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Is it 2-sense, or is it no-sense? Or was it non-sense? All you have PROVEN is that there are federal funds available for building trails. Has our community received any of these funds? If so, what have was received, and what percentage of the total project cost was it? The idea that a community builds anything to make money from the feds is ridiculous. Open up the books and find me where the community has ever taken one dime, and if so, how much of the total cost of the project it covered. Building trails to "get money" is like building a highway just to get gas tax money from motorists. It doesn’t pay.

By the way, I bet that there are federal grants for fire engines, for water and sewer lines, for police cars, for buses, for airports, and for just about any INFRASTRUCTURE that communities need. Since those federal grants exist, and whether or not our community benefits from them, I’m sure that you in the tin-foil hat society are all losing sleep and wringing your hands – because it is no different.

nieve, people. the only reason they buld bike paths and all this crap is for money. do you really think they give a crap about weather you walk or drive? comon. google bike path grants and then look at just a few of your city or county meetings, they are always applying for one grant or another and now were in the business of applying for grants for non elected NGO’s as well. thats all we do in casper is look for FREE money" if there is not a grant for it it dont get done. ever out county commissioners love that free money, every week they meet it apply for this grant even if its on 5.00 they have their fingers in it. we are a welfare state, " there are companys such as crandell and armabulla, and senoran and Ceada all specilize in finding grant moneys for something, pages and pages of grants/ insentives and tax breaks. when was the last time you got a tax break when you hired somone? can we say never….FREE money for anything you could ever imagine and bike paths and green spaces are on this list.. " we should change our bucking horse to a hand out" looking for more cash. to build something no one uses or very few, or build something that will eventually end up on our tax dollars from failure. i still laugh over the cuts. "we need to get off welfare and stand on our own, there are only 500k of people in this state. how much do we really need besides roads, water, electricity? police and fire? i mean were a preety self seficiant people for the most part, " they can keep their special interest crap to themselves or pay for it our their pockets. " hold a bake sale, pay for your project was how things were done before government handout were created.

Okay Ms. Moore, you are speculating that the community might apply for federal dollars because we build a trail…… exactly what federal program are you referring to? Please provide a link, and access to your crystal ball to be able to see #1 – what the community will or won’t apply for in the future and #2 – what federal money will be available in the future. Beside the fact that you are speculating, common sense says that if the only reason that the community is building trails is to get possible future money from the feds, that doesn’t seem like the best investment strategy. Could there possibly be another reason that trails are built? Like investing in the community? Trails are no different than parks, they are a recreational amenity for the community. Ms. Moore, you need to dial back the conspiracy theories because they hurt your credibility. You and I probably agree on more than we disagree on, but you see a boogeyman behind every bush and it comes across as whacky. Just some friendly advice.

look up crandell, your going to find that their plan is exactly what they did in portland, and everywhere else, from the walkable , bikeable to upstairs small crmped apartments with new carpet, to dowstairs retail and anchors businesses, mixed uses, their idea of that is retailers in one spot and commerice services in another, making for shop after shop of the sos for miles. all you have to do is substitue the name of a town for casper and wha la, its the exact same plan. then look up portland, "THE ONE THEY ARE SO PROUD OF" its got one of the highest prostitution problems in theicounty in their perfect looking downtown, you dont dare walk around at night, crime stats are threw the roof, and land use is under attack for favored developers like no ones business, the restrictions,m code enforcment, and taxes are killing once thriving businesses. . these outfits go around the country charging 200k if not more for some cookie cutter plan that is bugus bullchit for rural communities like ours. they do nothing but suck up tax dollars and move on. " i need a bike trail like a need swimming trunks in a mud pubddle. their plan stunk of smart growth and fraud….as far as the rive plan, we paid for alot of that failure too. the eaterys lose money and leave after 6 months, two times already. people drown in the river more often then a successful business opens any where around the river. here is an idea, stop spending money on this redevelopment, and just fix the dam roads, clean up your streets and repair sewers. the city never should have been in the business of development. its not their jobs. the free market would do what is needed when. or at least thats how it worked for over 200 years. you want business downtown, lower your dam prices, stay open past 3pm, make some real parking,. you want to attack the young professional , how about we take care of the people we already have and their needs ay? what a concept. were not all old people, my sons live and work here and they say the same thing as i do who wants to walk around downtown, whats the point? they offer nothing more then they can get a 100 times over by the mall or the east side. and as far as bikeing, i think i counted 4 in anygiven day riding bikes, we have more tunbleweeds then bikes on the roads.

I am not saying bike trails improve minimum wage jobs! I am saying that things like bike trails are an enhancement to what the city can offer someone new to town and that those kind of things help attract MORE young people. We do need MORE young professional people here in Casper to make up for the young people who leave here to go to college and never come back! The more young professional folks that live in Casper the more opportunities will come for all young people. Startups and new places to work will come from additional folks moving here and that will benefit everyone educated or not . I am glad you have an interest, And it is great that you are a young professional, but what I was trying to get across is that you do not represent everyone’s opinion here! Neither do I and I did not say I did. Sidewalks are not for bicycles and the streets are dangerous to ride on. ..many are narrow with cars parked on both sides or have tiny shoulders. Bike paths can be used for walking or riding. Please don’t look for offense where none is intended. It really seems that you are looking for reasons to be offended. "You will soon find out the desire of the community". Well, maybe so…could be you will find out the community wants something a bit different than you or me. Personally, I would love it if more of the community than the usual handful of naysayers stood up and said something (not you personally, Moore, so please no offense meant to you).