Is it fair to say that american democrats have used social programs to setup a virtual plantation that keeps african-american down – quora gaston yla agrupacion santa fe 2016


Did Democrats sit by passively as draconian biased drug possession laws incarcerated black Americans at astronomical rates? Yes. Have Democrats fought hard enough to get rid of dystopian “for profit prisons?” No, though I see that slowly changing. Under pressure, Hillary Clinton stopped taking money from the for- profit prison lobby.

Do individuals & prominent Democrats have work to do in the overall relationship with black voters? Absolutely. Some White Democrats have a tendency to have a paternalistic attitude towards black Americans. I think that it has as much to do with being white as it does being a liberal/ or Democrats. White people of all ideologies have a bad habit of talking dispassionately about “ black people” and what they need— without including them in the conversation.

I think that people who dislike the Democratic Party, Democrats, their platforms forget something. The Democratic Party, whether people like it or not, has more black voices that it listens to. Most of the black Americans that hold public office ( mayors, Congress, governors, state office) are Democrats. Black Democrats are a part of the Democratic Party.

Democrats do fight to keep social safety nets . That is one of the reasons I am a Democrat. I want them there for families, our elders, those who become disabled, etc. They do not need to be black & the majority of people that use them are not.

There is a lot of misinformation that is spread about social programs. Conservative ideology believes SO STRONGLY that social programs engender dependency. The thing is, there isn’t hard evidence that this is so. It is just such a cornerstone of conservative ideology that is made a truth when it always isn’t.

Educating our children, improving our financial wellness, addressing health issues in our communities should be our own agendas and not one that we leave to political parties to solve. Solutions based on those platforms are only as good until the other party takes office so why build our foundations on shaky ground.

Having said the above, I view those social programs as tools given we do not have a legacy safety net in this country. If you don’t think that these are necessary, then I invite you to look at a country like Brazil, a country with a sizable black population that offer very little resources to that group and compare the progress to here. The differences are so stark it is sad.

Finally, we as a community need to work together more to help each other out. Successful blacks should make themselves more accessible as role models and mentors as compared to the drug dealer down the street who is idolized by our youth. Black churches should offer after school programs where adults can donate their time to help tutor and close the gap for the single parent who can’t be home because they are working two jobs. More time needs to be spent with SOI (strategize-organize-improvise) then maybe we will make some real lasting progress.

It’s kind of hard to believe that African people who have a history of working, are made lazy by “social programs.” It’s a myth. [4] Who in the hell would pick a “social program check” over honest work and pay? The vast majority of “social program” benefits go to “whites” [5] so why didn’t the author pose the following question,

"Let me tell you a little story. It’s like being in a wolf’s den. The wolf sees someone on the outside who is interested in freeing me from the den. The wolf doesn’t like that person on the outside. But I don’t care who opens the door and lets me out."

To the question — no, it’s not fair to say. The question perpetuates Racism White Supremacy. There are too many unnatural barriers in the American system that prevents African-Americans from experiencing a normal life, a normal life (e.g., hanging out a coffee shop, say “Starbucks” [6]or being a college student and falling asleep in your dorm’s common area [7]or driving a nice car you worked hard and paid for [8] ) that “White Americans” enjoy with few unnatural barriers. Note — don’t confuse ‘normal life’ with other benefits of “White life” that Whites experience (e.g., see White Male VCs Tend Fund White Males).

The Democratic Party vision of welfare has generally been that, if you cannot work, due to old age, disability, or economic collapse, the State should provide you with the resources to live with dignity, even if without much comfort. And that you, wishing to be comfortable in addition to dignified, will return to the working world if and when you become able.

The Republican vision of welfare is to take the Democratic vision, and squeeze from both ends – first, by adding more and more work requirements on one end, such that you do not qualify unless you are looking for work, working part time, and so on. Then by making the benefits stingier and stingier, until “resources to live with dignity” becomes “resources not to starve to death immediately”

That Republican vision ensures that poor Americans (who are disproportionately also minority Americans) are forced to remain in the labor pool and accept crappy minimum wage jobs that, by themselves, wouldn’t keep body and soul together, thus ensuring that there’s always a pool of people desperate for a job for employers to exploit.