Is forgetfulness a sign of age notes from an aging innkeeper a gas station


I had been in Manhattan for Thanksgiving Week to see Kinky Boots and Book of Mormon. Stayed in a Pod on 39th Street and glad I was single as it was only about 15′ square, but perfect for one. It had a shower, sink, toilet, a bed (my toes hung off the end), a desk and chair, tv and a place to put a suitcase. Oh, it also had two wastebaskets.

At the end of my Manhattan visit I returned to Pennsylvania where I had left my car with friends as no one needs a car in Manhattan. electricity in water pipes There are buses, subways, taxis, pedicabs and two feet. I did take a pedicab after negotiating a reduced fee. However, this was a madman! Cutting between cars and heading to the sidewalk, racing to make a light, I was terrified that we would tip over and spill me out onto the streets of Times Square! Also one of the panels of the plastic covering wasn’t there so the chill of 20 degrees as we whipped around cars, trucks and people added to the unpleasantness of the trip.

Luckily the cars were all taking care and keeping a safe distance from one another so it wasn’t tense. gas exchange in the lungs occurs due to About 7 o’clock I stopped at a rest stop to walk around a bit and restore my personal comfort before getting back into my car to continue south. I do this drive quite often, in fact, I’d done it in October and over 20 years living in Tennessee I know the road well.

By 9:30 I felt it was time to stop for the night so I found a motel in Harrisonburg, VA, but when I went to check in, I looked for my wallet and couldn’t find it. I must have left it at the rest stop as I took it out, not the entire purse, just the little wallet, but no matter, I did not have a credit card, driver’s license or any other means of identification so couldn’t get a room.

When I asked the motel clerk for the directions to the police station she said it was at the end of the road heading back across the interstate. I turned right out of the parking lot and headed west to the end of the road. There was a huge white building built about 1890. The clerk had said right and then left and there is the police station. Followed her directions but didn’t see anything that looked like a police station. Drove around the block. gaston y daniela No sign of a police station. Came back to the street I had started on and turned right. As I did I saw a number of people waving their arms and shouting….”Wrong Way”! I had turned onto a one way street the wrong way. Luckily there was an immediate street to my right so I turned off before causing an accident.

Stopped to ask two men who were standing outside a building if they knew where the police station was. electricity wiki One waved his arm and said ” it’s that way”, but the other man said they had built a new one and it was just past the big white building. Once again I went to the big white building, but still didn’t see anything that looked like a police station.

I went inside and asked if there was a Salvation Army shelter as I thought they might help me get home. The young lady behind bullet proof glass at the entrance desk called a couple of officers who came out. Officer Morris and Officer….a Polish name I can’t spell came out and after intense questions and answers….they couldn’t find me in a data base until they asked for and I gave them my car license plate and then showed them pictures of my Inn on my phone they decided I didn’t have to sleep in a cell. I was walked to my car and then the young officer who was so young his face had pimples, told me to wait, he would come round in a police car and lead me to the shelter.

Once at the shelter, we were buzzed in and the policeman told the “dragon” at the window my situation. She handed me a cup and said to pee in it. list of electricity usage by appliances Unfortunately I had just used the ladies room to great success at the police station. So after 5 minutes I had to return an empty cup. Nothing I could do. Then she asked what NARCOTICS did I use? None I said. 1 unit electricity cost in andhra pradesh Then she asked what pills did I take? Nauproxin and a statin for Cholesterol I told her. I think she had also discussed me with the police officer because she decided I wasn’t a drug addict and could stay. But she said she wouldn’t register me, I’d fly under the radar and could sleep in the staff room where they kept a bed. A very comfortable bed as it turned out.

First thing Monday morning I went to get a new driver’s license. Now ordinarily to get a driver’s license you just pop into the court house, pay your money, get your picture taken and that’s it. But since I had the time and I was making a special trip to get my picture taken, I thought…I’ll wash my hair, fix it so it looks nicer than usual, put on some makeup and maybe the picture will look a little better than most driver’s license photos.

I had a long strap stuck between the seats which I curled up and put into the center console with the Easy Pass bob. As I was putting the strap in, I noticed in the dark recess something that looked familiar…yep, it was my wallet! I’d had it all along, but if I’d found it, I wouldn’t have had the fun adventure to tell you about. electricity notes for class 10 But I don’t have to replace my “new” Medicare card at least!