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If we had to justify ourselves by pointing to the wonders of the Renaissance, then commentators would begin to suspect that our electricity wiki culture had done little of significance since then. The observant among you will have noticed that those wishing to say something obliging about Islam always refer to its ‘golden age’ and its influence upon our own civilisation; those using such a line fail to draw the obvious conclusion.

But let us stop a moment and ask where tribes out of the Arabian desert picked up the wonders of the learning of classical Greece? The answer is from their conquest of the Eastern Roman Empire; at best Islam gave back to us some of the things it inherited when its adherents conquered civilizations far more advanced than their own. This explains the thing which seems to puzzle some commentators, why Islam has had no more golden ages.

Those who look forward to Islam having its own Renaissance have missed several points, among them the fact that after the fifteenth century Islam conquered no more civilizations more t gastrobar el tenedor advanced than its own. The gifts it is supposed to have given to the West were not home-produced, and Islam appears to be lacking in the capacity to produce its own scientific and artistic and literary inventions. What is was brilliant at, fighting, it has remained good at, but the Scientific and Industrial advances of the West finally allowed us to put the blocks on the Ottoman Empire and then to push it back.

Recent history, that is the last three hundred years, has been hard for Islam as a religion. Until the late eighteenth century there was no doubt that the Ottoman Empire was one of the world’s greatest powers, the latest and greatest empire to take Islam even further than its predecessors; history was a success story for Islam. Since then it has not been. The West has grown richer, stronger, more powerful and more successful; Islamic countries have tended to head in the other direction. This has created much resentment.

My own view is that the West has been remarkably blind in its dealings wd gaster theme with the Islamic world. We have repeatedly condemned the Russians for their treatment of the Chechens and other Muslim minorities; it is hard to see what else the Russians could do, unless electricity cost las vegas they want Islamic extremist states on their borders. We have backed elements in the ‘Arab spring’ who bear us no goodwill at all; anyone know what did happen in Banghazi? At the time of 9/11 we ignored the fact that most of the terrorists were from Saudi Arabia, just as we have ignored Saudi links with other terrorists. We have failed to support the old Shah of Persia and General Musharraf of Pakistan, men who, whatever their failings, were a bulwark against radical Islam. Whether or not we should have invaded Afghanistan (and I wrote against it at the time), we should certainly not have removed Saddam Hussein from power at the same time, and before dealing with Iran.

It may be that our politicians know so little history, or are so blinded by the need for oil or the spectres of the Cold War that they simply cannot see clearly. The Russians are not our enemy; Mr. Assad is not our enemy; the Chinese are not our enemy. None of these regimes are very pleasant, but all of them o gastronomo buffet have real problems with radical Islam. It is too much to hope that one of our own politicians will realise that we can make common cause with these regimes against a common enemy – radical Islam. If we’d look long enough at the Russians, we might even find that they are now Christians.

Ever feel that the average, normal democratic capitalists are the target of not only the tyrannical ideologies of Communism and Islam but also now of the Global elitists who are trying to vilify what was once 66 gas station regarded as the envy of the whole world? I feel like rule 13 of Saul Alinsky (and the others as well) have us normal God-fearing folks in their sights.

The beauty of their methodology has revealed our achilles heel (a number of them have been made manifest). Things like our love to help the downtrodden and to give comfort to the afflicted has made us vulnerable to a veritable invasion of radicals from the Islamic state. Our love of a clean and sustainable world and tidying things up has allowed us to loathe progress in the name of climate change and freedom from petroleum products: of course it is impossible to do at this time but the lie doesn’t preclude that they can’t attack it from every angle; plastics, gas, fuel, electricity etc.

The elites are not a mystery really: they simply want a government that is global so that their power will not be vulnerable to attack or taken away by a rival. It is simply self-serving and they will use the radical useful idiots amongst us to make sure that they will either succeed or at the very least fall into decay and perhaps gas leak chicago outright anarchy . . . opening the door for a ‘benevolent’ oligarch.