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The sacrifice of money (donation of money to God) or fruit of work is already stressed in the Veda ( dhanena tyaagena ekena) and in the Gita ( tatkurushva madarpanam, dhyanaat karmaphala tyaagah etc.,) and Datta Swami has given only the various aspects of its logical background. First of all, you should know that real love is indicated by sacrifice of wealth only (as in the case of issues) and this is established by the human souls only and not by God. This shows that wealth is the root cause of love in worldly bonds.

The concept of the scripture or the philosophy explained does not stress on unjust earning, but gives stress only to sacrifice of wealth to deserving receivers like poor spiritual preachers (Gurus) helping your spiritual journey and poor beggars deserving the help of materials (not cash) that are needed basically to help subsequently their spiritual journey also. Even in this sacrifice, the magnitude of sacrifice is not given any importance and only its percentage in total is stressed.

A poor person sacrificing one rupee is far greater than a rich person sacrificing one lakh. Jesus told that a camel may go through the eye of the needle, but, a rich person can never get salvation. Is this encouragement of money? Krishna rewarded immensely poor Kuchela for sacrificing a handful of parched rice without aspiring anything in return and not King Satrajit, who gave Shamantaka gem yielding lot of gold everyday only after finding it to be dangerous to be maintained and that too as dowry for his daughter!

Hence, your blame of favoring rich or your blame of encouraging the mad race for earning unjust money is not justified at all. The present trend of Kali age is to make rich to become richer by making poor to become poorer. Spiritual knowledge always opposes this through the concept of sacrifice of wealth.

When you sacrifice money to Sadguru or human incarnation, it is not based on His real requirement, which on the other hand, is based on only testing your real love to Him. It is like the grandfather asking the child for a small bit of biscuit eaten by the child that was picked up from the packet of biscuits presented by the grandfather to it! Sacrifice decreases the attachment and doesn’t increase the attachment.]

The college is not running after every boy/girl and forcing them to join the college for studies and face examinations that cause tension. It is, in fact, reverse. The students are running to the college for admissions to get certificate for degree by which benefit of job can be obtained. Some students of higher level also are running for admissions to learn the knowledge to serve the society without aspiration for fruit and such students also have to face the examination to get degree certificate, whatever may be the inner intension.

If the class teacher says that a specific student is the best in the class and if the degree certificate is awarded to that student based on without examination, others will blame the teacher for his partiality even though it is not in the teacher. If the same student is awarded degree certificate after examination, such blame will not appear.

You have to not only be justified, but also appear to be justified. In EAMCET coaching weekly and daily tests are conducted and credit is given to such frequent tests. The test is very useful in showing your actual position removing your false assumptions so that you can concentrate on further path starting from the actual position revealed by the test.

You want to become district collector without writing the tough IAS examination or by writing the easy examination kept for fourth group employees! If you don’t want any employment, is the board of examinations insisting you to appear for the examinations? You are paying the examination fees also, which shows your request for examination through which you can get the result and its fruit. There is a saying that the thief is scolding the police for not doing his duty, which is catching the thief!]