Is there a cryptocurrency you could predict having a 100x increase in the next 2 years – quora wholesale electricity prices by state

But it is really Important to invest in a Crypto-currency which should have the potential to rise in the market. A good Crypto-currency can make your investment 3–4 times in a blink very easily now a days but your choice should be the right one.

Etherecash : Etherecash is a blockchain based decentralized platform, designed to revolutionize three core functions of finance; to Lend, Send and Spend. By bringing such key services on the blockchain we can provide more transparency and greatly enhance customer experience. The mission is to “bridge the gap between those with access to finance and those without, eliminating borders, intermediaries and prejudices.”

Here is a very brief and detailed Technical Specification of the Etherecash and some very unique and special moves taken by the Committee which makes this cryptocurrency different from many other crypto-currencies and will surely force you to Invest in Etherecash. :

• Etherecash is based on and working on the same concept on which the BitConnect Coin And The Regal Coin worked earlier and we all knows how fast and at what rate both of that coins are growing. So this coin has the Potential to repeat the history of BitConnect And Regal Coin.

“ A Community of 678-members has been made and they are given with 10Crore coins to hold for 1-year, so they can not sell that coins for 1-year and hence that coins will not come into the market which will increase the demand and will not allow the rate to fall ”.

4. So Far The Etherecash is having more than 44000 members joined in the ICOitself. Out of 360000000 total coins around 240000000 coins will be sold during the ICO itself (including the 10crore coins which are on hold by the community for 1-year). So only around 120000000 coins will be there to come on the Bitterx exchange.

5. Etherecash will be Hitting the Bitterx Exchange in the January 2018. The Criteria to get registered on the Bitterx Exchange is to have a sale of at least 1500-Bit Coins and right now in the ICO itself Etherecash is having a sale of more than 2190-Bit Coins so far till date.

6. Right now Etherecash is of only 1$ in the ICO period but after getting such a huge response from the Investors and looking towards the demand of the Etherecash in the market, it is Predictable that Etherecash can hit the Bittrex Exchange directly at 2$, 3$, 4$, 5$ or even more easily.

Disclaimer : I am not any company official this is just an information shared whatever known. Please use your own sense and invest on your own risk. Cryptocurrency investment is of risk and result can be the anything profit or loss. So please understand that and take your own risk.

Genesis Vision plans to unite exchanges, brokers, traders, and investors into a decentralized, open and fair network, making the financial market even more global. This will allow successful traders to rapidly scale their trading strategies by attracting investments from around the world.

The Financial Commission’s Initial Coin Offering Certification Committee (ICC) division approved Genesis Vision’s ICO initiative. The certification status followed after a rigorous review of its planned ICO, which included its business and proposed platform.

Changelly the leading instant cryptocurrency exchange, that serves 500 000 customers with 200 million USD monthly turnover. The resources Gladych brings to the GV project can help plug the project straight into the overarching cryptocurrency market. How? First, take a look at the list of Changelly partners below, straight from their website:

Divisa Capital is an FCA regulated boutique prime broker offering bespoke bank/non-bank Forex and CFD liquidity to institutions and professional investors via margin or credit relationships. Lars Eriksson created GenovaFX, a trading algorithm the company Lars is CEO of, FXI, uses to conduct automated foreign exchange trading and is registered as a financial institution at the Swedish financial supervisory authority. Talk about being connected.

Yagub Rahimov , Roman Nester — are marketing advisers with a GREAT looking resumes, wow. I believe these two can help bring the GV project resources to develop the marketing and education infrastructure required to grow past cryptocurrency and into mainstream adoption.

Aside from the aforementioned GV Advisers, the team has also added two top-managers from Lyyke which is a mobile wallet with in-app exchange making it easy to trade FOREX currencies and cryptocurrencies. Not to mention, Lyyke has a Startup Accelerator Program.

Two years is a very long time in the world of cryptocurrencies and its entirely possible for lots of coins to hit 100x or above assuming crypto goes mainstream. That being said if I had to pick one coin my personal favorite for Triple XXX Gains is Panda Coin with a current market cap of $11,418,319.07 and available for purchase on Cryptopia today 3/4/2018 for 4 Stats.

Currently Panda Coin is only on NovaExchange, Yobit, Bx Thailand and Cryptopia with a combined daily trading volume on all 4 exchanges is under $30,000.00. When you compare the total daily trade volume of the exchanges its currently on with that of the larger exchanges its in the Millions of $$$. In theory as the development of the coin progresses and the coin gets added to these larger exchanges, it will gain exposure the current exchanges can’t provide.

• Total Coin Supply is 32,514,916,898 PND & the Total Circulating Supply is 32,514,916,898 PND. When you compare this fact with coins like Stellar Lumens (XLM) who has a circulating supply of 18,468,358,532 with a Total Supply (XLM) of 103,748,462,367. Meaning its current price is based on a little over 18% of total coins that will become available.