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For anyone traveling abroad, safety should be consideration and traveling to Costa Rica is no different of course. Sadly not all the information out there is reliable. Often, safety alerts and the events causing them are blown out of proportion. Sensationalism spreads like wildfire, but hard facts you have to search for. This is especially true when it comes to destinations south of the U.S. border. Many things you hear about countries south of the border have been victims of "fake news" some might say.

Is Costa Rica safe to visit? Every country in the world has their own undesirable issues that may deter tourism to certain places within the country, but that does not make the entire country unsafe. Some countries are unfairly getting a bad rap due to all the sensationalism in the news (here’s looking at you Mexico). gasco abu dhabi location Would you really skip your Disney vacation in Florida due to the number of mass shootings there? Would you avoid travel to the US in general? (If so, please give the US a second chance. It is a beautiful country with so many amazing destinations and good people despite what you may hear on the news in your country). That said let’s get a few facts straight about the safety in Costa Rica.

No Military! Yes, you read that correct. Costa Rica has no military. electricity electricity music notes How is that possible? Costa Rica is truly a safe, stable and peaceful country. So peaceful in fact that in 1948 they opted to abolish their military. Instead, they dedicate that money to other needs of its people, such as free basic education all the way through university, free universal health care, and their police force.

Tourist Police! Speaking of safety in Costa Rica for tourists, Costa Rica has police force solely dedicated the protection of its visitors, the Policia Turística. electricity magnetism and light This is a specialized police force that is gaining popularity in Latin America. In order to be qualified they have to be able to speak and communicate in basic levels of English and other languages. And thankfully, gang violence is not a safety issue in Costa Rica unlike some other Central American countries.

Highly Educated Population! Costa Rica’s education system ensures that the majority of their population has access to upper education. Costa Rica takes pride in this and rightfully so. We all know that well educated societies make for the best tourist destinations. In fact, Costa Rica is often chosen to by students of other Latin American countries to study. Not only for its great schools, but because of its safety record too. gas and water socialism In general, your chances of being the victim of a crime in Costa Rica are low, about 0.4% in relation to the country’s total population.

US Travel Advisory on Level One! At the time of this posting, the US Travel Advisory website ranked Costa Rica as level 1 – Exercise Normal Precautions. This if the lowest level of concern for travelers abroad. As we mentioned previously fluctuations and events can be a bit overblown, but we are proud that Costa Rica is one of the safest places to visit in Central America.

Ok, but is Costa Rica safe for families? Costa Rica is one happy place to be. In fact, Costa Rica has been named "happiest country in the world" by the Happy Planet Index three different times! Can you think of a better vibe for your family vacation? There are so many family friendly tours and things to do in Costa Rica it would be a shame if you chose another destination out of fear. Just look at the sly grins on the faces of our lovely sloths…Costa Rica is a very chill place to be!

We’ve got the scoop on your safety in Costa Rica. Things you should be aware of and ways you can protect yourself from getting into a sticky situation. In short, for traveling in Costa Rica, the safety precautions you would take are the same reasonable actions anyone would take when traveling anywhere in the world. In fact, these are the same safety tips we would recommend in your own home country. There are no big areas of concern regarding your safety in Costa Rica. The most important thing to remember when traveling is simply to be aware of your surroundings.

• Look out for pickpockets Opportunistic theft is a tourist’s #1 threat, particularly in busy places like airports, bus stations and major tourist attractions. 93 gas near me Always keep your belongings in sight; bring a purse you can carry in front of you and close to your body and if carrying a backpack try to place it on your chest rather than on your back when in crowded spots.

• Carry only what’s necessary Leave all valuables in the hotel’s safe, unless you need them with you. hp gas online booking no Try not to keep everything in one spot; for example don’t carry both credit cards with you at once, or have all of your cash located in your wallet. Put some cash in your wallet and some in your sock, or get a money belt. Take one credit card with you and leave the other in the safe. It can be hard to think about, but take a moment to assess: if you were robbed right now, your hotel room or yourself, would they get everything? If so, change something.

• Watch your credit/debit cards Keep in mind that all ATMs in Costa Rica remain closed after 10pm, so don’t expect to pull money out at night. Keep track of your expenses in case you receive a charge you do not recognize, and NEVER make credit card payments from cyber cafe computers! In fact, don’t do anything sensitive on coffee shop computers. Ever.

• Prior precautions Scan your passport, credit/debit cards and any other important documents before your trip. Keep a copy of these in your email, so you have all the information handy with the 800 numbers of your bank and credit card companies too. This way you won’t waste valuable time if you have to report them lost or stolen. If bringing your laptop, install Preyproject, which enables you to track your computer if stolen and it’s free!

• Make a wise use of your car If renting a car, make sure you never leave valuables in it – not even in the trunk! Rental cars can be easy to open and thefts have been on the rise. Be careful where you park. gas after eating eggs Always park in legal/secure lots in a visible place and definitely get some kind of theft insurance. Avoid traveling at night when possible. electricity billy elliot chords Again: better safe than sorry.

• Look out for scams If you suffer a sudden tire puncture or someone happens to "slightly" hit your car with their bumper, if possible try getting to the next available gas station. Bogus accidents/flat tires and the "fortunate arrival of a good samaritan" are common ways to create that opportunistic theft situation. One scam that has been on the rise in Costa Rica is foreigners pretending to have been robbed and left with nothing. They ask for help to get to their hotel and attack you on the way. If you want to help, it’s best to send them to the police for appropriate help… you never know.

• Always look for licensed taxis If taking a taxi, make sure it is a licensed one. Licensed taxis are red and have a medallion with some number(s) on the side. (By the way, airport taxis are orange, not red!) All licensed taxis have working meters (called "marias"), as well as working locks, seatbelts and door handles. Wanna pay with your credit card? Great news for Uber fans, it’s available in Costa Rica!

Takeaway here? Be smart, be cautious and relax. You got this! If you commit to following the safety tips we provided, you will have a wonderful vacation in Costa Rica. This is a great thing to do any time you’re traveling. It always makes good sense to put some thought into your safety, so we hope we set your mind at ease. Once you do that, you really can relax and that leads to a more enjoyable vacation. Enjoy!