Is thor the most powerful avenger – quora electricity history


If so, the answer is “probably”. He clearly shows he can go toe to toe against the Hulk in The Avengers, and he was fighting using strength alone. If he is even almost as strong as The Hulk (and I believe their strengths, in the movies, are very close) this would make him overall more powerful, since he has access to a variety of other powers (flight, lightning, weather and electricity manipulation, etc). Anyway, we’ll probably find out in Ragnarok.

The other contenders for this title would be Dr. Strange and Scarlet Witch, but the former is far less trained than his paper counterpart and would only stand a chance against Thor if using the Time Stone, while the latter is powerful enough to incapacitate Vision by using its (his?) Infinity Gem against him, but shows very little control over her powers.

Thor shows to be the only one holding his own in the battle against the Chitauri, while the Hulk was being overwhelmed with the other Avengers; he annoyed Ultron the most; he was able to stand a direct confrontation with Ultron in its Vibranium form without using Mjolnir, and is currently the only Avenger who has defeated the full power of an Infinity Gem on his own (I’m not counting Cap- the Red Skul tried to get the full power of the Tesseract, and we know how it ended). Finally, he was chosen by Stark as the reserve of pure power to destroy the flying Sokovia.

However, if you’re asking if either Odinson or She-Thor is the most powerful character ever having been in the ranks of The Avengers in the comics, the answer is definitely no. The Avengers in the comics have included Blue Marvel, who defeated King Hyperion, who in turn had killed the Hulk and Thor from his dimension; they have included Sentry, whose molecule-manipulating abilities make him quasi-omnipotent and immortal; and last but not least, they have included Scarlet Witch, who can change the world with a thought. She created a reality where Banner and the Sentry didn’t have their powers— meaning she could easily defeat them if she harnessed her full potential.

• His strength level hasn’t been shown at its peak. The Hulk is conceivably stronger as he is the mine MUSCLE based Avengers. As with all financial and overall production savvy decision making, only the Hulk is given the berth to show off great feats of strength. Why would the Hulk be playing chess? There are toys and other merchandise catered to appeal to fans kids based on the character’s unique abilities. Therefore, Thor a tie break for strength with Hulk.

• Fight and Invincibility. The “She version of the character and the legacy male version have the Power of Thor. He has been around for a long time, augmented by whatever powers are granted to him by the Mjolnir. If Iron Man gets first shot at tactical incursions, Thor literally steals the battle with epic displays of strength, the power lightning (not a small thing as it has enough power to produce 1.21 gigawatts of electricity to send people back in time). The guy can fly through a Celestial if he pushes himself.

• Experience. We can argue about The Hulk reaching critical mass and beseekyn rage, but in the end Thor has been around thousands of years fighting some impressive heavy hitters. The Hulk can be calmed and Thor is a savvy and experience enough God of Thunder to figure out creative ways to beat him.