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I could cite some dry statistics and display some graphs but plenty of other people have done that. I am going to give the perspective of a 52-year-old who has seen a great deal of change, some of it for the better, most of it for the worse. I am going to share what has led to my mysanthropic nihilism and negativity concerning the current “state of affairs.”

• When I was growing up I literally never heard of mass shootings. This does not mean they did not happen. It means they were very rare. Now, they are so commonplace electricity cost nyc as to be discussed with barely a nod. “Ten people dead; sixteen injured. Pass the potatoes, please.” We must get to the root of this epedemic, and there are multiple causes. A solution is not easy. Unfortunately, Americans are not only desensitized to the horrors of violence and death; we are entertained by it.

• Beginning in the late-middle part of the 20th electricity usage calculator kwh century, Republican conservatives went so far to the right that they no longer resembled their former selves. They soaked up the incredibly racist Dixiecrats that the Democrats were growing sick of and swung themselves to the racist extreme. In addition, their every effort has been to take from the poor and give to the wealthy. This became abundantly clear during the absolutely ridiculous “trickle-down-economics” era of Ronald Reagan. The rich can never be rich enough. Medicare, Medicaid, and Social security are all in danger. The gulf between the poor and the rich widens every day. The time grows nearer jokes gas prices when the 95% will not be able to put roofs over their heads, even as the very rich, who should be paying more, languish on their sun-drenched pool decks contemplating their wealth.

• Democrats ( I am just left of center myself) have swung so far out bp gas prices nj into fantasy land that we have to be careful of everything we say and do. Literally everything is offensive. We have taken equal treatment and turned it into some kind of weird Frankenstein’s monster. Everyone deserves equal rights but political correctness has run amok. I am on the liberal side, but we need to tone down the anger. SJWs care about the welfare of all but are often so angry they can’t even be engaged in a polite debate without wanting to call in a firing squad.

• Politicians are bought and paid for. They should be forced to wear the names of their contributors on their suits, like those ads that are printed on the sides or racing cars. I saw this suggestion on Facebook and it is so true. How can politicians properly serve the people when they are beholden to the wealthy benefactors and corporations who donate money to them?

• Religion still rules the masses, much more so than other highly developed countries of the world, allowing bigotry and anti-science to flourish on into the 21st century. Politicians (especially conservatives) pander q gas station cleveland ohio to this because it is one way to ensure continued support. Give your voters a couple of the things they want most and they will overlook gas definition science the crooked bigger things (like tax cuts favoring the super rich.)

• Housing costs are out of control. One must mortgage away many decades of one’s life to buy a house that is too large and too expensive. It’s ridiculous. Small, modest homes could be purchased for much less money, but that would meet with the dissatisfaction of city ordinances and neighbors. It’s a big, fancy house in many cases or nothing. The alternative is sky-high rent on an apartment. Gone are the days when renting was cheaper than owning. Now, even modest apartments are so expensive they leave little money left for food. No one seems to advocate rent control anymore because greed is master. A livable wage is not high on the agenda either. Meanwhile, more and more people are pushed out onto the streets.

• A college education has gone completely into the electricity vancouver wa stratosphere with it’s exorbitant cost. It’s unbelievable. A text book can cost several hundred dollars and full-time tuition for a single semester well into the thousands. In the 1980’s college was still affordable. I signed promisory notes and managed to pay the 4 or 5 hundred dollar costs by the time the term ended. I could not afford to go to college today. It would not be possible. People are exiting universities (not necessarily graduating) many thousands of dollars in debt. Even upon graduating, most students have depressingly low chances of landing jobs in their chosen fields. Competition is greater than ever. Young people are depressed. They are sarcastic gas examples matter and prematurely cynical; and they have every right to be. This generation is yet another that promises to perform more poorly, save less money, have less opportunity, and be more dysfunctional than their parents and grandparents. And the politicians who should care do not care at all. A country that wants to offer hope to all people, as well as grant a good standard of living to all and serve as a standard to others knows the meaning of turning out well-educated citizens. Yet, we make it ridiculously expensive to become educated? That is not a good thing. The oligarchy reigns. For gastroenteritis others, there is little hope. * I would add that we need to stop housing students in luxury apartments while they attend college. Living in an efficiency or a dormitory is good for you. It builds character to live simply and humbly while going through school.

• Infrastructure has begun to suffer. Our city roads aren’t built to withstand the burgeoning population. Roads most everywhere are in terrible shape, and bridges are a nightmare – old and deteriorated as they are – and in need of expensive care. I am amazed, after having traveled a fair amount, that many of our states have some of the worst roads in the developed world. We can do better.

• U.S. companies relocate to other corners of the world in order to pay their employees very little and gas 10 8 schlauchadapter government encourages this. Good employment opportunities domestically are shrinking. Many people who would have formerly held these jobs are forced into the only careers available; retail, restaurants, and other service jobs where the pay does not meet one’s needs. While unions were desperately needed at one time, their demands got out of control, demanding ever-higher electricity production in north korea pay and benefits even in sectors that were no longer profitable. They are partly to blame.

• Our health care is still unaffordable. The Health Care Act is a start but is flawed, largely due to the concessions that had to be made to pass it. Greed is absolutely rampant in this industry in which a simple pill can cost hundreds of dollars. The very sick must worry about medical bankruptcy while trying to battle their illnesses. Now, it is quite likely quadcopter gas engine that Republicans will remove protections for people with pre-existing conditions as well as other features. Another little-known consequence of this act is that it forces people who might otherwise retire early to remain in the work force to their late 60′s in order to receive health care. Medicare and Medicaid will not kick in yet if you retire at 58 or 60. This is one item that tells me that the government is worried about the lack of enough workers in the next few decades.

• By the 2030’s things will be gravely worse, with an ageing population and fewer people paying into social security than drawing from it. Thanks to government’s redistribution to the wealthy, the problem is exacerbated. We will initially lose a chunk of those payments and will eventually lose this and other programs completely. This electricity and magnetism purcell initiates our entry into third-world status.

• I think what disturbs me most is the complete unwillingness of our two major parties to work together for the good of the nation. And yes, I fault the conservative party more for this than the other, although fault lies on both sides. A few decades gas in babies that breastfeed ago, we had some caring, if opinionated, politicians who went to the table with honest intentions of compromising and reaching a solution. We may have disagreed with others but we often respected them. Now, we have a complete unwillingness to cooperate, even going so far as to refuse to allow the other party to put judges on the supreme court. This hateful divide hurts everyone. Additionally, we have tactics and tricks like gerrymandering and voter-suppression as well as the grossly outdated electoral college that suppress the will of the actual majority of people.

Even with electricity laws uk our greater technology, I-Phones, computers, medical advances, and other luxuries, these problems lessen us every day, and not enough people care to do a damn thing about it. I am thankful I do not have kids. I would grieve incessantly now to think of the world I have brought them into. I only hope that younger people are observing this disaster and that they will take the reigns and make some needed changes. It may be too late.