Island power project (lagos) to generate 10mw – business – nigeria electricity questions for class 10


In 2009, the Lagos State Government (LASG) entered into a Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) with Island Power Limited (a part electricity multiple choice questions grade 9 of Negris Group) to build, own and operate a 10MW plant to provide 24hr uninterrupted power supply to the General Hospital (Lagos Island); High Court (Catholic Mission Street); High Court Annex (TBS); Magistrates Court (Igbosere Street); Island Maternity Hospital (Lagos Island); State House (Marina) and the provision of street lights within 20 Streets within Lagos Island, an 18km dedicated underground distribution network; all being powered using Gas engines. The plant will comprise of 4 units of 1.5MW MWM gas engines and 2 units gas laws worksheet answers chemistry of 2MW MWM diesel engines.

The Island Power Project will increase the frequency of power supply to these facilities from 35% to 100%. A major advantage to the residents of these areas is the reduction in crime when commuting electricity pictures along the powered streets, as a result of functional streetlights. The project would help reduce environmental pollution as the plant runs on Compressed Natural Gas (CNG). This would lead to the eradication of 30 diesel and petrol generators of various sizes thus ensuring cleaner air and reduction in noise pollution. This project will also significantly improve the delivery of essential social services to the 4 gas giants citizens of Lagos state.

Regular and steady electricity remains the only missing infrastructure that is mitigating against the growth of the economy of this country and the actualization of the potentials find a gas station close to me of our people, their freedom from poverty and as long as we remain in Government here we commit to putting the misery of electricity behind us once and for all, the Governor said.

Giving practical examples, Governor Fashola stated: if you want to imagine how simple life would be with electricity, just think of how much extra you pay to grind pepper, how much extra you use to transport yourself, to get water supply and gas constant diesel to power your generator at home, you will realize that you will save more and be walking away from poverty with smiles on your face

The Governor was certain that the administration will electricity drinking game put behind the issue of shortage of electricity noting that the administration had a solid foundation to build on from the pioneering role played by the immediate past administration in the state which led to the breakaway from the former National Electric Power Authority’s monopoly m gasbuddy app by delivering the first Independent Power Project in the country.

Prominent among those who were present at the event were the Deputy Governor, Princess Sarah Adebisi Sosan, members of the State Executive Council, members of the Legislature at both the State and national levels, Chairmen of Local Government Council and Development Areas, traditional rulers like the Oba Akran of Badagry, Aholu Menu Toyi I, the Egyptian Charge D’Affaire, Sherif –Elleithy and other dignitaries.

CNG is often confused with liquefied electricity word search puzzle natural gas (LNG). While both are stored forms of natural gas, the key difference is that CNG is gas that is stored (as a gas) at high pressure, while LNG is in uncompressed liquid form. CNG has a lower cost of production and storage compared to LNG gas laws definition chemistry as it does not require an expensive cooling process and cryogenic tanks. CNG requires a much larger volume to store the same mass of gasoline or petrol and the use of very high pressures (3000 to 4000 psi, or 205 to 275 bar).

CNG can be stored at lower pressure in a form known as an ANG (Adsorbed Natural Gas) tank, at 35 bar (500 psi, the pressure of gas in natural gas pipelines) in various sponge elektricity club like materials, such as activated carbon[11] and metal-organic frameworks (MOFs).[12] The fuel is stored at similar or greater energy density than CNG. This means that vehicles can be refuelled from the natural gas network without extra gas compression, the fuel tanks can be slimmed industrial electricity prices by state down and made of lighter, less strong materials.

@OAM4J: The gas pipeline infrastructure in Lagos is handled by Oando, at least according to the guy from Shell I spoke to on the phone some time ago. So it really isn’t necessarily the government blocking c gastronomie brignais the way. I guess what is happening is that the location of their 10 MW plant is too far away from the existing pipeline, and it isn’t economical to have Oando extend it?