack Charlton is 100 per cent what our players prefer to do and Irish fans like a team that plays with energy and looks to disrupt the opponents high up the pitch not dropping back and being cagey. gas knife We don’t appear to have good enough communication or concentration within the current group of players so lets die with our boots on if we have to. The chance to win the ball back in the opposition half is worth the risk and as Manchester City show it doesn’t need to be preceded by a long ball.

• Recognise that we have a lot of promising youngsters bubbling under the surface in our underage sides. The good work put in by our clubs and underage coaches such as Tom Mohan, Colin O’Brien, Jim Crawford, Paul Osam and Jason Donohue plus those others before them should not be wasted. In the past Ireland capped the likes of Don Givens and Steve Heighway before they made their club breakthroughs and if they’re good enough then use them. Wales benefited from trusting their teen talents and we should too.

• Don’t hesitate on bringing young dual-eligibility players into the fold. gas prices in texas This replicates the Welsh approach but as the FIFA rules are placed now we should be moving to promote these youngsters to at least train with the seniors ASAP and if they still waver then forget them. An immediate priority for the new manager is to camp himself in Declan Rice’s front garden until he gives the West Ham player an offer he can’t refuse.

• Recognise that the League of Ireland potentially has players worthy of call-ups now not just at some notional point in the future. Our depth of talent is not so deep that we can ignore any player who reaches a high level of performance in our league. 99 per cent of the English-based names that have been linked with the job would culturally struggle with this concept.

Similarly if the players all love the manager then that’s great too. j gastroenterol hepatol impact factor If any of them think they’re too good to work with the new guy – whoever he is and whatever his background – then they should just be dropped from the squad. The reality is that there are very few players in the current squad who have reached a level of performance that has made them indispensable and the issue is only relevant when the team isn’t doing well. Who really worried that Martin O’Neill showed no interest in bringing Stephen Ireland back into the fold?