Is the costco membership fee worth it gas definition science


Agree 100%. We save a couple thousand dollars a year by having a Costco membership, and could probably save even more if we aggressively managed it. The other thing I like is their no questions asked return policy. We bought some Coho Salmon there (we are big fans of their Sockeye Salmon). last year, and I divided it and froze it for later use. Well, when we cooked it, it was NOTHING like the Sockeye. We couldn’t even eat it. The fish had been in the freezer for over a month (well preserved with the Food sealer I bought at Costco!!). I proceeded to throw the rest of it away, b/c no one in our family cared for it. On her next trip to Costco, my wife stopped by the service desk and mentioned this, and they gave a refund on $80 worth of fish, with no receipt, or even any product returned!! My wife didn’t ask for a refund, but they gave her one anyway. Lady at the counter said “We wan’t you to be 100% satisfied with everything you buy here”. electricity notes class 10 pdf That’s customer service I would call above and beyond!!

I have decided that Costco is in the business of selling memberships and getting kick-backs for product placement. That is why so much of what they carry is oddball and high-end stuff that you wouldn’t normally see. The supermarkets don’t carry the stuff, but Costco will – for a fee. They have recently been exposed in Canada for insisting on illegal kickbacks on pharmaceuticals. Allegedly. But since getting my membership, I’ve been thinking about all this on my trips to the hated, obnoxious and, yes, expensive, store. I do much better at regular discount grocery stores with a head full of knowledge than I have ever done at Costco. I go there for cream. I save 50 cents a litre. That ain’t gonna pay for my membership, so I’m going in and getting the pro=rated refund they promised. They fool people into thinking they’re getting bargains by only offering huge quantities and an unpleasant experience but all it takes is a little knowledge and a little math to realize that most prices are no better.

I disagree totally with u because u don’t know the term Loss Leader. Costco Wholesales Max. mark up from the vendor is around 13%. The majority of the items are at Cost or an extremely low margin. Costco main source of profit is on the membership fee. That’s all profit. Also Costco doesn’t advertise. That’s how they are able to pass on the savings. Supermarkets have a huge mark up on all their items. gas pedal lyrics They will sell some items throughout the store below cost reffered to as loss leaders. Which means they will take a loss to get u in the store just so everything else you buy in the store is extremely marked up. One other thing,. Make sure u are comparing the item apples to apples. What I mean is Costco might carry a 20 pound bag of Precious Mozzarella Cheese.

Walmart will carry the same cheese, they look identical,. But they are not. Walmarts bag is only probably a 15 pound bag. You have to make sure it’s the same weight. So u are for the most part wrong. You can get a better deal with coupons at a supermarket. But only on a few items. Trust me Costco has a lot more buying power that most retailer’s. Allowing them to pass the savings

It really needs to be the other way around and people mostly underestimate their power. Stores and other retailers should pay for our valuable footsteps to bring US into their stores and then try taking our valuable money not the opposite. I found the idea completely ingenious and for those who pay those membership fees or any annual fees to be able to shop such as credit cards, Amazon, etc I like to say it usually won’t be sustainable for the longest! if we do our homework there are multiple alternatives out there for saving money without paying any annual fees. Firstly you don’t have to a member at Costco to shop there if you are not a frequent shopper just buy with gift cards. Secondly for alcohol and pharmacy you can purchase it there without membership if you prefer. gaston yla agrupacion santa fe Look at your free weekly ads in the mail and buy what you need when on sale. You can price match ads at some of your local grocers too if you don’t want to go to the other store. You can earn between 3 to 5% cash back from some credit cards with no annual fees at your local grocery with ad prices which beats Costco both in price and cash rebates. Costco intended originally for small business owners not the average family in mind but nowadays its customers are mainly families. gasbuddy Don’t tell me about its return policy I was. in their long customers service line once (not as a member just to cash in my gift card and leave since I prefer my penny spent somewhere else) and saw a guy returning his bike, Rep asked him why and he proudly replied I just needed it for the summer! My friend saw one returning an $800 camera who said just needed it for her Europe travel! Who do you think pays for such abuse, the answer is annual members like you.. If you think you save on gas the saving already wasted by burning it while driving there and staying in that long line waiting . If you think those food samples are free think again Costco knows food is a great behavioral changer for mammals. All the hassle and bustle of finding a parking before even getting inside, wasting a few of my valuable hours there to go thorough the store and those long check out lines, plus being obligated to pay Yearly fees (not just one time fee) to be able to shop there believe me I can do a lot better with my time and money nowadays. It is not about just the membership fees it is about shopping principles! Stores should incentivize customers to shop not us paying them to shop! Don’t let a few dollars saving that you think you might get in future change your attitude and principle toward what should be the common principle. Imagine if other stores started doing that too. I called Chase customer service last month and rep started answers by saying “how can I help you with you no annual fee card!” I said by never ever changing it to an annual fee card plus letting those who planned this new way of reminding customers that having a no annual fee cards now should feel like a bonus not a regular or essential card which needs to be brought up to every calls, as reminder that as soon as you change it to annual fees I’ll be gone for good!

Here, Firstly Bulk shopping should be Cheaper anyways, that is a given constant in any other business models and a No-Brainer! Stores Reduce the Risk of Waste and Left-overs by selling bulks plus Sell a lot more at once for more money back to their business but on the other hand customers accept the Risk of Not using all the products they bought or waste plus paying more at once! Please don’t tell me you haven’t thrown away things you gotten from Costco! This is both financially and ethically wrong considering how many people in this country or this world suffer from lack of basic human necessities! Secondly what bothers me the most is lack of options or choices when dealing with Costco. for example next time ordering pizza there ask them to remove onion or green peppers from your veggie toppings and see what they say! “Oh, sorry our veggies comes mixed in one frozen bag so we can not modify it!” or when ordering a hot dog ask them; I don’t care for the soda can you take it off my bill and see what they say! “Oh we can’t take it off the soda is already included in that price even if you don’t want it! So in other words you are already paying for it whether you like it or not or not wanting it!” I just like to pay only for the hot dog not soda, what is wrong with it or with you Costco to be exact! it is not about a dollar it is about that Costco has majority of its merchandise packed the way that you as customer have very few and mostly not many choices for your own preference! Hope this gives you some perspectives about you power as customer.

I love Costco so much I decided to work there. If they are so bad why does their stock rise to over $240.00 per share? I am single. There is just me in my household. I buy all of my tires for my cars, batteries for car and lawn tractor, Gas generator for when the power goes out, batteries for flashlights and other electronics, clothes only require a quantity of one. I buy shirts at Costco .com, laptops, memory, Tv’s, Roku, DVD player, groceries, paper products, laundry soap, household cleaners, Water softener salt, Ice melt for winter, wiper blades for car, snow brush, floor mats, Mobil one since I change my own oil, , furnace filters, Pharmacy items, Dog food, dog treats, dog beds for only $25.00 huge 30 inch diameter, Safes, pants, shirts, jackets, best deal on roses, anywhere,, electric toothbrush, water pick, fans, shoes, socks, underwear, undershirts, , Landscaping bushes, gas, gloves, Eyeglasses every year, The Kirkland products are some of the best quality you will find. I buy Kirkland toilet paper because it is the softest TP. I buy Kirkland dog food. I have bought Fire extinguishers and smoke detectors too.. Shelving, storage containers, Scott’s lawn food, American flag and pole, Battery charger,

What don’t I buy at Costco might be the better question? I spend $120.00? for executive membership. I had AMEX but now Costco switched to Citi Visa. I give a second card that I get for free to my sister and her family. This way I maximize the rebate I get every year. I charge my sister nothing for card. Between the Citi visa that I use mostly at Costco and Costco directly I get over $285.00 per year. Do the math. $285.00 minus $120.00 for membership equals $165.00 that they pay me.. What is so wrong about that? Costco pays me to shop there..

Plus what store automatically gives you a two year warranty with no extra fee or charge on the items you buy. Who gives you two years for free. Plus if you you the Citi Visa I believe you get one or two more years warranty. Free technical support in case you need help. Free return for 90 days on major electronics and appliances ect. . o goshi What store gives you free returns for 90 days on computers and major appliances.