It all comes down to the famous game 7 – kiss 99.3 timmins electricity generation by source by state


In a playoff series momentum can get you pretty far, which is why you always want to have it on your side. The series between the Timmins Rock and Hearst Lumberjacks has seen its fair share of momentum shifts. The Rock were stunned in game one in Hearst, it seemed like the Lumberjacks were going to run away gas laws worksheet with the series. If there’s one thing the Rock have shown this regular season is that, they are never truly out of a game. Having that said, you can’t count them out of the series.

The Rock had momentum on their side heading into game 3 and 4. They did what most playoff electricity invented teams have a hard time doing, and that’s steel a home game. The Rock were able to beat the Lumberjacks on home soil, in a series with this much hype and magnitude, that’s huge. Coming back to Timmins with a tied series the Rock had the opportunity to blow the series wide open, and they did.

Ever hear the saying “What goes around, comes around.”? Well you better believe it… The Rock had a commanding 3-1 lead; game 5 was gas efficient suv 2013 in Hearst. Could they do it again? Could they win another road game? “Fool me once shame on you… fool me twice shame on me.” The Lumberjacks were not going to allow themselves to take another loss gas and supply okc on home ice. They sent the message loud and clear in game 5. The best scenario for the Rock since the beginning of the series was to end the series in 6 games, because game 6 is on home ice, and let’s not kid ourselves the Mac is one of the toughest buildings to play in, in the NOJHL. After a game 5 loss in Hearst momentum was shifting; the Lumberjacks found a sign of life. The Lumberjacks returned the favour and showed the electricity 101 powerpoint Rock that they can win on the road as well.

The series is now tied up 3-3, the overall score for all 6 games is tied 20-20. It all comes down to the famous game 7. The statistics show that this game is 50-50, but there can only be one winner. Ty Masternak had a rough outing in game 6, allowing 5 goals electricity khan academy in less than 40 minutes of action. Nicholas Tallarico for the Lumberjacks didn’t do any better; he allowed 3 goals in less than 10 minutes in game 6, which ended up bringing the Rock back within one. The Rock have a full bench meanwhile, the Lumberjacks are missing some key players due to suspensions. The Timmins Rock are a much quicker team however, the Lumberjacks know how to move the puck around, and have a lethal power play… The Rock will need on q gas station okc to stay disciplined, avoid the penalty box, crash the net, and they’ll need to use their speed to their advantage. The Lumberjacks will need to play as a team, they can’t rely on their goalie, because if game 6 has gsa 2016 calendar proven anything… the goalie can only stop so much, before the pucks start finding the back of the net.

Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Semi-Final between the Timmins Rock and Hearst Lumberjacks, will be the biggest game of the year for both clubs. Because, on paper the team gas zone pricing that wins this series is likely to go all the way. Who wants it more? Who has more gas in the tank? Who is going to leave it all on the ice? Who is going to play a full 60 minutes? Its game 7, anything can happen. If you thought this series was crazy before… hang on, because the rollercoaster ride hasn’t even begun… It all starts with the famous game 7.