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My iron saturation was 4 and my other levels very low. My hemoglobin was at 7.8. Just a little lower and I would’ve had a blood transfusion. But. The iron infusions, which I received weekly for months before I was even allowed to have a hysterectomy. After I had my surgery, I had months of more infusions to build me back up.

The infusions are no more painful than a regular IV. It doesn’t hurt going in. I felt nauseous afterwards, but that was also directly related to my eating. If I ate a full meal before the infusion, I didn’t get sick. If I snacked, I nearly always got sick.

If your iron is very low, iron infusions may be your only option. I too was chewing ice like crazy! I cracked a tooth, which is how I finally started seeking treatment for my anemia. I had no idea it was soooooooo low. I felt tired, but I thought it was just because I have an extremely stressful job. I had no idea it was because I was so low even the hematologist was worried.

A hysterectomy did not solve all of my problems. I’m still dealing with anemia issues. Thankfully, though, I haven’t gone to the loooooow levels I was before. They check my levels about once every 6 weeks. My body does not absorb oral iron supplements. In fact, my levels do not budge at all after oral iron. So I have no choice but infusions.

im 31 years old and had lost 1 pint of blood back in Feb. I have 2 blood transfusions. About 1 month ago i had a really bad painc atack which lead to tactic cardio. I also quick coffee(8-10 cups a day)cold turkey. And my saturation iron on that day was 11. My body has been weak,very tired,hard time keeping focused,my legs feel like they have ants all over them, mild depression,headaches,aniexty through the roof. I was just wondering if anyone could give me any adive. All my doctors was to put me on anti-depressants im not depressed like that. I though in the begining it was vertigo went to the ENT it’s NOT,then i thought MS went to the Neuro everyday for a week through a bunch of testing and I’m fine. I’m driving myself crazy over this. I just started b-12 injection and started my iron pils again. My doctor says my iron is fine. Well ya my RBC is fine bt the i dont think he looked at the saturation. Anyways these doctors are making me think im crazy. I have been back on my iron pill(that were given to me at the hosptial in Feb) i started taking them and i’d know if i really am crazy but i think i’m starting to feel a difference. Can anyone shed some light on this for me. Thank You.

I am not a doctor or nurse but from personal experience for several years I have been attending a naturopath/kinesiologist and am having amazing results. She was able to do live blood analysis on my son 8, we were shocked with the results as we thought he was my healthy perfect child that ate so well. He had very low iron saturation levels and high uric acid (he was anemic) anyway I took this info to my doctor who followed up with more blood tests. My doctor is now working with my naturopath/kinesiologist. We have had a week of a normal child and we haven’t seen him act like this for about a year. The iron, b12 and vitamin c suppliments are helping. We are only at the beginning of our journey but based on how fantastic my naturopath/kinesiologist has been and my doctor who I have been attending for years I feel releaved to have this complimentary medicine. I only wish I realised what was wrong earlier as the teachers at school were saying my son was lazy when in fact it was the anemia that was affecting his concentration as he was always fatigued. The teachers know now and they are supportive now they realise he wasn’t well. He had achey bones, tired/fatigued, headaches, poor concentration, bruises easily. .