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I don’t know what you have been reading or thinking. The oil is supposed to be black, that is suspended soot which diesel engine produces. It is supposed to turn black if it doe not yes that is the wrong oil for your car. What did you think changing a perfectly good oil filter was going to do? Remove the black soot? The filter cannot filter that fine. Forget about the flush it will do nothing for you as there is nothing wrong! This travesty is all in your head. BTW no oil will cause your engine to run ruff as you said in your original post.

I’ve changed oil literally hundreds of times in many different vehicles, synthetic and traditional. When I look at oil that is fairly new from my mk5 gasser, it is dark and what I would normally describe as black but the oil that I took from the TDI was sooty and did not feel synthetic at all. I drove the car on Liqui Molly for about 800 miles and checked it. It was black but did not feel or look anything like the oil I changed it from.

I changed the filter because I believed that it was in use with the wrong oil. And I still believe it was the wrong oil. I’ve seen the gunk build up that can happen when using non synthetic oil in VW engines meant for synthetic, so I’m concerned.

OK, You win this discussion on your terms, you think I am a dick ,but I still don’t buy it. I feel you are barking up the wrong tree. Mr. I can feel the difference between used oils.. You still have not answered the question about how changing your oil made it run less rough. You just don’t like my challenge so be it but I don’t read here anybody supporting your theory about how to feel if the oil is correct or not or that the wrong oil makes your engine run rough. Go ahead and flush your engine with that stuff and then report back the placebo effect it had on your engine that had an oil change that you felt was wrong.

You seem to be under the impression that I need to answer to you. And I’m not trying to “win” a discussion. You don’t believe me, and I am totally okay with that. I am under no obligation and have no desire to convince you of anything. And as far as you feeling justified because no one else is supporting my theory, that’s okay too….. I didn’t start this thread to be a dick measuring stick, but you obviously joined the discussion with that intent.

Dealers have been know to toss in 5w30 from 55 gallon drums, who know which drum. That’s why some people don’t take their cars to dealers for oil changes. You can’t really verify what the put in unless you witness them. On another note, I’d wager no VW dealer in the US has stock of dino oil, everything they sling is synthetic.

The problem is that it was purchased from a Honda dealer off their used lot. I didn’t think of the fuel. From the car fax, it was traded into the dealer in January and sold at auction to the Honda dealer in February. So that could be some oldish fuel. That’s good advice on the power service. I was going to do the fuel filter soon, so I’ll run that through then change it.

I don’t think that the oil was the whole cause, but I think it could have been a part of the issue. I have a co worker that ran some cheap 5w30 through his bmw and it started running like crap almost immediately. Took it to the dealer and first thing they did was check the oil and asked him what he used. They took the head off and cleaned it, flushed it, and put in the recommended oil and it was fine. That’s what led me to believe that it was possibly the oil.